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Whey isolate is produced from milk protein. As many know, whey is one of the products, obtained during cheese production (fermentation of milk for other dairy products, like cottage cheese). Another process to get whey protein is called ultra filtration of protein. The end product is highly used in sports for muscle building.

Whey isolate is a highly purified form of whey protein, providing the body with more than 90% of digestible protein (form of whey protein containing minimum of fat, carbs and cholesterol). This protein is a perfect energy source for the entire body, since it contains a large amount of BCAA (branched chain amino acids) – best for muscle metabolism.


Whey isolate is produced by dehydrating milk whey, removing lactose, animal fat and bad cholesterol from it. Actually, there are two filtration methods for producing whey isolate. The first method is based on changing of protein properties by using high temperature. The second method is microfiltration, mentioned above. Both methods enhance the concentration of protein in protein-free products.

Whey isolate is a very important element in the nutrition of every bodybuilder these days. This type of protein is rapidly digested in the gastrointestinal tract, restoring muscles after workout. Moreover, whey isolate supplement increases anabolism and decreases catabolism.

Usage and effects

Typically, whey isolate sports nutrition (like all protein supplements) comes in a powder that can be easily dissolved in water, milk or juices, getting a nice and tasty sport shake.

Benefits of whey isolate over other isolates:

  • Increases the immune system
  • Provides anti-oxidant effect
  • Rapid digestion without gastrointestinal side effects.

Because of advanced technology of microfiltration, whey isolate is less allergic than any other concentrated protein products. If a bodybuilder has lactose intolerance, he may use whey isolate sports supplement. This is probably the only advantage of whey isolate over whey concentrate proteins. Not mentioning that whey isolate is sometimes much more expensive than the last one. If this is a case, you will get much effect by combining whey concentrate protein with BCAA supplement.

Undenatured (microfiltrated) whey isolate contains over 90% of protein. This protein supplements does not contain fats, lactose or bad cholesterol, because these components are separated during microfiltration at low temperatures. Microfiltration is quite an expensive process, but it gives a protein supplement of the highest quality.


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