BSN Amino X Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018

Amino X Review

Amino X sport supplement is created for active people, wanting to increase their amino acids intake and to make their bodies more beautiful. Amino X is a completely new formula with a great anabolic potential developed by BSN specialists.

Amino X contains essential BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) that are not produced in the body naturally. Everybody needs to take BCAA as a supplement, not only sportsmen, but ordinary people who lead an active lifestyle. Without these amino acids, you cannot achieve a stable and rapid growth of lean muscles.

The greatest benefits of BSN Amino X bodybuilding supplement:

  • Contains BCAA.
  • Speeds up the muscle growth.
  • Protects and “feeds” the muscles.
  • Increases strength and stamina.

Amino X Details


Amino acids are a building material for muscles, therefore if you use Amino X every day, it will increase the proteins synthesis, like muscle proteins for example. Amino X increases the volume of your muscle mass and herewith reduces your fat deposits.

High-intensity physical exercises provoke tiny damages to the muscle fibers. Amino X sport nutrition product accelerates the anabolism, prevents the destruction and rapidly restores the muscle mass.


Amino X is manufactured and supplied in form of powder that has to be mixed with water before use. To make one serving of Amino X, you need to mix 1 scoop of the product (14.5 g) with 200-250 ml of water. Drink it right away.

According to your goals and your level of physical activity, you are recommended to use 1 portion of Amino X 2-4 times a day. The maximum effect of muscle growth is observed approximately in 3 weeks of using Amino X.


Every single portion of Amino X contains 10 g of important amino acids. In addition to BCAA, Amino X product contains L-alanine, Taurine and L-citrulline. A unique combination of amino acids increases your sports performance even during long-term training session.


To create a positive nitrogen balance and improve your athletic performance, you need to take Amino X together with other BSN bodybuilding supplements, for example NO-Xplode, CellMass or Nitrix. These products work synergically, thereby increasing the efficiency of one another.

Amino X Video Review

Amino X Additional Information

Bodybuilding supplements based on BCAA by BSN are among the most popular sports products in the USA, UK, Germany and other countries. You need just a few minutes to order Amino X to be amazed later how your body can increase the muscle mass.

You can buy a large or a small Amino X pack with green apple, grapes, watermelon or other flavors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ordering a large pack online, you will be able to reduce the cost per 1 portion. If you have questions, please contact the clients support service.

Amino X Facts

Serving Size 1 level scoop(s)
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving % DV
Sodium 160.00 mg 7%
Total Carbohydrate 1.00 g 1%
Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol) 500.00 IU 125%
Anabolic Amino Acid Interfusion 10.00 g **
 L-Alanine **
 taurine (micronized) **
 L-Leucine (Micronized) **
 L-Valine (Micronized) **
 L-Isoleucine (Micronized) **
 L-Citrulline (Micronized) **
Efforsorb EnDura Composite 2.00 g **
 Malic Acid **
 Sodium Bicarbonate **
 Citric Acid **
 Cholecalciferol **
** Daily Value (DV) not established


[ultimatetables 162 /]
*Daily value not established

Other Ingridients:

Natural & Artificial Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Lecithin, Sucralose, Beet Color, FD&C Red#40 and Acesulfame Potassium.


  1. This is my favorite BCAA’s product that I have tried to date. I have
    been using it during my workouts and until I break my fast around 11am.
    really helps to curb my appetite and gets be through my workout in
    stellar form!

  2. Bsn Amino X is one of my top amino products! 10g of of aminos is every
    servings plus its UNDER 20 bucks for 30 servings, makes it one of the
    more cost effective aminos out there. On top of all these, aminoX is
    one of the best tasting amino products on the market. I don’t think you
    could go wrong with any flavor. My reset flavor I was lucky enough to
    obtain was Green Apple. Had just the right amount of bitterness you
    would expect from a green apple flavor, at the same time being
    refreshing. Definitely something to look forward to if you drink mostly
    water everyday. BSN has done a great job with this product.

  3. This is one of my favorite amino supplements, I’ve been using this
    product for about a year and I’ve noticed a big difference. Not only
    does it work, but it is delicious. AminoX, along with my protein
    supplements, has helped me gain over 15 pounds of muscle in a matter of 3

  4. It’s hard to see BCAA’s effect short term so I’m mostly writing this
    review based off of taste, mixability, and price. The green apple was
    surprisingly good for a BCAA and it mixes in less than a minute in my
    shaker bottle. BSN always seems to have some really good deals on their
    products so price wise this product was well worth the money. I would
    recommend this product.

