Cellucor P6 Extreme Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
Cellucor P6 Extreme

P6 Extreme Review

The newest formula P6 Extreme was developed to create favorable conditions for a natural production of testosterone in the body. High testosterone levels are important for aspiring athletes and professional sportsmen for a good growth of skeletal muscle tissue and body shape improvement.

Benefits of P6 Extreme sports supplement:

  • 3 in 1 formula
  • Natural increase in testosterone levels
  • Improvement of sports results.


P6 Extreme Details


P6 Extreme contains natural ingredients – tribulus alatus extract, beta-sitosterol, black cohosh extract, stinging nettle root extract and others. Apart from increased testosterone, P6 Extreme normalizes the blood pressure, accelerates the absorption of macro and microelements and increases libido.


To optimize testosterone levels, it is recommended to take one serving of P6 Extreme per day. One serving is two capsules. P6 Extreme capsules can be used with food or with a full glass of water on empty stomach.


For sportsmen convenience, Cellucor Company produces its product in the form of capsules for oral intake. Each P6 Extreme pack contains 120 or 180 capsules.


Cellucor recommend using P6 Extreme with other sport nutrition products from their line, such as: NO3 Chrome, D4 Thermal Shock and N0 Extreme. The combined effect of these supplements is better than the effect of each of them alone.



P6 Extreme Additional Information

You can buy P6 Extreme sport supplement online from any region of the world. Delivery and speed of P6 Extreme by Cellucor depends on country where you live. You can ask any questions over phone or by email.


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