Myprotein L-Carnitine Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
L-Carnitine Myprotein

L-Carnitine Review

L-Carnitine sport supplement is perfect for both bodybuilders and athletes, who are looking for a daily source of carnitine. L-Carnitine supplement helps destroy fatty acids and provides weight loss.

Benefits of L-Carnitine sports supplements:

  • Speeds up the metabolism of fat, carbs and proteins.
  • Improves fatty acids oxidation.
  • Increases the ability of muscles to resist fatigue.

L-Carnitine Details

Product Overview

Long-standing practice shows that L-Carnitine can both reduce the fat deposits and increase the muscle mass.


When you use L-Carnitine every day, it reduces bad cholesterol levels, protecting your heart and blood vessels.


You can buy a small or a large pack of L-Carnitine, containing 45 servings (90 tablets) or 90 servings (180 tablets).


Ordering a large pack online, the price for 1 serving of L-Carnitine is reduced.

L-Carnitine Additional Information

To improve your athletic performance and avoid cardiometabolic risk factors, it is recommended to take one serving (2 tablets) of L-Carnitine with water orally.


  1. i havent yet had the chance to fully see a result as i only just
    stareted taking it, but it arived very quicly, the taste is a little bit
    weird but managable but apart from that its good.

  2. I have this as soon as I wake up in the morning and feel its keeps me
    full while I get myself to work where I eat breakfast. Also have this
    before a workout on an empty stomach!

  3. L Carnitine has to be used for at least 3 months before you start to see
    any benefits, so people coming on and saying they can see/feel benefits
    after a week are talking rubbish! Used properly it can be an awesome
    supplement with so many benefits. This is a must have!

  4. Tried a few things trying to cut the body fat down. Diet and Intermitent
    Fasting helped but reached a level about 16-18% that wouldn’t shift.
    Read an article about this product and was on offer so gave it a try.
    Withing a few weeks started to drop bodyfat again and looking a bit more
    vascular. Now about a 8 weeks later down to about 12% with some weight
    gain as well so not losing muscle mass. and strength back on the up.

    Best taken after a meal with carbs.

  5. As with previous reviews, surprised by the size of the tablets but very
    good price for 45 servings of 1g.
    I bought 2 of the product and take 4 tabs (2g) at 11am and then 8
    tablets (4g) about a hour before training. This exceeds the recommended
    dose (2 tablets, 1 -2 times per day) but a lot of other research
    suggests a higher dose before training as this improves the
    effectiveness of L-Carnitine.
    Definitely helped with fat loss and muscle maintenance when on a HIT
    training regime with cardio twice per week (relatively high protein
    Does leave a slight weird taste in the mouth for about 30-45 mins after
    taking but nothing too significant.

  6. Excellent , thought I would try to see if this works after reading the
    reviews. I have been using for 6 weeks and have lost 5 inchs around my
    waist this is along with a balanced diet and exercising.

    Definitely recommend although tablets are massive you get used to them

  7. I have been cutting for quite a few months now on a low carb diet,
    anybody that has been low carb before knows that it leaves you feeling
    quite tired and depleted throughout the day. This product makes me feel
    like i have much more energy which is probably due to increased fat
    being broken down to release energy. I was stuck at about 80Kg for a
    month but after taking this product for 2 weeks i am now down to 79Kg.
    Whether this is due to the placebo effect I don’t know all i know is
    that I’m going to continue taking this product for the foreseeable
    future. On a side note I’ve noticed people commenting on the taste,
    people must understand that this is a pill like any other, it isn’t
    supposed to taste great and in my opinion it is no different to taking a

    To some it up, this is a product well worth getting while on a low carb

  8. So even though these are a tad large they work!!! Funny taste if they
    get stuck to your tongue before swallowing, but once swallowed they are
    fine. I started taking these with my meals that I had most of my carbs,
    and I have to say I have deffinately seen and felt a difference in my
    stomach fat!!! They have really helped to shift it! Obviously combined
    with a healthy diet and exercise routintoo! Would deffo buy again!

  9. The tablets are rather large so if you have problems with big tablets
    these would be difficult.

    But I love the product and buy it all the time
    Its definitely helped me with my fitness goals with using up excess body
    fat for energy. I suffer with blood sugar issues (not diabetic) but
    this product means I don’t get sugar lows and I can actually exercise
    hard on a low carb/sugar diet.

  10. Delivered next day as promised. Only been taking these for a week and
    have noticed a little difference already!! Good communication from
    company from order to delivery.

  11. Recommended by my instructor to aid with fitness & weight loss
    regime. The tablets are large & have a bitter taste but once
    swallowed these do not repeat or linger. Too early to say whether they
    are helping yet .

  12. Although it has taken me a while to get used to the size of them, they are the cheapest on the market so no complaints!

  13. Seen much better results after start taking the powder instead of the
    capsules. The capsules crumble a lot and get messy really easy.

  14. Pretty good, feel like don’t retain as much water while on these. Only
    thing negative I’d say is that current batch pills seem to be bigger and
    don’t swallow as easily.

  15. Feel anything.
    take before cardio but pretty sur it does something like my doc told me 🙂

    But gellule too larger than before 🙁

  16. Tablets worked very well and seemed to aid in my weight loss when going
    to the gym. Although the tablet are quite large I found them fairly easy
    to swallow and faced no real trouble.