  5. I have been using Amino X as an intra workout drink. It has all the
    BCAA’s plus additional ingredients like Citrulline and Taurine for
    increased performance. I put it in my water jug and drink throughout the
    day as well. It tastes great and is a treat I look forward to as I am
    dieting. I do notice reduced muscle soreness and better recovery while
    using especially when drinking throughout the day. It is also perfect to
    stack products into. I have been adding glutamine to mine to aid with
    recovery. Great job BSN.

  6. I’m extremely careful with what i put in my body; usually aminos give me
    a horrible jittery feeling. I’ve taken this stuff for over a month and
    it’s been the best thing. I lift heavy 6 times a week and it’s helped
    speed up my recovery time. The fruit punch flavor is the only one I’ve
    been able to handle. I’m not huge on bitter tasting products.

  7. I honestly don’t care much for taste when picking a product. I first
    look to see if it does what it’s supposed to. AminoX definitely helps
    with recovery and muscle building. After stacking it with creatine and
    glutamine, I’ve noticed rapid gains. It is also worth noting that this
    product actually tastes good too. Some people might find the flavor
    overpowering. Just add more water if that’s the case.

  8. I absolutely love this stuff. One of my favorite standalone BCAA’s on
    the market, the watermelon is the only flavor I have tried and it is
    delicious. I usually take AminoX in the middle of the day between lunch
    and my evening workout after a hard day at the gym. I don’t use it after
    a rest day.

    Recovery feels great with AminoX. I can push myself harder in the gym
    knowing I am not going to pay the price for the next 2-3days.

    Note: I am using AminoX during the day and use a postworkout stack of
    PostJYM (active and dextrose) mixed with 2:1:1 BCAA’s.

  9. love the grape flavor and the fruit punch.. Really good and easy mixing.
    It seems carbonated for some reason when I shake it, it pops my shaker
    top, not bad but it does have a little pressure behind it.

  10. I love the flavor Green Apple and the bubbly effervescence. Aminox is a great low calorie and no sugar way to get extra BCAAs.

  11. taste’s great mixes awesome. the blue raspberry is awesome i mixed it up
    and got fruit punch this time and it is also great. definitely
    something i’ll continue using

  12. AminoX is simply amazing. I have been taking it for approximately 2
    years now. This stuff allows me to recover and hit Push/Pull/Legs 2x a
    week, heavy volume, without missing a step.

  13. AminoX has been a very valuable addition to my stack, I feel like my
    recovery time has decreased and i feel more energized to continue on
    with my day after my w/o. I really like the fruit punch flavour but that
    being said I’ve let a couple friends try it and they say it has a cough
    medicine after taste. Overall I am very impressed with the product but
    some may not like the flavour as much.

  14. One of the best amino products i’ve tried! Amino-X really helps me get
    through my workout, as i drink it during my entire time at the gym. It
    really helps prevent muscle fatigue so you can push yourself to the
    limit during your workout. It mixed great with about 12oz of water, no
    clumping or anything like that at all. The blue raspberry flavor is
    awesome as well, tastes just like a blue snow cone! Definitely an
    awesome amino product!

  15. It was my first time buying BCAA, and i was not disappointed ! The
    watermelon flavour is the type of flavour that everybody loves. 😉
    After, I bought the grape flavour one. It tastes like the purple Mr.
    Freeze or any grape type of candy. Personally, 9/10 for the grape simply
    and 10/10 watermelon. 😉

  16. im definitely getting better results, recovery is way faster. i take 1
    scoop when i wake up, second during wourkout and after deadlift/squat´s i
    take on extra before sleep.

  17. Watermelon tastes great – almost like a watermelon jolly rancher. Works
    well during and after my workouts. Fruit punch is good, too, but
    watermelon is definitely better.

  18. First and foremost I immediately noticed that the AminoX in green apple
    and watermelon flavour taste phenomenal, which is more important than
    people give credit for. After all, what is the point of having a BCAA
    drink if you can’t keep it down during your workout? BCAAS are notorious
    for their bad taste, but that is not the case with this product, I
    almost look forward to drinking it everyday, its that good.

    As for during my workouts, I have noticed ive been able to grind out
    that last slow rep over the two weeks i have been using the product,
    however that could just be placebo effect, up to do the discretion of
    the user. I do feel significantly less sore 2 days after a workout while
    on this product. That is for sure.

    I also love that this product has no caffeine which is ideal for taking
    before bed and for people that are caffeine sensitive or get jitters
    like myself.

    The effervescence is a nice touch also.

    A quality product for a very good price, I recommend that you try it if
    you are on the fence, you will not be disappointed!

