Cellucor COR-Performance Beta-BCAA

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
Cellucor COR-Performance Beta-BCAA

COR-Performance B-BCAA Review

COR-Performance B-BCAA sport nutrition product contains essential branched chain amino acids. Each serving of COR-Performance B-BCAA contains Leucine (2.5g), Isoleucine (1.25g) and Valine (1.25g).

BCAA play an important role in renovation and growth of cells in skeletal muscles. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body. Therefore, you should fill their shortage by using sport nutrition products.

Main benefits of COR-Performance B-BCAA sport supplement:

  • Grows muscle mass.
  • Prevents catabolism.
  • Improves athletic performance.
  • Stimulates synthesis of muscle protein.

COR-Performance B-BCAA Details


COR-Performance B-BCAA is a powder mix that has to be blended with a cold water before use. To make this drink easily, you can use a shaker.


To make 1 serving, you need to mix 11.4g of COR-Performance B-BCAA powder with 200-250ml of water. It is easy to measure the serving precisely using Cellucor scoop. Shake the shaker several times and you will get a ready-made blend.


COR-Performance B-BCAA premium sport supplement contains amino acid – beta alanine, which maximally increases the intensity and duration of workouts. Beta alanine reduces fatigue and relieves muscle pain after workouts.


First, you need to pour water into the shaker and then add COR-Performance B-BCAA powder. You can improve the taste of this blend by using juice instead of water.

COR-Performance Beta-BCAA Additional Information

COR-Performance B-BCAA can be used throughout a day, before, during or after workouts. You can increase the effectiveness of COR-Performance B-BCAA, if you take it with other sport supplements by Cellucor, like for example NO3 Chrome, M5 Reloaded and N0 Extreme.

Spend a few minutes and buy COR-Performance B-BCAA online with watermelon, tropical punch and lemon-lime flavors. Before ordering this or other Cellucor sport supplement, you can get a free consultation of sports experts.


  1. Amazing product. No tingly sensation during workout and keeps your energy levels up so you dont crash during a WOD. Im sold on it. Good job Cellucor

  2. This stuff was the first over the counter product to give me an allergic
    reaction but after reading about this product that is a normal
    reaction. Within minutes of drinking my neck and face starts to tingle
    like a bad sunburn then it spreads to the rest of the body causing an
    itchy feeling all over the skin. this lasts for about an hour then goes
    away. I only used this product for a month so probably not long enough
    to see any results or benifits

  3. This product is definitely an amazing product and I could feel the
    difference without consuming it and after consuming it. I experience
    more energy and I am more active. However I am suffering sleeplessness
    in nights when I drink this . I take this early in the morning almost 7
    AM and I sleep at 11 PM even then I am unable to sleep, when I do not
    drink this product, I get good sleep. … is it common or am I doing
    something wrong

  4. Lemon-lime is my favorite flavor, but it can be quite sour if you do not
    mix enough water with it. It does mix very well, too. I’ve been
    drinking 1 scoop around 10am and another during my workout at 5pm. My
    lifts have increased more significantly while using this as an
    intra-workout instead of post, and the more I take it the more I like

  5. this one is my favorite bcaa, i have used other bcaa’s too but nothing
    stands in front of cellucor bcaa, the lemon lime tastes gives you the
    kick you need during workouts

  6. This BCAA supp hits like a bomb… 2 scoops of this (mixed with a lot of
    water – cause it’s very sour) together with my WPI and I get a very
    nice and intense feeling during my workout sessions. Optimal for long
    workouts (as an intra shake) or during Low-Carb-Diets.

  7. The product was simply amazing, felt a burst of energy but needed to
    wait at least 5 mins after consuming the product that I got to notice
    how much energy I suddenly got. My results with this product has
    defiantly helped me from fatigue and just giving it my all. Only thing I
    would change is if the container could carry more servings

  8. Love this stuff!! Have tried several samples of BCAA powders, & this
    is def my favorite. It makes me feel energized & hydrated. It mixes
    easily, no grit, no aftertaste. I only tried the Watermelon flavor,
    & I like it a lot (tastes like watermelon), no chemical taste, but
    is a little sweet, so I just add more water than what is recommended.
    That’s the only thing I take a point off for. It does give you a tingle,
    so if that freaks you out, don’t buy this brand. I’m 130lb female,
    & I don’t usually use a full scoop, I use a little more than half
    now. When I first started using it I only used a 1/2 scoop & it
    still worked great. Still haven’t used a full scoop yet, but there are
    days that I drink this a couple times during the day.

