MusclePharm Assault Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
MusclePharm Assault review

Assault Review

Thanks to innovations, Assault is one of the most popular pre-workout supplements in the world. Mostly the beginning and professional sportsmen order Assault in the USA, Germany and UK.

Assault pre-workout supplement contains a patented technology Ion-3 and a new substance Carnosyn that help increasing the training effectiveness. Assault is a completely safe product, which has the Informed-Choice certificate, unlike other pre-workout supplements.

Benefits of Assault sport supplement:

  • Increased endurance.
  • Burst of energy and extreme power.
  • Lactic acid blocker.
  • Prevention of catabolism.

Assault Details


Assault product ensures athletes strength and endurance during heavy training. All the components of the supplement work synergically, thereby increasing the energy intake on a cellular level.


To get the energy boost, it is recommended to take 1 serving of Assault 25-30 minutes before a workout. While using this sports nutrition product, you should drink at least 4 glasses of water per day.

To make 1 serving of Assault quickly and accurately, you can use a shaker. If you want your drink to be lump-free, then firstly pour 300-350ml of water into shaker and then add 14.5g (1 scoop) of Assault powder. Shake it a few times and you get a nice drink ready to use.


A unique formula of Assault includes vitamins C, E, B6, B12, minerals and essential amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) and over 25 of other important substances. Thanks to long-term studies, Assault is considered one of the safest pre-workout supplements.


An everyday use of Assault product reduces fatigue and increases the performance. Assault effectively suppresses the action of lactic acid, which usually hinders athletes to train for long period of time.

Assault Additional Information

You are free to buy Assault pre-workout supplement online at any time of day, any day of week. Popular sports nutrition manufacturer MusclePharm supplies Assault in packages of 1, 7, 20, 30 or 50 servings each.

If you have never ordered Assault online before, you can buy small packs (1 or 7 servings). Experienced athletes buy a large or several small packs as a rule. This way they have a good supply of the product, as well as reduce the cost per 1 serving.

Assault pre-workout supplement is available in several nice flavors – fruit punch, lemon-lime, range-mango, grapes and watermelon. To increase the synergic effect, you can use Assault combined with Amino 1, BCAA, Creatine or Fish-Oil. Before you order any product from MusclePharm, please learn some real feedbacks on different web sources.


  1. If you are looking for something different from what you take every day
    for a preworkout, Assault is my recommendation. I love how it makes me
    feel in the gym, the energy and the blood flowing through me. I have had
    some of my best lifts when I get jacked up on Assault.

  2. Well to start of, this product was definitely amazing in the way it made
    me feel during my workouts. Great pump of energy! On the other hand,
    after the first week I did notice that more than half of the product has
    rock hard. I had to slam it multiple times in order for it to loosen
    up. After it did loosen up, the product then broke off into rock like.
    Before putting it in my water bottle I had to break it down in to
    powder. That was the only negative part of it. Other than that it is one
    of the best.

  3. When taken on an empty or nearly empty stomach I get a good boost of
    energy from it and that tingly feeling in my skin but it doesnt last
    very long. I do have a higher tolerance to pre workout though but do not
    like going above the recommended amount.

    As far as flavor, I have only tried Lemon Lime and it taste like

    Overall a solid product that mixes well. Just get a flavor you will

  4. Pretty good pre workout. Huge tingly feeling but the heat it gives your
    body is almost too much. Makes my entire body burn up and turn red.
    Great pump though! Lasts the entire workout without fatigue. Great focus
    and energy. Taste isn’t great (but not horrible) and makes me feel a
    little queezy at first but that goes away after a couple minutes. I
    recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great pump and likes a lot
    of beta alanine. If you don’t like that burning feeling, this is not for
    you. Otherwise, it’s a good pre workout and I recommend it.

  5. I like the taste and how it gives me more energy to finish my workout, but I hate how it gives weird ache feeling in my stomach after drinking it for few minutes.

