Myprotein Electrolytes Plus Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
Electrolytes Plus Myprotein Tablets

Electrolytes Plus Review

Electrolytes Plus is a perfect product to restore the electrolyte balance. Electrolytes Plus sports supplement contains all the essential microelements – potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium.

Benefits of Electrolytes Plus sports supplement:

  • Supports the body tone
  • Improves the sports results
  • Preserves the salt balance.

Electrolytes Plus Details


A unique combination of microelements helps to prevent dehydration. These ingredients act in many biological functions in the body and provide positive effect on physical endurance.


Electrolytes Plus is available in hermetically sealed package, containing 180 pills. While performing high-intensity exercises, you should take about one pill of Electrolytes Plus every hour.


Electrolytes Plus sports nutrition restores the deficit of electrolytes and increases water consumption. Moreover, Electrolytes Plus accelerates the transfer of nerve impulses and stimulates muscle contractions.


In intense workouts and / or in a hot weather your body loses much of electrolytes when you sweat. This may lead to worsening of sports results and even to dehydration.

Electrolytes Plus Additional Information

You need to spend just a few minutes to buy Electrolytes Plus or any other Myprotein sports supplement online. Please note that the delivery cost may depend on the region of your living.


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