MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

BCAA 3:1:2 Review

BCAA 3:1:2 sport supplement gives the body all the essential amino acids that maintain the stable growth of muscle mass. Innovative developments of MusclePharm help preserving athletic results and even achieving greater ones.

BCAA 3:1:2 contains such amino acids as leucine, isoleucine and valine that are the main building material for the muscle mass. BCAA are not synthesized in the human body, hence people should fill the shortage of these amino acids by means of supplements.

The main benefits of MusclePharm BCAA sport supplement:

  • Builds muscle mass.
  • Increases strength and stamina.
  • Saves energy.
  • Reduces fat deposits.

BCAA 3:1:2 Details


Daily use of BCAA provides a positive nitric balance. This means that anabolism exceeds catabolism, thereby ensuring a stable synthesis of muscle protein.


In carefully selected doses (3:1:2) BCAA amino acids lift the training results to a completely new level. Amino acids are quickly absorbed in the stomach thanks to maximal purification of ingredients.


BCAA 3:1:2 capsules are easy to use, whether you train at the stadium or outdoors. Athletes and people leading an active lifestyle are recommended to take 1 serving (8 capsules) of BCAA 2-3 times a day.


BCAA 3:1:2 sport nutrition product is very effective and convenient to use. Popular sport nutrition producer MusclePharm produces BCAA in form of powder or capsules.

You can use BCAA powder in gym or at home. To make a sports drink, you need to mix 1 scoop of BCAA 3:1:2 powder with water. Once the shake is ready, you should drink it before, during or after workouts.

BCAA 3:1:2 Additional Information

You can buy one or more packs with BCAA 3:1:2 online in any country of the world. MusclePharm recommend using BCAA along with their other sports supplements (like for example, Assault, Creatine or Re-Con).

Prior to order BCAA 3:1:2 supplement online, please check out the local and international delivery variants. You can always find out some trustworthy feedbacks visiting special websites.


  1. I take the pill form, 4 pre-workout and 4 post-workout. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my recovery. I recover much faster. Highly recommend. Musclepharm never disappoints.

  2. Gets the job done, but the Watermelon flavor had a chemical taste to it.
    Mixed with some coconut water or cranberry juice it masks the chemical
    taste and tastes great.

  3. I’ve purchased MusclePharms BCAA 3:1:2 as part of my transformation
    process. I’ve noticed I’m not nearly as sore afterwards which allows me
    to get up the next day and workout just as hard again. I’ve been leaning
    up and cutting as my muscles are starting to really stand out. I’m so
    thankful for this product. It’s really helped me with my progress!

  4. Great product! I’ve been using it for about a month and have had been
    able to recover very well with great gains. The watermelon flavor is
    awesome and mixes well in my blender bottle.

  5. I bought the unflavored to mix with my protein. Well it’s not
    unflavored, it tastes horrible and if I use more than a single scoop is
    so overpowering I can’t stand to drink it. Totally defeats the purpose
    of unflavored. I’m not sure it does much for muscle soreness, but I
    definitely won’t buy this brand again. I’ll switch to something else
    with a less strong flavoring.

  6. MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 has helped me intra-workout and with my post
    recovery during the days at the gym when my sessions are long or I’m
    doing HIIT. The Blue Raspberry flavor is excellent and mixes well with
    water; I noticed no residue in the water or bottom of my water bottle.
    There’s only a slight foaming to the water after mixing, but it goes
    away after a minute or two and settles. I like the ratio of Leucine, and
    although, ideally is not a 2:1:1 mix, I have noticed a speedier
    recovery after hardy workout sessions when I take this BCAA compared to
    days I’m missing my full amino dosage. Overall, I’d recommend this due
    to taste and overall effectiveness.

  7. Great flavor, mixes well with my water. I drink it while I workout after
    my preworkout. Helps me recover and go longer in the gym.

  8. Absolutely love this product. I alternate between the capsule and the
    powder. Take this in between meals and post workout and you will see
    #gainz. Not sore at all the next day, and the Watermelon taste like
    Jolly Rancher. I agree with some of the other post.. would LOVE to see
    more flavors out. Product is a must have.

  9. I highly recommend this one. I’m almost out of it I take 2 scoops with
    my protein shake in water. I think I’ll get another one of these once
    I’m out.

  10. I got the unflavored powder to mix in with shakes. Even half a serving
    of this stuff manages to completely ruin the flavor of any kind of shake
    I make. At first I thought it was just a little chalky, but it actually
    makes everything taste rotten. Even holding my nose shut doesn’t help
    me bear it. I can’t imagine what it would be like in plain old water.
    Stick with the capsules or the flavored mixes.

  11. I have tried most every BCAA product on the market today and I am very
    pleased with this one by Muscle Pharm. It has an awesome flavor,
    definitely 100% better than any Xtend flavor!! It mixes instantly and white film left floating on top of the water. And I
    believe it has no or very little artificial colors because it is almost
    clear when mixed. This is great for those looking for the healthiest,
    most natural supplements available. I would definitely recommend this.
    By the way, I have tried the watermelon flavor as well and I personally
    like this Blue Raspberry better.