  6. I used to take this a couple years ago, I always really liked it.
    It gave more of a relaxed form of energy, not so much the rage
    monster-break-stuff tunnel-vision type of energy. I felt in control, but
    when it came time to push the weights, I noticed I had more strength
    and energy during the exercise than normal. Definitely a good
    pre-workout for people who don’t really want the tunnel-vision explosive
    intensity, but still want something to give them that extra push when
    it comes time to moving weight.

  7. This is my go to pre for strength/athletic performance workouts.(I like
    Mr. Hyde for hypertrophy workouts) The Fruit Punch flavor is ok but I
    will avoid it in the future. It does leave some crystals at the bottom
    of the cup so be sure to shake before each drink. I get good clean
    energy from this and I feel energetic through the rest of the day as
    well. I seem to get a bit of a strength boost and usually have good
    focus throughout each workout. I often end up doing some extra cleans or
    box jumps at the end because I just dont want to stop.

  8. This is a pre-workout must if you need that extra boost and focus to
    really push yourself to your limits +1. Assault really puts you in the
    “zone” and makes you work harder than ever.

    I’ve tried several flavors including Fruit Punch, Cherry Limeade, and
    Grape, but Strawberry Margarita is absolutely delicious. It tastes so
    good you would almost think it was a mixed drink cocktail!

  9. I loved this flavor at first! One of the better tasting pre workouts. It
    gives me that wonderful rush too. All though, there were days were it
    didn’t make me feel anything. Maybe it’s because I was becoming immune
    to the effects. Either way this is great pre workout and I recommend it!

  10. I’ve tried a few pre-workouts, but this one seemed to have the best kick
    and kept me going through my workout with the most focus and ferocity.

  11. This flavor was really good, tasted like juice to me..a little bit
    grainy for the last sip. But otherwise I felt excellent on this product.
    Knew exactly when it kicked in and I didn’t crash afterwards.

  12. Theyve “improved” their formula and its now super speedy. I cant even
    concentrate and it doesnt help but it hinders my performance. On top of
    this new ****** formula, I was going to give it another shot and take a
    small dosage but when I opened it, the whole thing had solidified and
    turned black!! Luckily I bought 3. So when I opened the other one
    which was brand new, it had also solidified and smelled like fish and
    had black spots. On to jar #3. Same thing. Garbage. How does lemon
    lime turn black? I live in a non humid environment too. I wouldnt
    waste your time.

  13. As to whether it gives you a pump or not, it definitely DOES. Pump gave
    me a reasonable amount of time before going back to normal. An issue I
    found with Assault is that it leaves a grainy feeling at the end when
    you’re drinking it. Flavour wise, it’s alright, nothing I really enjoy,
    but definitely not as bad as other ones I have tried.

  14. So i have to say, as far as this pre-workout is concerned, I was not
    impressed in the least. Flavor rating was really high, and I didn’t
    enjoy it all that much. In the gym i didn’t feel it kick in often at
    all. It just seemed like I may have more energy then i would without it,
    but it was barely noticable. I will not use this product again, moving
    onto something different.

  15. I work out everyday twice a day, I ran short of my regular pre work out
    and decided to use this product. It gave me the worst head ache from and
    pre work I’ve ever taken. In addition to the head ache I felt deprived
    of strength. I wouldn’t reccomend this to anyone. If you are someone who
    is already using it the. I suggest you move onto something different.
    If u could I’d rate it negative 10. Worst work out I’ve had ever.

  16. This is a great preworkout. Gives you that explosive burst of energy
    without any crash. I take this when I need an extra boost and stamina.
    Best pre workout on the market and I highly recommend.

  17. This is a pretty average preworkout for me. Gets me going, helps me
    finish strong, but not much else to write home about. Flavor &
    mixing is probably the highlight of this. Tastes great and mixes
    completely – no floaters leftover like you see in a lot of others. It’d
    be tossup for me between this & C4 for something to take prior to
    an average workout. It’s not what I’d reach for if I needed to go full
    on beast mode.

