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Last updated on September 19th, 2018

NO3 Chrome Review

NO3 Chrome sport supplement is designed to increase the body tone and improve athletic performance. NO3 Chrome is one of the strongest nitric oxide boosters, which provides a powerful pumping throughout a day.

A unique formula of NO3 Chrome includes: arginine nitrate, citrulline malate, grape seed extract, Pycnogenol, L-norvaline and calcium ascorbate. These ingredients maximally dilate the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow and providing a positive effect on overall health.

Benefits of NO3 Chrome sports supplement:

  • Improves nutrition of muscles
  • Strengthens secretion of growth hormone
  • Accelerates the recovery
  • Reduces the blood pressure
  • Improves erectile function
  • Speeds up transportation of creatine to muscles
  • Provides pumping.

NO3 Chrome Details


Unlike other sport nutrition products, NO3 Chrome contains nitric oxide in form of arginine and nitric acid mix. This combination increases the absorption rate of macro and microelements in the stomach, as well as transportation rate of healthy nutrients to muscle tissue.


For ease of athletes and people leading active lifestyle, Cellucor supplies NO3 Chrome in capsules. To increase your athletic performance, it is recommended to take 1 serving (3 capsules) of NO3 Chrome 60-80 minutes before a workout every day.


NO3 Chrome sport supplement comes in a handy pack, containing 21, 90 or 180 capsules.


Pycnogenol is an innovative component, which makes NO3 Chrome a number one sport nutrition product on the market. Pycnogenol dilates the blood vessels walls up to 75%, increasing the performance and stamina by over 20%.

NO3 Chrome Additional Information

You only have to spend a few minutes to buy one or more packs with NO3 Chrome online. Cellucor recommends to use NO3 Chrome along with other sport supplements, like P6 Extreme, P6 Black or C4 Extreme.

If you order a large pack, then you pay less money for each capsule. In order to buy NO3 Chrome online, you need to register on the manufacturer’s website and choose a payment that suits you most.


  1. I am currently using this product basically to aid with pumps in the
    late stage of my prep. During stages of low carbs, NO3 chrome is a great
    supplement to add to your pre workout regimen to help still gain the
    pump during your workouts. Without all the carbs you normally would be
    consuming, its hard to gain a pump when you’re depleted. This has helped
    me maintain high intensity workouts and maintain high levels of
    vascularity. More blood in the muscle = bigger gains! The arginine,
    citrulline, and norvaline complex is amazing for maximum pumps. I would
    recommend this only to those desiring the pump in the gym. It isn’t a
    necessary product to use all the time, especially if you’re already
    taking a good pre workout. But anyone in a caloric deficit or dieting
    could definitely benefit from this product.

  2. Solid stim free pre workout supplement. Packs nitrates for PUMP.

    Used 1 bottle, usually 4 caps PWO. Great to stack with other PWO’s or
    C4, though be aware of your Nitrate intake if stacking NO3 with another
    nitrate containing product!

  3. Anyone who buys this supplement is getting ripped off. Not because this
    product does not have ingredients which work. In fact it does have all
    solid ingredients. But you are getting ripped off on the price. 80$ is a
    complete joke. You can buy Arganine, Norvaline and citrulline on their
    own, with more servings for 46$. You want calcium drink more milk or
    have some tums with the 34$ you save not buying NO3. Again, good product
    in terms of quality ingredients. But terrible product in that they are
    just trying to take advantage of customers who do not research
    ingredients and their going prices. Save yourself the money and buy
    these on their own, or search for other supplements with similar
    ingredients also for less money.

  4. This totally works for awesome blood flow, sick pumps and huge veins.
    Does what it says! The only down side is that it takes an hour + to
    stat kicking in. For someone like me that trains first thing in the
    morning, this is kind of frustrating.