  12. This BCAA powder tastes so disgusting and bitter it’s very difficult to
    down it. I pour my unflavored glutamine into my oatmeal from ON and it
    has no taste I tried doing the same w/this BCAA powder and ruined my
    entire bowl of oatmeal.
    Not to mention this product does not mix well.. AT ALL there are chunks
    of bitter powder no matter how bad I mix it.

    Smells sweet, taste extremely bitter. I have to chug my protein shake
    just so i wont taste it that much. As far as results go, Its ok i guess.

  14. I searched for a BCAA-only supplement with minimal sweeteners and
    fillers. The purpose of this was so I could:

    1) have the option of drinking it at night without being kept awake by
    stimulants present in other BCAA supplements and pre-workouts, and
    2) have something sweet to drink to satisfy those occasional cravings.

    I feel MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 is a good choice for my needs considering
    the factors of serving size, servings per container, BCAAs per serving,
    and unit price, in addition to it containing more or less just BCAAs.

  15. I prefer taking BCAA’s over protein powder. One main reason is that the
    most complete protein you can get is Egg Protein, and most powders
    contain some soy which is estrogenic. Furthermore, I try to avoid dairy
    based protein. And lastly, I don’t like to consume the additional
    calories in protein powders. Thus BCAA is my choice for protein
    delivery. If you are on a limited budget, BCAA’s or a protein powder
    should be #2 on your supplement list.

  16. Tastes great, mixes easy! I was very surprised how the BCAAs helped with
    muscle soreness and also blood flow during my workout. I take a scoop
    before and a scoop after – definitely a game changer. Can’t say enough
    about this product

  17. I recently ordered this from and it came super fast.
    Thanks to them. This product is really awesome. I tried this product
    from amazon before but didn’t get that kind of results fast. This one is
    showing me results within week. I found lots of energy after doing
    workout also. I used to take 4 caps in the morning after breakfast and 4
    after workout in the evening. I didn’t took recommended i.e 12 caps

  18. Been using it for about 4 weeks or so now and it works great. I feel
    like I have a bit more stamina to get through the workouts and the
    flavors taste pretty good and not much of a chemical taste. The
    watermelon one tastes just like a jolly rancher watermelon one.

  19. As with all good amino supps this one does work. I used 2 scoops per
    work out because for me I think the BCAA work better at closer to 10
    grams. I like some others better though I think because this ones
    profile is pretty limited.

  20. I add BCAA’s to my combat shakes and I have noticed very good muscle
    build results, lowered body weight from fat loss, and more alertness. I
    recommend adding BCAA’s to the supplement list. For me, I think the
    flavor is very strong- almost too strong, but I don’t eat sweets or
    sugary drinks either, so it may just be me.

  21. Love the product. This is my during workout drink and also my drink
    during the day when not drinking regular bottle water. I drink 3-4 a
    day in general. Price is good, actually save money as it kicked my
    Propel packets issue :). Taste is great. Been using the MusclePharm
    brand series for 2+ months of Combat, Assault, BCAA and Amino1 and
    notice leaner look with added muscle. Between Amino1 and BCAA my muscle
    breakdown limited and able to recover quicker.

  22. I am a big fan of all Muscle Pharm products because they work for me. I
    bought this as part of a stack and it was ok. I will see if they have it
    in powder form and get powder next time because im not so big on pills.
    Other than that is is really good and I would recommend it to others.

  23. It tastes ok, Has an odd taste at first but gets better. I wouldn’t get
    this again not due to it not working but for other reasons. Not much to
    say. It’s a good bcaa.

  24. I’ve been using for 2 weeks. Pretty easy to swallow the pills. Quite the
    serving per day as it is 8 pills. I have only been taking 4 a day to
    kind of ease the supplement into my system.

  25. Recovery(8/10)- Not bad on the recovery aspect. A little less sore which
    is always a plus in my book, but this was also stacked with Recon as
    part of the Get Swole stack, so Im sure that both of them combined
    helped out alot. Minimizing muscle soreness and recovering quicker helps

    The big minus for me this product was the serving size…..8 caps per
    serving to get your BCAA’s is a lot. The caps are easy to swallow, but
    if your taking the recommended 1-3 servings a day, it is a lot of pills
    to take!

    All in all, good product depending on how you use it. You will blow
    through a bottle super quick if your using 3 servings a day.

  26. I take the BCAA as a capsule because I felt like I was drinking too many
    liquids pre workout and during workout. I always felt rather bloated
    initially. Since, I’ve adapted well and also supplement with Xtend;
    howeve, I’ve kept these in capsule form and I’ve had no problems with
    them. They make it very easy to get the aminos I need during and post

  27. I thought the flavor of blue raspberry was delicious. The tub lasted me
    quite a while. Took this in the morning fasted while jogging and at the
    gym and had great endurance and energy. I’ve begun to cut so I’ll be
    stocking up on this soon. I am pretty satisfied with this product.
    Musclepharm puts good stuff out there. The price is fair for 30 servings
    and not too expensive. Definitely satisfied.