  18. I like this product for the most part. I feel like it helps me work
    harder and my head is clearer. The only down side it that I get a pins
    and needles feeling in my hands. Weird.

  19. This second formula of Assault is a huge improvement on the first. It no
    longer makes you feel like you ate expired chicken breast. The energy
    delivery on this product was a little weak on one serving but i’m a two
    scoop guy. What I did love about this product was that it lasted all
    workout long even on leg day. Blood flow was also pretty good. I did
    however go beat red and get very itchy unlike any beta-alanine itch, but
    no one else I’ve talked to has had this reaction and i have had the
    same type of thing with RSP Dyno (must just be me). Blue raspberry
    flavour wasn’t very good but you don’t drink the stuff for fun so who
    cares. I would recommend this product for anyone concerned about banned
    substances or being drug tested for sport.

  20. Probably the best pre workout I’ve had because it lasts. Unlike most pre
    workouts I’ve tried, which is a lot, you don’t need anymore than one
    scoop ever. I’ve used this product for months on end with no cycling and
    it just continues to work and I’ve never had a pre workout do that
    before, most wear out in a week or two.

  21. The flavor was awesome. Taste amazing. And I like that there are a wide
    variety of flavors. A lot of companies just have 1 or 2 different
    flavors of their pre workout. It worked very well too-got me a ton of
    energy and always made me have a great workout. The only reason I gave
    it a 9 is because the price per serving is a little bit higher than I
    would like to see. It’s a great product!

  22. This product worked very well for me. It provided great energy and gave
    me some good pumps during my lifts. The flavors were pretty good as
    well. I prefer a smaller scoop pre workout so that’s why I rated it a 9.
    I still recommend this product to anyone.

  23. I decided to try MP Assault due to other reviews. I placed the order
    around 11:00 AM and my order was processed and shipped off within five
    hours. I received my order two days later without paying extra for
    faster shipping. I enjoy the service of this website. While using this, I
    never felt as if I ran out of energy during a workout. I workout at
    least 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours.
    No jitters, no crash, lots of energy, great taste, fast acting, no
    fillers, good ingredients, great mix-ability.
    Tingly hands, could feel more intense and obvious when it kicks in.
    Possibly just a little more stimulants.
    I would surely suggest this product, but take it on an empty stomach.

  24. I have used multiple Pre-workout products. (super pump 3.0, N.O.
    Explode, C4) to name a few. Assault in my opinion gives the best mix of
    pump and energy. Taste is good, but I only have had the Fruit Punch
    flavor. Overall the best Pre workout i have taken.

  25. Great preworkout, great focus. Unfortunately I did not like the amount
    of Beta-Alanine in this product so I switched pre workouts to The Curse,
    flavor wasn’t too bad other then the mix-ability of the product but I
    noticed that with every flavor.

  26. I felt a nice energy boost, pump and focus. Nice product but I’m also
    experiencing a sweet taste 24/7 in my mouth, I don’t know if it’s a
    sweetener or ketones in my blood. I only taste it when taking assault
    pw. I’m kinda worried about it, as I can get diabetes with that. Does
    anybody else had the same?

  27. hi its complete s*** , Muscle pharm suck big time , this is frist time i
    am writing because u people dont waste money on this, i u want to try
    try from friend or small pack,
    its make u body heat and u start sweating, then u scratch like monkey, i
    think only the main ingredient is Beta-Alanine which makes whole body
    starch, no pump, no recover,
    no focus ,,even bodybuilding has 4175 reviews ,s***, even if other
    ingredients dont work the B vitamins should work , and Coconut Water
    powder, but none , why it should make u sweat , go and see gaspri
    SIZE ON and what quality the product it is , it has made me huge fan of
    Rich gaspari , last year only 7 day supply ,i used for a month ,the
    results were amazing, but missing from past one and half year because
    of some idiots in India who cannot import the product. which gave me
    clean energy , , work , Finally i had come to conclusion there are no
    quality ingredients in the product its a mass scale produce, with with
    51$ in India. ,is something wrong with formula or if if they send fake
    products to india.

