Myprotein Hurricane Extreme Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
Hurricane Extreme Myprotein

Hurricane Extreme Review

Hurricane Extreme sports supplement is one of Myprotein products, created according to the “all-in-one” formula. Hurricane Extreme provides the body with all the necessary nutrients that keep your body healthy and improve your athletic performance.

Hurricane Extreme contains bioavailable proteins, essential amino acids, creatine and other important macro and microelements. Each serving charges the body with energy, transformed into 286 kcal.

Benefits of Hurricane Extreme sports supplement:

  • Based on “all-in-one” formula
  • Keeps energy levels
  • Accelerates the muscle protein synthesis.

Hurricane Extreme Details


The key ingredients of Hurricane Extreme are protein and carbohydrates mixes. These substances help you to keep and increase the rate of your muscle growth.

This protein mix contains whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein, essential amino acids, L Leucine and split protein PeptoPro.


Add 500 ml of water or milk and 100g of Hurricane Extreme powder into shaker and shake it 5-6 times. Professional experts recommend using 1 serving of Hurricane Extreme 2 times a day.

The best way is to take 1 serving of Hurricane Extreme along with breakfast and 1 serving before the workout. If you train in the morning, then take a serving before the workout and another one 5-6 hours after the workout.


Hurricane Extreme sports supplement comes in a handy pack (2500g) with several delicious flavors. The package design provides impermeability of the product even after multiple opening.

Each serving of Hurricane Extreme contains protein – 38.1g; carbs – 24.9g; necessary fat – 2.8g and important macroelements. To make a shake, you need to blend the Hurricane Extreme powder in a desirable amount of water.


Carbohydrates mix contains fast and slow carbs, giving your body much energy for a long time. This mix replenishes the level of muscle glycogen and prevents premature fatigability.

Hurricane Extreme Additional Information

You can buy one or several packs with Hurricane Extreme online anytime. Usually, Myprotein sports supplements are sent within 24 hours. The cost and speed of delivery may vary according to your address.


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