  28. I first started taking MP’s BCAA 3:1:2 Capsules for recovery, but I’ll
    never stop taking it now! It’s a must have for me! I just feel better,
    stronger and less fatigued when I take these! They help with my lifting,
    but they help me push through my tough cardio days and even my 2 hour
    sessions at Muay Thai. I recommend them highly!
    I take 4 capsules in the morning, 4 capsules pre workout, 4 capsules
    post workout and 4 capsules before bed. They are amazing 🙂

  29. I am fairly new to using BCAA supplements, as this is my first one. I
    have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say it
    works like a charm. I’ve been cutting weight and I haven’t seen a loss
    in muscle mass or strength like I have in the past. The taste is also
    great. No complaints here. Will definitely buy more musclepharm products
    in the future.

  30. Great taste (watermelon). I use it between meals and post workout on
    workout days only. I finally broke down and bought the special.

  31. After not taking it before and after my first workout lifting (10-30
    pound weights and 60 squats) I was sooo sore and could barely walk for
    an entire week! Since then, I’ve been taking the recommended dosage
    before and after the workouts and have not had this problem.

  32. This is the first BCAA supplement i’ve ever used. I was very hesistant
    to purchase BCAA’s because I felt they might be a placebo. But only
    after a few weeks of using this product I felt that not only could I
    work out longer time wise but I could push out more reps. Even at higher
    weights. I’ve started breaking open the capsules and adding them to my
    water prior to going to the gym. Which is disgusting but I feel they
    will absorb faster for when I arrive. Plus the potency and effectiveness
    should outweigh flavors.

  33. I have tried many BCAA. It was so hard to find a good flavour and
    honestly this really does it for me. It’s refreshing very tasty and
    doesn’t have to much of an after taste. It mixes very well with water
    does not clump or stay on the bottom like other BCAA powders do. The
    scoop inside makes it easy to put in your water bottle. All around
    awesome product for me.

  34. I’ve been using this product for a month. It works well. Accidentally
    bought the unflavored instead of the capsules and dear god this stuff
    tastes horrible!

  35. The only BCAA supplement I will ever use from now on. It’s so good, I
    have to be careful not to drink it like juice. 2 scoops, 12 oz. of
    water, done! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pre and post workout, thumbs up.

  36. These BCAA’s went along perfect with my Get Swole sand Arnold Blueprint
    programs. A serving requires you to take 8 capsules which could be a bit
    much for some, but the results you will see with this added supplement
    will help you get over the serving amount really quick.

  37. Nothing to complain about here. Has the bcaa ratio needed to help
    protein synthesis and/or keep you anobolic between meals. Totally worth
    every penny.

  38. I like it! I’ve tried the drink blends too but I agree with the other
    review below- it’s easier to carry and travel with in pill form- I keep
    the bottle right in my car for after workouts. I’ve been taking it for
    about 3 weeks and so far so good!

  39. i took this while doing the GET SWOLE program. after the 12-weeks i put
    on about 2lbs of muscle. i feel that this product helped
    w/anti-catabolism. i took it upon waking and post workout as directed.
    i had some left over after the GET SWOLE program was over and took the
    remaining pills in the AM before breakfast to prevent catabolism.

  40. Like the cellucor BCAA product better. Felt it aid in my recovery more
    effectively. Of course the cellucor product was more expensive. Both
    work well enough to purchase again.

  41. These really work when you take them right. I take them just like it
    says: a serving 30 minutes before a workout and right after. I am much
    less sore after each workout. I am only using this for about a month
    now, but I had been on a workout program for 2 months before this. It
    really does make a hell of a difference. Guarantee you I’ll keep stocked
    on these through the rest of my deployment.

  42. It’s an amino. What can ya say ? Not much bang for your buck, though. When taken according to instruction, it goes FAST.

  43. Started by taking 5-6 pre workout and 5-6 post workout. Recovery and
    soreness was helped slightly. About two weeks ago I began taking 8
    between breakfast and my midmorning protein as well as continuing my pre
    and post workout consumption and notice a significant difference. I
    suggest taking 8 early in the day then doing a pre and post workout
    consumption of the product.

  44. I’ve been using this product for about a year off and on now, and I have
    to say that I really do like it. You obviously don’t feel it working,
    but you will notice that your endurance will be better (especially if
    doing fast cardio).

    This being said I do not take the full serving. I usually split it up,
    meaning I will have 4 caps 20-30 mins prior to hitting the gym.


  45. MusclePharm’s BCCA is a great product. I take this regularly and would
    reccomend to anyone. The ratio of excellent, quality is unquestionable
    and the price is right. Great job for making great
    quality products availble to everyone at great prices. Would highly


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