  28. This is my overall favorite pre-workout sup used in the last 3 years.
    When I used it for about 3 months I noticed very well rounded energy.It
    does give you the typical minor skin itching when it kicks in. I have
    found great strength gains from heavy lifting and mildly better results
    for endurance exercises. The taste is great.Very solid product that I

  29. This is one of my favorite pre-work drinks. The taste is great and all
    that it provides me to get through a workout and my day is more then I
    can ask for, without the jitters.

  30. I take this as it’s the only preworkout to my knowledge that does not
    contain anything on the NCAA banned substances list. Taste is okay. I
    have to dilute it A LOT to make it manageable for me. Gives a great pump
    and very clear focus.

  31. I really think Assault is the best pre workout that I’ve tried. In using
    the correct dose it gives me a nice boost for heavy lift days. I do get
    tingles and sometimes my ears burn a little but I’ve gotten that with
    every pre-workout I’ve ever taken. I havent experienced any huge energy
    crashes either like i have with other products. Assault can easily push
    me through a 2 hour gym session. MusclePharm has the best taste by FAR
    when it comes to pre-workout.

  32. Not my favorite product. The product mixes will immediately, but it
    quickly precipitated out and left the gritty stuff on the bottom of my
    shaker. I had to remember to shake before every drink, which is fine
    (just annoying). I think the caffeine content in this stuff was rather
    high, and I would rather there be other ingredients giving me a boost, I
    can make coffee for pennies. The “blend” and “matrix” are what got me
    to decrease my rating. There are no specific amounts of individual
    ingredients, just mixtures of ingredients and how much of that total
    I saw a slight increase in my physical performance, although that may
    have been from the placebo effect.
    Overall decent product, but not one that I will purchase again.

  33. I personally wasn’t crazy about this. I bought mine off Amazon, but I
    wouldnt tell any of my friends to go out and buy it. I felt like it was
    just a bunch of stimulates that got me pumped for the first half of my
    workout, but by the end I was just drained and ready to go home. I would
    suggest finding a pre workout that has more muscle building ingredients
    and less uppers. If you are strictly looking to get a quick buzz, this
    is for you. Honestly, I think this is very overpriced and you could
    probably make a pre workout yourself for cheaper

  34. This is my favorite pre workout. Its not to much, not too little, just
    right. (For me) It definitely gives me a great pump with the perfect
    amount of energy. And my workouts last just long enough till the end.

  35. It works really good for a Pre, gets the blood flowing and warms you up a
    fair bit, but makes my skin feel kinda funny.

    When I started using this stuff a few months ago I made the mistake of
    assuming it had enough Creatine in it, compared to taking a separate
    Creatine supplement because I didn’t read the serving amounts on the
    label.. so there I was working out harder thinking I had the 5g serving
    of Creatine.. ha ha ha ha.

  36. Tremendous impact on my resistance to fatigue straight from the first
    dose. Also increased ventilation and improved respiratory function
    greatly. I think, effect in part dependent on supplements previously
    taken; in my case, this was the first pre workout supplement ever.
    Anyway, I am still quite satisfied with it; helped me step up the
    frequency and duration of workouts to a new level.

  37. I’ve taken a lot of different preworkouts and I’ve never experienced the
    side effects that this product gave me. The burning/tingling sensation
    is crazy. It feels like my face was on fire. No pump whatsoever. I
    lowered the dosage and tried working myself into it, just to give it a
    chance, and still nothing. Terrible. I will not be purchasing this

  38. This PWO is pretty good. When I first took it, there was too much
    stimulants and I went crazy, but now I built a slight tolerance and now
    its good. I stack this with BSN Nitrix 2.0 and Muscletech Betaine and
    stacked with these products its a pretty awesome preworkout ( I’d rate
    it a high 8-low 9). I get great pumps, energy, and endurance. When I
    took just Assault, I didn’t get much of a pump, but the beta alanine
    amount was good and the energy was good once I got used to it ( low
    8-mid 8). The only thing is the taste and look of it. I bought from
    VItamin World and didn’t touch it for a couple of months and when I
    opened it, it was all soggy and clumpy and it tasted and looked like
    crap. Pretty sure I just got a bad batch, but I would definitely buy