  19. I train early in the morning without much nutrition in me. I drink this
    as an intra workout because it contains both EAA’s and BCAA’s. It
    could very well just be all in my head but I do feel like this supp
    gives me a shot of energy during my workout when I am starting to drag.
    It also tastes almost identical to red gatorade so that’s a plus as

  20. I love BSN products and was looking for an amino acid supplement to sip
    on during my workouts. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed when I got
    this. The watermelon flavor is the absolute best and tastes identical
    to a watermelon jolly rancher.

  21. I rarely get DOMS and I attribute that to taking a fair amount of Amino
    acids throughout the day and after working out. This product delivers.
    Amazing taste with a nice fizzzzzz.

  22. Excellent product with Excellent Ingredient! tastes are very good and
    price is also reasonable for both sizes! it is a perfect supplement for
    Intra-workout or replacement of old-fashion Amino pills! Highly

  23. I’m not sure if I notice major differences between taking them and not,
    but i don’t feel as tired after if i take these right after my workouts.

    The watermelon flavour tastes amazing.

    It was on sale, per serving it was a pretty good price.

  24. I cycle between the watermelon and the green apple everyday. Mixes well
    and tastes great. I take it towards the end of my workouts for that
    extra push.

  25. I take this towards the end of my workout and it helps me get a few
    extra sets at the end. I have also noticed when I am consistent with
    this product I am a lot less sore the next day. Good product.

  26. I can tell a big difference in how sore I am the day after a workout.
    When I take these BCAA’s I am much less sore and more ready to go.
    Mixes easy and tastes good. I use after every workout!

  27. This tastes great and it has 10g of BCAA unlike amino energy by optimum
    nutrition. I have tried the blue raspberry 10/10 tastes like a blue
    slushee. I have also tried the watermelon which is tastes like a
    watermelon flavored jolly rancher.

  28. Love my amino! I drink mine during workouts and it helps give me an
    even, consistent boost of energy to push me during workouts. Also helps
    my recovery. I’ve worked out a few times without drinking AminoX and can
    definitely tell the difference. The flavor also tastes amazing. Love my
    BSN products!

  29. I rated this product low because immediately before I started taking
    Aminox I had been on Scivation Xtend. I have been using Scivation Xtend
    off and on for about 3 years. Recently I started a stack with BSN
    Cellmass, N.O. Xplode, Syntha-6 so I figured stick with BSN and switch
    to Amino X to complete the stack. Honestly Scivation Xtend outperforms
    AminoX noticeably. I do not experience the same level of overall workout
    endurance, my muscles fatigue faster during sets and I do not recover
    as fast in between sets. On top of this Xtend also tastes better. There
    are differences between the two products. AminoX contains 10g of amino
    acids vs 7g in Xtend. Both brands contain Valine, Isosoline, Luecine and
    Citrulline. The difference are that AminoX uses a 5th ingredient
    alanine whereas Xtend uses glutamine as their 5th. Another difference is
    that Xtend uses more sodium (sodium is a electrolyte) and Xtend also
    includes potassium (increases resistance to muscle cramps) and B6.
    AminoX does not include either potassium or B6. I am a huge fan of BSN
    and have been using their products for years, but honestly AminoX is
    just not on the same level with Xtend. When I run out of AminoX I will
    be making the switch back to Xtend.

  30. Ordered as a gift and convinced my brother to try the green apple flavor
    as he had never tried it before. The first day he tried it in the gym I
    got a text immediately saying that the green apple flavor was the best
    AminoX he’s ever had! Great pre/intra/post workout drink. Good work BSN!

  31. The first time I used Amino-X was after a hard 5 mile run. I started
    drinking it on a cool down walk and by the end of the walk, I felt
    re-energized. I find it doesn’t matter when I drink it, but it always
    helps recovery and energy. The fruit punch is a little sweet, but still
    very good.

  32. Tastes a bit carbonated which is weird since I just put it in purified
    water. Definitely better tasting than many I’ve tried and will continue
    with this product

  33. I love the fizzy element of this amino drink – really livens up my drink before, during, and after workouts. Tastes good too.

  34. I use this after every workout I do. Great way to really get a lot out of even small workouts like push ups, sit ups, etc.

  35. I can really tell a difference when I incorporate this into my recovery.
    The flavors are great, but can be over powering for my taste…even
    watered down. My favorite is Green Apple, by far. I highly recommend it!

  36. Taste: Excellent, little bit of a fizzy taste like 7up . but no chunks
    and easy to take down.

    Mix-ability: Fantastic, takes some shakes of course, but is very fine.

    Effects: The ingredients of this product are great, the L-leucine is
    essential to protein synthesis, which is great of lean mass.
    Furthermore, with added with proper sleep the results have wielded added
    metabolic rate and lean muscle mass. No significant gains made with
    muscle mass, but metabolically and recovery wise it was phenomenal.