  5. This product is awesome. I have tried other pump products and by far
    this was the best. I opened two capsules and mixed it in with my C4
    prior to my workout, I waited about 40 minutes and started my workout. I
    don’t even think I got half way through before it felt like my muscles
    were going to explode lol. I don’t have a lot of muscle mass, and I’m
    rather long and lanky. However, NO3 gave me crazy pump and helped me
    push through my routine. The only downside is the price.

  6. Amazing product, and gives me amazing pumps at the gym! I, like many
    others, mix the three capsules into my pre workout so it hits me faster.
    When I swallowed the three capsules, I did not really feel anything, so
    I felt mixing it with preworkout was much more effective for me.

  7. Amazing pump and heavier longer lifting stats at the gym especially when
    taken with C4 extreme. It’s a great booster and honestly works, I’ve
    taken just C4 alone and been to the gym then after taking the NO3 before
    with the C4 I can lift more and feel better while pushing.

  8. I’ve tried others but NO3 Chrome seems to provide the most visible pump
    and concentration for a serious workout experience. If you want to add
    extreme focus for form and pounding muscle pump, stack with your
    favorite pre-workout for a great training experience! I don’t train
    without it!

  9. I started using this product last December for the purpose of increasing
    pumps, and it served that purpose well enough. However, the one thing I
    didn’t expect was the lowering of my blood pressure. I have been on BP
    meds for 21 years. My level of fitness, my diet, nothing has ever made a
    difference in my BP levels. It is hereditary, or so it seems. Shortly
    after I started using NO3 my bp started coming under control, and at
    this point i have not taken blood pressure medication in over three
    months. I feel great, and this supplement is definitely the reason I no
    longer have to take BP medicines. I highly recommend it. I recently
    talked my brother into using NO 3 and he also swears by it. I highly
    recommend this product!

  10. I stacked this with c4 and I’ve tried c4 alone before but with this supplement added a even bigger pump! Great job guys.

  11. Most supps I do not notice. Most supps I have to take at least 2 times
    the servings to get anything. I took one serving of this and noticed
    just after one set everything felt super tight.

    I was thinking it may have been a mind thing since I knew I had taken

    Bottom line – After taking this for a few weeks and using 5-6 pills this
    stuff, for me, is insane. Everything burns after one set and I get a
    massive pump. I have never had ANY supp that hits me like this.

  12. This product is top notch. I’ve used many other supps and this one by
    far gave me the best pump. MY first few days I took the capsules by
    themselves and felt a decent pump but not much at all. The following
    days I removed the capsules and emptied them into my water bottle along
    with 4 scoops of Epiq strength creatine and a few tsps. of Yohimbe
    extract. I took everything within 45 minutes of beginning my workout.
    This stack was by far the best pump I’ve ever had and lasted throughout
    my workout.
    Cellucor always delivers a great product and I WILL be ordering more.

  13. If you want your veins to look like garden hoses I would s****est you try this product stack it with c4 for optimal results

  14. I will admit that I was a little skeptical trying the NO3 Chrome due to
    the price for the purpose it serves. I took 3 capsules on an empty
    stomach (along with 1 scoop of C4) about an hour before lifting. I
    noticed incredible pumps which in turn pushed me to step up my
    intensity. I’m not a fan of taking capsules/pills so a liquid/powder
    form would be preferable (and would be digested more quickly). Overall,
    another nice product from Cellucor, but pricey.

  15. This product serves its purpose!
    I take it daily along with the C4 preworkout and get a very nice pump.
    I like it. If you have the extra cash, i’d say it’s definitely worth it.

  16. I took my first serving of No3 today a 3 pill dose, arm day. I didn’t
    feel any energy which is to be expected considering it’s only a NO
    booster. During my first superset of close grip bench and barbell curl I
    felt tighter almost instantly and I had more power in my reps. As the
    workout progressed my pump exceeded expectations, I thought my biceps
    were going to explode! I noticed a significant difference in vascularity
    too. I was still amped after my workout finished so I did 2 sets of
    21’s, the pump was extremely painful at this stage but definitely
    worthwhile! An amazing product cannot wait to try it on legs! Great job

  17. It is a bit irritating that the label says NO3 when ingesting nitrates
    would cause blood to be unable to carry oxygen, but aside from that, a
    very good product.