  39. Great pwo. It doesn’t mix as well as my other favorite, c4, but it
    tastes pretty good. At the end of the drink, it tastes very metallic and
    there’s still powder in the bottom of my shaker, but just don’t think
    about it and it’s awesome. Sometimes the tingly feeling in my face gets a
    little overwhelming but once it settles down it’s awesome. It doesn’t
    upset my stomach and I could work out for hours on it. It just keeps
    pushing me and gives me amazing energy to lift heavier and longer. My
    favorite pwo so far. c4 is #2 and Mr. Hyde would be #3. Assault just
    doesn’t quit. Really lets me assault my workout(;

  40. Absolutely terrible product. No pump what so ever, I initially got the
    Beta tingle when I first take it, but feel nothing by the time I get to
    the gym (15 minutes later) The taste is awful, you have to slam it while
    holding your nose. Also the powder does not dissolve well at all. If
    you let it sit for any amount of time, all the grit drops to the bottom,
    and will not remix no matter how much you shake it. I started with Pre
    Jym but figured I would try this since it was on sale. I will never buy
    another can of this junk,

  41. I had to choke this one down, but luckily I got it as a sample. However,
    while it doesn’t taste great, it did make me feel energized and
    focused, although I would say it’s not as effective as Cellucor C4 at
    doing so.

  42. Great Energy, Great Taste and great product overall. Helps me focus in
    the gym and gives me the energy to complete more and more reps. I
    absolutely recommend this product.

  43. This pre workout is great! It gives you a lot of energy and it lasts.
    The taste is ok, Candy Apple and Lemon Lime are both really good. And
    because of the beta-alanine, it gives you that awesome tingling
    sensation. Overall It’s one of the best options for a pre workout.

  44. I recommend this stuff if you’re serious out weightlifting. This will
    make you want to snatch your face off and jump out you car to make it to
    the gym faster. Take it for leg day. Will have your muscle tingling
    when it’s time for the next set. Never let me down, felt the power every

  45. The first and only pre workout I’ve ever tried, largely because I’m
    sensitive to caffeine and stimulants in general. Fortunately, the MP
    Assault product gives me the outstanding energy and awesome pump that I
    was hoping for, without any jittery feelings or nasty aftereffects /
    comedown. I’m honestly very surprised. I do get the mild tingly
    sensation shortly after taking it, but it’s not bothersome like Niacin
    which I took years ago upon a doc’s recommendation. Very cool product.
    BTW, I take only 1/2 scoop and I think it’s enough for me. Musclepharm
    products are well made.

  46. I am on my second bottle of this and my body still hasn’t got use to the
    kick it gives out. It helps me with cardio and lifting it also kicks in
    fairly quick and it doesn’t give you a crash when it starts to die

  47. i have been using this product for my last 5 trainings, it has given me
    terrible nausea that lasted about 4-5 hours after the training finished.
    it does give focus and some boost to endurance. however the nausea is
    horrible, and might suggest something is wrong with this new formula. i
    used to drink this supplement in its old formula and i hadn’t felt
    anything that bad. my friend also ordered this product and stopped after
    his first use due to the nausea. about the taste – too sweet !

  48. Works great at first.
    I usually have bad reaction and get a lot of acne when using pre
    Nothing like that happened with MP. However the effects wear off after a
    couple weeks. I have about half the container leftover, and there is no
    point in using it, because it has no effects. I even took a break to
    see if i could get some benefit from it again, but now the powder got
    humidity and is no longer a powder.

  49. This product was decent. Gives you the focus that you need with no
    crash. But there is really no pump to it, so thats why i switched. Good
    starter up pwo but if you are experienced like i was then switch to
    something like PUMP hd or pre jym.

