Cellucor L2 Extreme Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
Cellucor L2 Extreme

L2 Extreme Review

As you know, an athlete’s body may have excess water, which negatively affects the figure and sport results. L2 Extreme product is meant for those, who need to lose weight by reducing the amount of water in the body.

L2 Extreme is a natural diuretic, which preserves a normal level of vitamins and minerals. Using this product, an athlete can reduce his body weight by 4.5 kg per 5 days and get an athletic body shape.

Benefits of L2 Extreme sports supplement:

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Strong diuretic
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Contains antioxidants.

L2 Extreme Details


Many popular bodybuilders use L2 Extreme sport nutrition product, especially before competitions. The removal of excess water increases muscle density and allows them to enhance sports performance.

Because of natural ingredients, L2 Extreme not only intensifies the urinary effect, but also accelerates fat metabolism and provides antioxidant protection. This product reduces water and at the same time maintains electrolyte balance.


Use L2 Extreme sport supplement for 4-5 days. But before you use the capsules again, take a 7 days break. While using this product, you need to drink plenty of water, over 5-6 glasses a day.

L2 Extreme is intended for independently or synergistically use with other Cellucor products – Super HD Powder, Super HD or CLK. Combined effect of these products exceeds total effect of each one of them.


L2 Extreme compound includes many special extracts, components and ingredients for active weight loss or weight maintenance, as well as relief of fatigue and anxiety (for example, dandelion extract, magnesium aspartate, folic acid, potassium aspartate and vitamin B6).

L2 Extreme is produced in a convenient package with 80 diuretic capsules. The capsules are designed for oral intake with water. In order to remove excess water from the body, it is recommended to take 1 serving (4 capsules) of the product per day.


You can see the full list of ingredients on the package of L2 Extreme sport supplement. Cellucor do not use complicated phrases and formulations when it comes to their products. Information availability allows you to achieve the best sports results and to continue to use Cellucor products.

L2 Extreme Additional Information

You can buy L2 Extreme sport supplement online anytime you want. For customers ease and calm, Cellucor give 100% guarantee the money refund for all their products. To return the money, you need to send the chosen item along with the check.


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