    Personal rate: Excellent would buy again

  37. BSN Aminox is my go to BCAA drink! Great flavor and effervescence. I am
    very sensitive to caffeine, so to find a company with a caffeine free
    BCAA powder was great! If you’re only looking to use a couple of
    supplements, I feel the BCAAs are a must. I saw a definite energy boost
    during my workouts and quicker muscle recovery. I use during my
    workouts, although I know a lot of people “straddle” their workout
    meaning before and after.

  38. The aminox grape flavor is the best tasting bcaa sup I’ve ever tried.
    Watermelon is better than the Modern BCAA or Alpha Amino versions IMHO.
    Green Apple is decent.. It has a waxy taste that reminds me of those
    fake lips that you used to see in the candy aisle of gas stations.

  39. Definitely my favorite anytime amino acid! Love the effervescence and
    how great it mixes. I mix 2 scoops in a liter of water and drink it
    during my workout. I recover much better since introducing BCAA’s to my
    diet and these are my fav! I find that the blue raspberry tastes kinda
    like cotton candy. I will definitely be trying more flavors in the

  40. I really really love this product
    It is really helping me for my prep diet for my competition by keeping
    me full in between meals and I really feel like my muscles are really
    taking to the amino acid. I’ve been using it for four weeks now and
    honestly I can say that if I didnt take amino acids I don’t think my
    muscles would look the way they do
    I don’t work for nor do I get paid for this so I can
    honestly say that this amino acid really works for me

  41. This is the second bcaa powder that i have tried in my few months into
    being a serious lifter now. I have no complaints what so ever about this
    product. The flavor is great, the results are showing, I’ll be buying
    again in the future. BSN created a return buyer in me with this product.

  42. I mix my creatine with it and consume AMINOx during and after my
    workout. Taste great and I do notice the benefits of the claims made by
    the manufactor. This will be my go-to drink until something else comes

  43. watermelon=delish
    fruit punch=delish
    haven’t tried the others but you know what i bet they rule too
    this stuff works so well for me.
    10 points baby. 10 points.

  44. BSN has a great product here. This is one of my favorite aminos. Its
    great in managing my recover and actually extends my workout if taken
    during. I definitely don’t burn out as quickly. Great product, great

  45. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I drink a lot of amino acids and this is definitely
    up there! It helps with fast recovery and tastes great. I recommend
    apple! Besides that, you will see immediate effects of the product and
    it makes you feel great and that is what i look for in a product.
    Exactly what this has displayed! Thank you bsn for this great bottle of

  46. Going from no supplements to just one, and I can say without a doubt
    that this is a worthwhile purchase. Far less muscle fatigue and a lot
    less recovery time. Stiffness and soreness are even reduced.

    Taste is pretty good too, and it mixes really well in a standard shaker

    I would recommend using more than the directed amount of water to mix,
    though. I wind anywhere between 12-16 ounces makes it far easier to

    All in all, I can’t heap enough praise on to this product. Outstanding!

  47. BSN recommends this as a post workout, I drink them intra-workout and
    love the results. I am able to workout longer when I drink my aminos
    during a workout and feel less fatigued the next day. Overall I think
    this is a great product and would recommend it.
    P.S. Watermelon tastes amazing.

  48. I purchased a tub of AMINOx to use as my post-workout drink since I
    train in the morning fasted. Overall, BSN’s product does boost a solid
    ingredient profile. It did help with recovery from workouts and reduced
    soreness that I had previously experienced much worse before
    incorporating BCAAs into my supplement regimen. However, the watermelon
    flavor grew old very quickly and became too sickly sweet and repulsive
    after a while. Maybe in the future I will return to AMINOx and try
    another flavor, but I would recommend avoiding Watermelon flavor at all

  49. I have used this during my workouts. I mixed it with 8 to 10 oz of
    water in a blender bottle. I like the flavor. I didn’t notice any
    significant gains but it keep me hydrated because I had to drink it
    throughout my workout. I’m going to take another bottle and see what

  50. Aminox is an absolute fantastic product I think most of BSN stuff is
    junk and just fillers but this is by far their best product. I prefer
    this ingredient wise over any other amino acid or BCAA out there. the
    only bad thing I would say about amino X is they need more of a variety
    of flavors but the flavors they have are solid.

  51. I like the ingredient list for Amino X and was excited to try it since i
    normally drink Xtend. Mixed well, the effervescent is a nice touch, but
    the Fruit Punch flavor reminded me of cough medicine. It is noticable
    but not so bad that I couldnt finish it. If I order again I’ll be trying
    a different flavor.

  52. Flavor is okay. Product says to increase recover time. I did the same
    workouts I’ve done before, took just as long to recover with or without
    the BSN AMINO.


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