    Decided to take it today after not taking it for a month(was on
    evloution and pumphd for a month and a week) and the pump and focus was
    great! it was a strength pull day and biceps pump was still there! going
    to be go to pre for now on! might try pre jym and gold standard pre but
    this is a go to!

  50. Today I tried MP assault today’s routine was barbell bicep curls 10X10
    routine + deadlifts.
    So first how that stuff taste nothing special I it’s not tasty nor
    horrible so 6/10 raspberry lemonade i would say it’s somehow too sweet
    so I even took some more water to flush that stuff down and get taste
    out of my mouth
    So drinked it 2 1/2H after breakfast did not feel anything maybe heart
    beating little bit too faster.
    Went to gym after 45 min, started BB curls within first set I knew there
    won’t be any effect and I was right usually I’m walking around between
    sets now all I wanted was to sit down…
    in set 5 I could not do 10 reps anymore but just 7 and overall from 82
    reps previous workout went to 75reps today.

    then did deadlifts these went ok as planned 80X5 100X5 115X5 125X5 135X5
    previous workout last 3 sets were 5KG lighter.
    After last sets I had little feeling that I will pass out. Yes deadlifts
    I did more but it’s more because of muscle memory because I had stop
    them 3 months because of injury and just restarted 1 month ago I had
    lifted 160KG X 5 conventional and max sumo 195 today did conventional
    though which for me is little bit harder.

    pump 0
    Focus 0
    endurance 0

  51. This is the first pre workout I have taken, and I’m glad to say that
    Assault works very well for me. Although I do feel slight itches around
    my face and chest, this had a great effect on my overall endurance and
    definitely helped me to focus even in exhaustion during workouts,
    especially during power deadlifting. Had to use the washroom afterwards,
    but generally, it is a solid product without leaving me in a crash.
    The taste wasn’t bad either. Fruit punch smelt and tasted like sour
    plum, and due to the humidity of my country, the beta analine made the
    powder into rock-like clumps. But this didn’t affect the mixibility,
    which is excellent.

  52. This is my first pre-workout and it can be my only one. I love this
    product, it came recommended by way of the 30 Days Out: Craig Capurso’s
    Extreme Cut Trainer program. Most of the supplements from that program
    are great. This wakes me up for my 5:00 am workout. I walk to the gym,
    run on the treadmill like a lab experiment, and snatching up weights
    like they did something to me. I can’t believe what I am able to lift
    these days. I will try JYM Pre JYM because it is so well loved by
    others. But I am already sold on Assault.

  53. This was my first time experimenting with a pre-workout supplement and
    I’ve constantly heard positive product reviews about Musclepharm so I
    gave it a shot. After talking it for a few days, I certainly noticed a
    difference (placebo or not) with my energy, focus and ability to train.
    I will saw that I did notice a few times during my training that I
    would get a tingly feeling in my legs and once in my face which I didn’t
    care for but it last only a matter of seconds.

    In terms of taste, it met my expectations. The first morning I took it
    it was a little sour for consuming at 6 am but it went down pretty
    smooth. After day two, it wasn’t troublesome at all.

    I don’t take this daily as I don’t want my body and training sessions to
    be dependent upon a supplement but it will for sure be a vital piece of
    my training moving forward.

  54. Great taste and great pumps. The last drink will sometimes be a little gritty so make sure you shake it before the last drink.

    I use it on my way to the weight room and I feel it hit my system with in 10 to 15 min.

  55. one of the best beginners pre workouts out there. Note i said beginners
    I’ve been taking pre for almost four years now yes thats not long but my
    tolerance worked up and it stopped working unless i uped the dosage. It
    felt great i got insane workouts huge pumps but with side effects like :
    tingles, redness, itchy, and bathroom usage. It always made me need the
    bathroom after taking but it was needed. Small price to pay for the
    badass workouts. Though i use a more powerful pre this will always be my
    first love highly recommend for those who have never used this or are
    new to preworkouts. I took 2-2 1/2 scoops never more.


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