  17. These tablets are great, yes there the biggest tablet I’ve ever seen in
    my life!, but there a quality product. I’ve noticed a difference and
    I’ve only been on them a week! honestly I am shredding anyway but these
    have helped me massively. Bundles of energy and improved vascularity
    which proves its shifting some body fat! Highly recommended, but be
    warned if I was as big as these tablets I would be a professional body

  18. Great product I´ve been using it for years in caps but MP´s tablets are
    better because I don´t have to swallow so many caps and the price is

  19. I haven’t seen much change in BF%, Muscle% or weight but then again i
    have only been using this product a month. I am probably one of the
    unlucky few this product doesn’t work for as looking at other reviews on
    various other sites this is a product to swear by. I will continue to
    use this product but if I see no difference then I won’t be buying
    another batch.

  20. Those pills are bad. Fist that i can not even swallow. Bigger than
    previous which were excellent. Won’t buy them again unlesr the size is
    going to change to smaller again.

  21. So far I haven’t felt much change to my body, but there are still some
    changes, for example I’m starting to feel a little leaner, and
    vascularity is definatly increasing as my body fat drops, but hopefully
    when the product is finished I will be much leaner than before taking
    this product, and I would definatly advise people to try this product,
    as it allows you to keep bulk a lot leaner than without it, and stops
    you from putting fat mass on instead of muscle mass

  22. I read about these and the data suggests that these are as good as CLA
    for burning fat, so thought to try them. My diet isn’t great at the
    moment (exam eating) but I’m popping these, the CLA and Omega-3 tabs
    with meals, and somehow I’m still losing weight. Much slower than with
    exercise and good eating, when I get back into the gym and eating clean
    I’m expecting to see rapid results.
    Taste isn’t great but just chug them, no need to suck them like
    Werther’s Originals.

  23. Research from an Australian university shows that people who have
    suffered polio do not naturally make this amino acid. I had polio and I
    don’t want to muscle-build, pump iron or run marathons – just try to
    live as normal a life as possible So I take the tablets daily. I have
    considerably higher energy levels as a result. Some polio sufferers gain
    nothing from the tablets. Acetyl L carnitine does nothing for me. Don’t
    understand the science behind that , but it’s the case for me.

  24. Discovered to assist the body to burn fat for energy.. Does work, but
    don’t expect IMMEDIATE results. Dependent on size before; Results WILL
    happen but bare in mind Continuity..

  25. Great product… have more mental and physical energy. Tried Holland and
    Barrett once, no where near as good as Myprotein version. Highly

  26. It seems that this do works. Like that when I work out with it, usually I
    won’t sweat when doing things like weight, but after using this, I
    start to sweat.

  27. Great product and great value for money, seeing great results after just a few weeks definitely will be purchasing it again.

  28. I’ve been taking these for a while to support a hectic lifestyle mixing
    work as a teacher, being mum to two small children and training for a
    few half marathons. I’ve done much less in the past without supplements
    and I am convinced that they have helped me maintain my routines,
    continue to improve in my training and stay relatively well and pretty
    much injury free. I’m no sports scientist but in my humble opinion they
    are worth giving a go.

  29. It has always been a staple product for me and this stuff is great and a
    bargain compared to other companies! Will definitely buy again

  30. I got this because I was already placing an order for whey and was low
    on my cranitine (I was using Holland&Barrett). This one tastes
    disgusting! There is no coating whatsoever so even if you swallow it
    quickly you get a very acidic taste in your mouth. Anything you eat
    after that will taste acidic. I wish it really were unflavoured. I’m
    not happy at all…

  31. I’m really impressed with these pills, at a great price too! I’ve lost
    quite a bit of fat over the last few weeks (more than usual) so I’m
    convinced it’s due to adding these into my diet. Obviously you have to
    train and eat a good diet but they’re a great addition. Very impressed,
    will buy again.

  32. I haven’t noticed any change in my weight loss rate yet. I’ve been using
    them for about 10 days so there is time. The tablets are not the best
    to take, but its not a big deal. Tablets mean I can’t really go beyond
    neutral for taste etc.

  33. I don’t sense any bad taste when is taken with water. I bought it to
    take with CLA as these were the two main ingredients on a recommended
    product and I’m really noticing the difference. It helps that Myprotein
    are super efficient with deliveries.

  34. It gives you an energy boost and lots of sweat during the training if I
    take 1 pill 30 minutes prior to my weight training. I eat healthily and
    this supplement actually does help to get rid of fat!

    The negative effects (in my case) take place if I add one more pill (and
    take it after a workout). The next few/several days my body feels
    totally destructive (two times this happened to me after taking 2 pills
    per day).

  35. Been taking it for a few week now and nothing seems to be happening when
    I cut I take 30 minutes before my main meal and when building muscle I
    take it before and after the gym. It isn’t very good in my opinion.

  36. I have been this product on and off for years now, and I have to say, I
    have noticed the difference between when I haven’t been using it and
    when I have. I will be continuing using it from now on, and I will
    definitely be buying it from MyProtein again, as I am always very happy
    with the price and the quality.

  37. I feel more alert after taking L Carnitine and find it easier to concentrate. I also feel like I have additional energy.

  38. Simply awesome, it’s great to use before training. Of course it’s great for both women and men. This has a great taste.

  39. I can’t believe how fast acting this product is. I have a ridiculous
    amount of energy that is noticible by myself and everyone around me. I
    also stack this with 5htp for better results but four of these a day and
    I’m buzzing until bed time.

  40. I started taking L Carnitine in an attempt to shift a bit of extra
    weight alongside my exercise routine. I’m only two weeks in and there’s
    been no real change, but it’s still early days. I will see how it goes.


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