  18. Product works well for me. Quicker recovery and no side effects during
    or after work out. Works best when taken on a empty stomach. Get after

  19. I wanted something without any stimulants. And this product works for me!

    Pros:- I’ve noticed a decent pump (nothing major). More vascularity! And less recovery time needed between sets.

    Cons:- Price is high for what it does!

  20. It’s a good, working product overall, I only have a few comments to
    make. I used this product with C4 Extreme and I had to drop the dosage
    from 3 to 2 pills and only took one scoop of C4. Even then I had those
    days where “the itch” was almost unbareable. Almost felt like I had
    eaten an ice cream scoop of beta alanine. The pump wasn’t as impressive
    as another product I’ve used but then again this didn’t cost $70 for 30
    servings do overall I’d buy it again.

  21. This product was good and when i worked out with it i got huge pumps
    from it. Could defiantly feel the NO3 especially when i did an arm day
    workout. The reason for not giving it a 10 is because i would rather
    take things that a liquid so they get in my system faster.

  22. Great stuff but I think I should give a warning of a possible dangerous
    side effect as I can’t find the info on the net.
    I done my normal session the other night and then about 6 hours after
    taking the No3 I ordered abig take away, I ate it and felt very full and
    then stood up to go toilet, luckily while at the bowl I managed to
    realise that I was about to black out as everything suddenly went yellow
    and I could feel myself falling so I managed to lower myself mostly to
    the floor before blacking out, the next hour I drifted in and out of
    lala lkand on the floor, I was very ill.
    It would seem that I had developed Postprandial Hypotension as my blood
    vessels could not restrict due to the No3 when the food took a lot of
    oxygen and my blood pressure dropped.

    This was a self inflicted side effect as I over ate by quite a lot but
    still it was something that came out of the blue so I thought i’d share
    my experience, be carefull about over eating on No3 Chrome 😉

  23. Oh man I have tried many Nitric Oxide products and have gotten decent
    but not really big of a difference pump. This product gave me an amazing
    pump in my chest and arms today and i gotta say its my favorite NO
    product even better than Hemavol. It is on the expensive side though so
    if you got money to waste and want a true muscle pump i recommend this
    product especially get it if its ever on special cant go wrong with this

  24. This stuff is OFF THE CHAIN. Massive pumps. I didn’t even need to take
    the recommended 3 pills daily. I simply did 1 pill a day and on weak
    spots I would do 3 for huge pumps. This is definitely one to try.

  25. This stuff does work. There are two problems here as I see it though:
    the dosing & the price. I am a big boy, which probably affected
    both. I took an hour before my workout & probably should have
    given it an extra half hour (stacked w/ Hyper FX). The pumps were very
    good & I almost could not bend my arms the next day. However, for
    the price at my size, this is about 3-4 servings, which is not good at
    all. Sorry Cellucor, I will stick with Hemavol.

  26. I never believed in products that helped you get a “pump” in the gym.
    Personally, I feel that the “pump” comes naturally and there is no
    supplement that will enhance it. I decided to try out Cellucor’s NO3
    Chrome. My friend bought two bottles and gave one to me. The only reason
    I decided to try it out was because I love other products made my
    Cellucor. I took 3 capsules about an hour before I went to the gym. I
    took C4 about 30 minutes before. During my warm up I felt more “tingly”
    than I’ve ever felt before. I wasn’t sure if that was because of the
    NO3, or because I was on an empty stomach. I started my workout, which
    was a pull day, and immediately I felt a crazy pump in my back. I never
    get a pump in my back! It was at that moment that I was convinced this
    product worked. My back felt great, but it was when I moved to biceps
    when it got real. I noticed that I was more vascular and my arms felt
    like they were about to explode! The pump was out of this world. I will
    definitely be buying another bottle! The only negative thing I could say
    about this product is that it is a little pricey. Other than that, I
    loved this product and would recommend it!

