Natural Products by Optimum Nutrition Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Natural Products Review

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most popular producers of sport nutrition, which developed a special range of products – Natural Products. These products are made of the purest ingredients, without artificial flavor enhancers to provide people with safe and maximally fast growth of muscle mass.

Natural 100% Oats and Whey includes:

  • 100% Oats and Whey
  • Pro Complex
  • Gold Standard 100% Casein
  • Gold Standard 100% Whey.

Natural Products by Optimum Nutrition Details


Every serving of Natural 100% Oats and Whey corresponds to a big bowl of oatmeal and provides the body with all the microelements it needs. Moreover, this product contains microelements and vegetable fibers good for digestion and your overall health. Natural 100% Oats and Whey will maintain and even increase an athlete’s sports results.


Natural 100% Oats and Whey contains proteins, delivering amino acids to the body even when you sleep. Once casein gets into your stomach, it starts decaying into amino acids and prevents the destruction of muscle fibers for a long time. Natural 100% Oats and Whey is one of the few bodybuilding supplements that are recommended to use before sleep.


Natural 100% Oats and Whey is a unique product, because it contains 8 types of protein. This product is a rich source of amino acids that are good for muscle growth (BCAA – Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine). Each serving contains 60 g of bioavailable proteins.


The main ingredient of Natural 100% Oats and Whey is whey isolate protein. This protein type has high anabolic potential. Using Natural 100% Oats and Whey, you will be surprised by the abilities of your body to build muscle mass so quickly.

Natural Products by Optimum Nutrition Additional Information

Natural Products sports supplements work incredibly when used individually or in combination with one another. If you buy Natural Products online, you will reduce your costs for sport nutrition. Before ordering Optimum Nutrition products, you can get a free consultation of a professional expert.


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