Optimum Nutrition Natural Pro Complex Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Natural Pro Complex Review


Natural Pro Complex is an ultra-premium sports supplement, used by many professional and young athletes. The biggest advantage of Natural Pro Complex is that each serving contains 60 g of 8 different high-quality proteins.

The leading manufacturer of sport nutrition products – Optimum Nutrition created a unique product that can be used in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Benefits of Natural Pro Complex sports supplement:

  • 8 types of bioavailable proteins
  • Rich source of amino acids
  • 10.000 mg of glutamine and precursors
  • Microelements and digestive enzymes.

Natural Pro Complex Details


If you want to increase your muscle mass or support protein balance without adding extra calories, then Natural Pro Complex will do this best and most effectively. At the same time, 15 vitamins and minerals prevent the microelements deficiency.

Because of high-quality production of Optimum Nutrition, Natural Pro Complex rapidly became popular among consumers. This is proved in many positive comments of both athletes and their coaches.


To make 1 protein shake, you need to mix 2 scoops (77 g) of Natural Pro Complex powder with 300-400 ml of water or skim milk. By varying the amount of liquid, you can get a desired consistency.

It is recommended to drink Natural Pro Complex protein shake in small portions or one at a time, depending on the level of your physical activity. The best way to take Natural Pro Complex is between the main meals, before and after workouts.


Natural Pro Complex protein powder is well dissolved in water and absorbed in the stomach quickly. Moreover, this product contains several vitamins of B group that play an important role in many processes of our bodies, such as:

  • Energy formation
  • Microelements metabolism
  • Protein synthesis.


Can we call Natural Pro Complex an innovative protein supplement?

Absolutely! Because there is nothing similar to Natural Pro Complex on today’s market. A unique combination of essential and nonessential amino acids (BCAA too) allows your body to restore the muscle tissue and intensify the muscle building process.

Natural Pro Complex Video Review

Natural Pro Complex Additional Information

You can buy Natural Pro Complex bodybuilding supplement with delicious chocolate flavor anytime you want. If you want to build lean muscles, but you have never ordered Optimum Nutrition products online, please apply to clients support and ask your questions.


  1. Amazing product! Great for times when having your needed protein is not
    possible. What’s fantastic about this product is the amount of
    vitamins/minerals/BCAAs that is included.

    As for the taste. It tastes excellent with milk and with water it is
    also good.

    Great all around product! would recommend!

  2. I’ve been using Pro Complex for months, but I started to get worried
    about the amount of fake sugars and dyes that I was taking in, so I
    decided to try the Natural version. I have to say that I may never go
    back to the regular. Yes the taste is a little blander, but what did
    people expect when switching to a naturally sweetened product?! I drink
    my protein shakes for health, not outlandish flavor. One word of
    caution, the natural version has significantly more calories than the
    regular Pro Complex. Regular has 270, and although the label on this
    site for Natural shows 300, the label on my actual tub says 370! I don’t
    mind since I’m bulking, and 2 scoops of this in whole milk gives around
    500 calories, but if you’re cutting, take note.

  3. I rated the product itself a 9, and 7 on the Vanilla flavor (a bit bland
    in taste). I would classify Optimum Natural Pro Complex a high-quality
    protein supplement, but recommend chocolate for flavor.

  4. i’ve been using this product for about 6-8 months now. i’ve tried 4 0r 5
    other wheys and, so far, this one is my favorite! i’ve had great
    results. it’s easy to digest and it tastes great and combines well with
    other ingredients. it tastes like melted ice cream to me! anyway, i love
    the results that i’ve gotten with this product and will continue using
    it for a long time 🙂

  5. It tastes like old vanilla pudding mixed with medicine. I love my ON
    chocolate casein and whey but the vanilla is disgusting. I lie how
    easily it dissolves especially compared to the casein but it tastes like
    old vanilla flavored cough syrup. It has a mediocre-at-best vanilla
    flavor and then an atrocious medicine aftertaste. But i do still like
    the product itself and that is why I give it a 5 overall but a 1 taste

  6. I really like this protein because it mixes well and taste great. Since I
    started taking 2 scoops right after workout three weeks ago I have been
    able to gain muscle 4 lbs. of muscle while lowering my fat % . I will
    continue to use this product because of the results and it doesn’t have
    any artificial sweeteners.

  7. I love this protein because it is filling! Good for getting lean. I
    personally like mixing it with chocolate cake batter casein! It’s like
    good milk shake right after a workout before I go to bed!

  8. I’ve been using this product for over a year now and have only had a
    positive experience. I drink this during and post-workout (it tastes
    amazing when you’re exhausted!) for extra energy and recovery. I love
    that it is so high in BCAAs and protein! It also mixes well with water,
    milk or yogurt AND it can be used in cooking without giving off a
    "protein powder" flavor. The vanilla flavor is also
    delicious and I keep it on hand as well.

  9. This protein has a great blend of several different kinds including whey and casein. It even has some glutamine in it.

  10. The protein itself is probably great, but the taste is just bad. I have
    mixed it with water and the shake was really bland, I had to add
    bannanas and strawberries just so that I can drink it.

  11. Optimum Nutrition is my favorite brand, and I’ve used the regular Pro
    Complex plenty. That being said, I decided to go au naturale — big
    mistake, at least for me.

    While, I’m sure this may taste ok to some people, it tasted awful to
    me! It had almost a rancid smell and taste to it — personally I’m
    sticking to the normal Pro Complex — I’ve had great results with it.

    The great news — they have an AWESOME return policy — I tried it for a
    few days, decided it was too awful to use for a full month, and
    returned it in exchange for the normal Pro Complex. GREAT customer
    service, guys!

  12. Optimum Natural Pro Complex is awesome. Great taste! Great texture!
    Digests easily! I sometimes mix it with skim milk but recently started
    mixing with Blue Diamond Almond Milk Original and adding a couple of
    tablespoons of Smart Balance Crunchy Peanut and a handfull of almonds
    (optional) in my blender. Makes for a great tasting, healthy shake. I
    normally use one scoop of protein power per serving, then I can have it
    twice a day if I’d like. You can’t go wrong with this one! The fact
    that is is natural, you still get all the benefits of protein, without
    all those unnecessary and unhealthy additives! 10+++++++

  13. I have both vanilla and chocolate. Vanilla is tad mild but overall
    tastes great. I find chocolate tad bitter and gets clumpy in shakes. I
    like the formula itself -it has quality proteins with BCAAs and
    Glutamine without artificial sweeteners or cheap fillers. I like this as
    both pre-workout and post-workout shake. I will repurchase this, but in
    vanilla flavor only.

  14. Best protein product you can buy. With the protein mixture being of all
    different digestion rates this product is great morning, pre workout,
    post workout, and even before bed. With a full serving of 60 grams of
    protein and different digestion rates it gives you muscles a complete
    amino acid leach as you sleep, helps to get you though your workouts
    with the different digestion rates(gives ya energy). Great for in the
    morning because it has a good amount of whey protein. And great post
    workout because of the obvious needed whey and other protein sources.

  15. This is a good tasting protein powder, it also has BCAA and Glutamine,
    without the toxic artifical sweetener garbage. I have experienced faster
    recovery times after workouts. I mix 2 scoops in 2 cups of milk with
    frozen blueberries, rasberries and smart balance peanut butter with
    omega 3’s. Give it a shot.


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