  27. The ONLY reason I didn’t give this product an overall rating of 10/10 is
    due to the relatively high cost. I’ve been on the NO bandwagon since
    MRI first came out with it and I have thoroughly enjoyed the the latest
    and greatest updates in NO, but no NO product on the market today has
    given me the results of Cellucor’s NO3 Chrome! Vascularity (all day not
    just for a few hours), insane pumps throughout the day, stimulant free,
    and for us guys it helps in other areas as well…

  28. The NO3 chrome is an awesome product. I used it (3 capsules) with a
    nitrate booster, Jeeez did I get a pump. I have good vascularity as is,
    but stacked with this product my veins looked like they were going to
    explode, and I was so pumped. Price is awful though, but if you have the
    money, its worth it.

  29. break these open if your c4 and get an awesome pump. l arginine will hit
    the blood stream very fast, and the norvaline will help keep the pump

  30. I use this product stacked with a scoop and a half of C4 and I get great
    results. Increased Vascularity has been noted and good pumps . It took
    some playing around to get the timing right on when to take it, but I
    have got it down now. If you are in a rush you can always open the
    product and mix directly with your pre-workout. I don’t always use this
    this product. I try to cycle it on and off every week to keep my body
    guessing and keep it effective.

  31. I take a serving an hour before workout.

    The pump is SICK!
    And I recover much faster in-between sets.

    I like using this for showing off Vascularity.

    That’s all I think this supplement does, it makes you pump.. no Strength gains really..

    Give this 8/10.

    a friend of mind use this before making love with his girl and it does help him go really hard.. LOL

  32. best NO on the market. Pop three of these before a workout and my veins
    and muscle explode with vascularity. Nothin feels better than getting a
    great pump and when I see that pump and vascularity I just go harder and

  33. Tried it, nothing special after several workouts so I returned it. The
    price is just not even worth it either. You can find N.O.’s and or
    Arginine for much less.

  34. Have taken this for almost 3 weeks and when taken 30 minutes before my
    pre-workout, I have gotten great pumps. I initially kicked myself for
    spending $70, but the pump I get makes it all worth it. For best
    results, take with a pre-workout that is a nitric oxide maximizer. I
    take VPX NO Shotgun with NO3 Chrome and have had great results.

  35. Unlike the post below i didnt get it while it was on sale. Cost 65 at
    gnc with a gold card, psht. Other then that ridiculous mark up this is a
    good NO supp.

    The doses are 1 time a day only on work out days and its alot cheaper
    then other NO products (research I did after GNC). Ive had better pumps
    with other products but I think Ill stick with NO3 because it lasts alot
    longer, and you dont have to take multiple doses every day.

  36. I found this on sale at gnc, I took it for the first time today and let
    me say! BEST workout I’ve had in a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time!

  37. Great product for a little extra pump. I stacked it with N-zero and had pretty good results. By itself it was ok as well.

  38. I was a little skeptical about pump boosters when I received this as a
    promotion from Cellucor. Man, I can’t tell you the last time I had a
    pump like this though! I take this like the directions say and I really
    can feel a skin splitting pump. Between this and the burnout sets on the
    end, I feel bigger after every workout. Easy to swallow, no flavor and
    no tingling sensation.

  39. Ok so i bought this supplement about 3 months ago and started stacking
    it with Cellucor C4 Extreme, right from the first go i noticed an
    increase in pumps, and my arms were so pumped that it was actually hard
    to do a bicep curl without hitting my bicep with my forearms. However,
    one thing that i have to say is that i do feel my body got used to it
    fairly quickly because i stopped getting that same pump after a few
    The magic happened again when i stopped taking it for a good 5 days and
    then took it again, and once again i got great pumps.

    Overall i would have to say its a great supplement to take if you can
    afford it but i didnt feel like i need to have it as a regular in my

  40. Great pump, great strength, nice full muscles that popped plus really
    nice vasodilation. Really helped with my endurance days and really nice
    stacked with my test supplements. It does exactly what it claims.