  9. Love this product. It is my current favorite. It has great ingredients,
    and the addition of beta-alanine makes it a great product. I have used
    it before and during my workouts, and I like the effect of beta-alanine.
    It gives a funny sensation, which is normal, but it is possible to
    notice the increase of the performance week by week. I believe that the
    product made my recovery faster, since I was not using any BCAAs before.
    I had to use a serving of 2 scoops to reach the desired amount of amino
    acids, which made the product end very fast, making it a little pricey
    in the end. However, I think it is worth the extra dollars. I love the
    watermelon flavor! The Tropical Punch is a bit strong for me (I would
    dilute it every time)

  10. Very impressed with the watermelon flavor. It’s exactly like the
    watermelon C4, so you can mix the two together before your workout and
    not have weird flavor stuff going on.

    Lemon-Lime is good if you like a little sour flavor, but not as tasty as

  11. I’ve used the Cellucor Beta BCAA for a while and I absolutely love it;
    it’s a staple in my stack. However the last order I received was pretty
    abnormal. I’ve had both the watermelon and lemon lime before (both are
    great), & I ordered lemon lime again. But the taste was so gross –
    it tasted like cardboard with a little lemon aftertaste, absolutely
    nothing like how it regularly tastes.

    I spoke to BB.com customer service and they were fantastic about a
    product exchange. However, when I received the replacement tub, that TOO
    had the off-taste.I never heard back from CS about whether Cellucor was
    messing with the product after the 2nd tub arrived like that but I’m
    currently stuck with a tub of cardboard BCAAs.

  12. Not my favorite BCAA powder. The taste wasnt horrible, but I couldnt
    stand the texture. I will not be purchasing this product again.

  13. I prefer Cullucor’s other BCAA over this one. This seemed to have a hard
    time dissolving into water. The flavor is also super strong. I have to
    keep adding water to my water bottle as I drink to reduce strength of
    the flavor. If I used a shaker it would have been easier to get
    proportions right. Overall good product other than overly strong flavor
    and dissolution issues.

  14. I absolutely love the BCAA product that Cellucor makes. When I first
    sampled this product at Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas I felt like I was
    drinking liquid Jolly Ranchers. As far as the content is concerned, the
    label says it all, and you get exactly what you pay for. These BCAA’s
    are amazing!

  15. Picked up a Cellucor COR-Performance Beta-BCAA on sale locally. I found
    this to be a quality product, on par with other great amino acid
    supplements, such as Anabolic State and Modern BCAA. It mixed well in
    my shaker cup with no clumping. Also, Tropical Punch tasted pretty
    good. If there was one downside to this product, it’s that there was no
    way I got 30 servings out of the container (and yes, I scraped off
    extra on the side for an even scoop). Other than that, great product.

  16. Best tasting BCAAs I’ve had to date! Started incorporating them this
    off-season and now I’m wishing I had used them during prep. Endurance
    has increased as well as recovery time.

  17. Good ratio of BCAA’s. Good taste and lasts a good amount of time for the
    price. Smell of it is super strong. Results were as expected with
    adding BCAA’s to diet. Good.

  18. I’m a big fan of watermelon so I was thrilled when I got my BCAA bottle
    and it was watermelon. I was not disappointed either with the taste. It
    was amazing just like every watermelon BCAA should be!

    Super easy to mix as well! 3 or 4 strong shakes and it mixes! At the end
    never had any residues problems!

    I sipped on it everyday that I worked out so it played a big part in my
    endurance. I train fasted everyday as well. Always kept me going and
    pushing that extra rep even when the effects of my pre workout was
    already gone. The addition of beta alanine was perfect.

    I do wish it was a bit cheaper though!

  19. flavor is very good mixes very clean. doesnt upset my stomach at all
    which is good. i love that it has l citruline in it keeps me pumped
    during my workout. overall great profile for this bcaa i think this will
    be my choice of bcaa for along time.

  20. I really like this product. It has a really nice blend. tastes great and
    works. It doesnt hurt that cellucor has pretty nice packaging. Only
    things that brought it down to a nine are no glutamine(which i think is a
    nice added bonus in bcaa formula), the aminos arent pharmaceutical
    grade and the price is a little high. Still, really good stuff overall
    and if you buy the stack its not a bad deal at all.

  21. while I think cellucor can be a bit pricey, when this is on sale it’s a
    must buy. Flavor is awesome, profile is solid… def a good pick up when
    they’ve got their buy 2 get 1 deal going on or similar

  22. This is a great source for bcaa’s. I use this before and during
    workouts. There are no “proprietary blends” all the amounts per serving
    are broken down for you, Aaaannd guess what?! The serving size is “one
    scoop”. Great product, I’ve noticed my recovery time has gotten much
    faster since starting. The flavor is a little tart, but if you take it
    intra workout just put one scoop in a a quart size water bottle and it
    tastes great! Overall really a good product.

