Myprotein Oats and Whey Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
Oats and Whey Bar Review

Oats and Whey Bars Review

Oats and Whey bars are a delicious and the quickest way to deliver protein and carbs to your body. Oats and Whey contains high-quality macroelements, obtained from milk and whey protein.

High amount of protein in Oats and Whey allows accelerating the muscle growth and provides a quickly recovery after physical exercises. A nutritive bar Oats and Whey contains 43.8g of carbs, needed for an increase of energy levels.

Benefits of Oats and Whey sports supplement:

  • Has a nice taste.
  • Contains 21.6g of protein.
  • Is a perfect meal replacement.

Oats and Whey Details


You can eat Oats and Whey bars throughout a day as a meal replacement. By using Oats and Whey between the main meals, you are eliminating the deficiency of essential macroelements.


Oats and Whey bars fill the shortage in your daily diet. Using Oats and Whey during or after workouts, you thereby prevent the breakdown of muscle mass and reduce the recovery time.


Each Oats and Whey bar contains almost 50% of carbs, providing your body with 316 kcal. Several delicious tastes meet the needs of the most demanding athlete.


If you take Oats and Whey before a workout, you give your body all the energy it needs to get the most from high-intense physical exercises.

Per 88g bar:

Energy: 316.0cal. Protein (as-is): 21.6g. Carbohydrates: 43.8g. of which sugars: 6.3g. Fat: 8.4g. of which saturates: 3.5g. Dietary Fibre: 2.6g. Sodium: 0.2g.

Oats and Whey Additional Information

If you are used to powder products of sport nutrition, then instead of Oats and Whey, you can use Total Oats and Whey mix. To make a nutritious shake of Oats and Whey, you will need a shaker.

Oats and Whey and Total Oats and Whey by Myprotein contain approximately the same ingredients, yet the second one is cheaper. You can buy both these sport nutrition products online and use them as needed.


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