  41. I tried this product almost did a full cycle, prior to taking this
    product as you can see in my profile I had massive vascularity,
    according to my gym-goers and friends this is mainly a genetic thing. I
    thought well I am vascular how much more can I get! So I thought this
    product would take it to the next level, however I honestly did not see
    any difference in my workouts or vascularity or feel it in my pump. Very
    pricy and decided it was not for me. I would give it a 1 based on
    results but I do like other cellucor products so I am sure it might work
    better for other people so I gave it 2.

  42. I started taking this product about 3 weeks ago and am thoroughly
    impressed. My vascularity is insane and my pumps feel like my skin is
    going to tear. I feel as if I see a new vein every workout now lol not
    to mention the fact that it helps me to power through my workouts. I
    came off my stimulant break a week ago adding C4 to this prior to my
    workout and WOW! INSANE pumps! I definitely recommend this supplement to

  43. I am taking No3 stacked on top of Cellucore C4. I use about 1.5-2 scoops
    of C4 and 3 capsules of No3. I realized I was not waiting long enough
    before I worked out when I was taking this. My last review was poor
    about this product but know that I am taking it correctly it is a great
    product. I get serious pumps at the gym and I can feel the veins in my
    body, my arms especially, just exploding. It is a great product and I
    would recommend it to anyone who needs that extra boost.

  44. I use NO3 on days I take Cellucor C4 or days I take Cellucor Super HD
    and it provides a great boost of energy and pump to my workouts. I am
    sensitive to caffeine and NO3 allows me to add an edge to both my weight
    lifting and my cardio without the jitters I would get from some of the
    other products that are packed with caffeine. My wife uses it before
    her runs and also believes it gives a great boost. I would definitely
    recommend to supplement with the other great Cellucor products.

  45. I have not taken another NO increaser that compares. It is a shame that
    it is SO expensive, as that is what keep it from getting a 10. Before
    taking this, I would have issues with being dizzy, light headed, short o
    breath and Ill to my stomach. Granted I am hitting it hard, but not
    that hard. This stuff manages to keep that from happening. I believe it
    pertains to the increase flow I oxygen. I do feel very “pumped” while
    taking it. Don’t notice much of a difference when it comes to strength
    or endurance.

  46. This product is my favorite. Not just favorite N.O. booster, favorite
    supplement! I take these 6 pills 60-90 minutes prior to workout
    (somewhat inconvenient) and when I start to lift that heavy weight I am
    swarming with giant veins. Looks awesome. Feels awesome. Great product!

  47. 3 tasteless pills, I know its all Nitric Oxide but my friend recommended
    it to me with my pre-workout. Honestly, save your money on nitric
    oxide, this will probably be my last NO supplement I ever buy. If it
    does improve your pump, it isn’t enough to matter.

  48. since three month i ordered this product and still i did not get it …
    stolen my money and they will not refund me with DHL curriour .. i am
    very upset

  49. Seriously an AWESOME product. A lot of pre workouts have NO already in
    them, and also contain arganine, but not enough to get the results that
    NO3 will give you. It gives you and awesome pump for your workouts, and
    really helps those vanes to pop out when you’re mid workout. Overall an
    awesome product!

  50. Biggest waste of money. I took it first thing in the morning on an empty
    stomach and waited an hour. No effect! I decided to just pour 5 caps
    into my prewo. but still no effect! I decided to try 6 caps 2 hours
    before workout and no effect. I am drinking a lot of water and following
    the directions. I have had no pump and not vascular. This is my first
    time using a pump product. Very disappointing for Cellucor.


    If you are into hypertrophy, or lifting for the ‘pump’, then you will
    love this. It makes the pump about 300% more intense. Your chest will
    swell on Bench Days, crazy.

    Love the non-stim side of this, I am really sensitive to stims so,
    taking this was much more to my liking and 3 pills and a scoop of C4 was
    enough to turn you into an animal. 6 pills and no C4, and get ready for
    muscle exploding pumps!


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