  23. This is one of the better BCAA powders that I have tried, and it sure
    beats taking more supplement pills. I usually take it post workout and
    have noticed a huge difference in muscle recovery. The only negative at
    the moment is that it I really have to stir it vigorously or the powder
    doesn’t mix completely. I’m looking forward to trying other flavors
    as the fruit punch is just ok.

  24. Lemon lime and watermelon taste great! Tropical punch reminds me of a rum punch and not in a good way, I can’t drink it.

  25. Taste excellent not chalky like some others I have tried helped
    significantly with recovery…I put two scoops and a gallon to give my
    water flavor throughout the day

  26. I almost feel bad writing this when I read all the positive reviews
    (it’s obviously very well liked), but this did NOT do it for me.
    Stranded on a desert island with nothing else to drink, I would gladly
    drink this, but that’s about as positive as I get here. The watermelon
    flavour tastes fake and is VERY sweet. Alongside the ingredients I want,
    there is also artificial flavour, artificial colour and sucralose
    (which I don’t want). If you are fond of soft drinks, tang or koolaid,
    you might like this, but it’s definitely not what I’m looking for. 🙁

  27. Awesome product, awesome flavors.. this has been my favorite BCAA’s for
    quite long.. I used AminoX (BSN) and AminoBuild (Muscletech) in the past
    but personally I prefer this one..

  28. This is my go-to BCAA powder! Delivers just as advertised. Cellucor
    always delivers with its products but their COR-Performance Beta-BCAA is
    definitely their best product. I consume post workout and day after
    mainly, if you’re sore and have eaten – drink this. You can basically
    feel your DOMS go away and your muscle heal. I live for the tingle
    sensation when I drink this post-workout, lets me know I worked the
    right muscle groups ;). I drink it regularly, my 225 12% BF boyfriend
    does as well – no comparison and no other BCAA has delivered like
    Cellucor. My expectations are sincerely met with this product and I
    recommend for any serious bodybuilder/lifter who understands the
    fundamentals and true benefits of BCAAs (THIS IS NOT SUGAR WATER!)

  29. Cellucor never disappoints. They always give their bests and this is
    hands down one of the best BCAA products out there. I love the taste and
    it blends really well. I feel less sore and my recovery has sped up
    ever since I’ve been taking this supplement.

  30. It is a grate product, love love the taste. I’m not sure I will order it
    again because I have an funny reaction when I drink it, my body tingles
    all over for a few minutes. So I might be allergic to one of the
    ingredients, but beside that funny feeling, I really like the product.

  31. I feel in love with Cellucor brand a while ago and decided to give their
    BCAA product a try. Wow! This does exactly what it says it will and I
    love it. I don’t think I’ll ever buy from another brand because this
    works just perfectly. Flavor is amazing, ingredients list is even
    better. I recommend this to everybody I know and so far not one has had
    anything negative to say.

  32. These taste amazing and aid in recovery! 2-4-1! I sip on these
    throughout the day and sometimes when I’m on a really low carb nutrition
    plan I will use them to fill the game between my meals. Taste like
    Kool-Aid that’s good for you! I love Tropical Punch but haven’t tried
    the other two flavors because it is SO GOOD.

  33. I think this is a great product. Mixes easily with little residue, the
    flavour is very strong – it says to mix with 6-8 oz and I usually mix
    with 16-20oz just so I can make it last and the flavour is still very
    strong! Watermelon is delicious. BCAAs aid muscle recovery and I believe
    that it does help me feel less sore after a workout and I love the
    tingly feeling it gives 🙂 I usually take it after a workout or during,
    helps keep me going. A little pricey compared to unflavored BCAAs but I
    think it’s worth it just because it tastes so good!

  34. This BCAA Tropical Punch Flavor is actually god tasting for a BCAA. I
    mix one scoop with my pre-workout in 8oz. cold water & I feel the

  35. This review is strictly based on the flavor as I could only handle the
    one serving the one time. I got the watermelon sample and it has that
    really thick, sweet taste…like getting iced and having to chug a

  36. This was my first BCAA power that I have tried, and I was not
    disappointed, it tastes AMAZING, and it has your leucine and such for
    recovery. This was the product I took before I started using the Chrome
    Series Alpha Amino, and I am definitely considering going back to this

  37. The performance gains from this supp. are pretty noticeable. A week
    after using I could feel my deep muscle fibers hardening and getting
    stronger. This supp definitely makes you feel like you are getting
    stronger from the inside out. The added stimulant tingle is a plus, and
    it has a great drive factor. Not too overwhelming with its ingredient
    profile and perfect for begging or ending a cycle.

  38. Lemon Lime is SO GOOD! WAY better than the watermelon one! But to me,
    all watermelon flavors always have that same fake generic taste to me.
    But this lemon lime tastes like really good fresh lemonade! I practice
    IF so I really rely on BCAAs, this one is a keeper!:)

  39. Great ingredient profile for a BCAA. The beta-alanine and HICA are
    great additions to an already high quality product. Appreciate the
    breakdown on the label rather than just a proprietary blend as is with
    many out there. Taste is great, I mix 1 scoop in 1 liter of water and
    that seems to dilute it enough that its not overpowering. That said, my
    only issue is the cost per serving in comparison with other BCAAs out
    I think I would only buy this product again if it were on sale

  40. My go to BCAA…price isnt ideal but works and love the flavor so I
    continue to buy and use. I use it before fasted cardio pre and post

  41. This brand of BCAA’s has given me great options to flavors. After
    having bland, non-flavored BCAA’s, the fruit punch is my new favorite! I
    take first thing in the morning and right after a workout! Feed the

  42. Fantastic, just so you know I gave it an 8 for flavor only wanted to try
    something different but the product itself definitely gets a big fat 10

  43. This was the first BCAA that I had ever bought. After using the entire
    30 day supply I thought I would try some other products that had a
    better price thinking that I would get the same quality. I was wrong I
    have tried products from ON, BPI and a few other brand names and
    Cellucore is hands down the only one that’s taste so good you can drink
    it with every meal and I feel that I had better progress with that
    product as well.

  44. Everyone has their own favorite product and supplements and I think i
    finally found one that works for me. really satisfied with this product.

  45. I had only tried one other BCAA product before trying Cor-BCAA and first
    let me say I didn’t know what I was missing. The profile is very solid
    with the addition of Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine and HICA. The
    flavor is great as Cellucor products never disapoint in this area. The
    watermelon is pretty strong but just have to add more water to get it to
    the taste you want. What I noticed most with using this product is I am
    very seldom sore the next day after a training session. Before using
    this product I would always have DOMS the next day regardless of what I
    used. I used this product mainly because I train in the mornings at a
    fasted state. This is a great BCAA product and would highly reccommend
    to someone on an extreme cut or training at a fasted state.

  46. The moment I drink this concoction the taste is very refreshing but then
    there is an after taste… like cough syrup.

    Great profile, I do feel the beta alanine but I don’t know if it’s worth
    the extra cash vs other BCAAs like scivation or aminolast. If there
    was no cough syrup after taste then I would gladly fork over my cash for
    an enjoyable intraworkout drinking experience.

  47. Although the product itself was rather costly, I thoroughly enjoyed
    taking it. I was in need of a supplement that could help rapidly repair
    muscle during Spring Football, so I decided to take a trip to my local
    GNC. There, I remembered that BCAA’s were supposed to help build and
    recover muscle, so I picked this guy up. The taste itself wasn’t half
    bad. It was nice, sweet, and tart. However, there was a bitter
    aftertaste, and another weird aftertaste that I couldn’t get rid of
    after consumption. I took a serving and a half the night before, and
    when I woke up, my quads were no longer sore from all the running.

    I kept taking it throughout the week, and I felt so much more refreshed
    and energized. I was sore much less as well. Great product, would highly

  48. Would’ve rated higher but it’s a bit pricey – best to nab it on sale.
    Watermelon flavour was disappointing but the others are good. Love
    what’s in it regardless – make it a bit cheaper and it’s a winner!

  49. This is by far my favorite BCAA, i always take complete advantage when
    they offer deals on it. Ive only had lemon lime but have had 6 different
    cans of it, taste amazing. Also love the research and verification
    cellucor puts into their products, unrivaled.

  50. This is the Best BCAA I have tried to date. I take 2 scoops during my
    workout. it helps me push through my workout where I am now beating
    personal records. At least one per workout. I stack this with C4 for the
    most amazing workouts.You can have 2 during workout or use one scoop
    before then the 2nd scoop after. The Beta Alanine helps. Lemon-Lime is
    great when mixed with about 10oz of water or a Powerade.
    Downside is if you use 2 scoops it will last 15 workout sessions.The
    product is pricey but you get what you pay for. I took advantage of a
    deal that was on an invoice from a previous order for 50% off. Take
    advantage of current deal (buy 2 get one free)

  51. I’ve come to love this product, and have tried all 3 flavors. The
    watermelon taste really watered down, but Lemon and punch taste amazing.


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