Myprotein Pea Protein Isolate Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018

Pea Protein Isolate Review

Pea Protein Isolate sports supplement is exclusively designed for sportsmen, wanting to increase their protein intake and their sports results. Unlike other protein mixes, Pea Protein Isolate is all-natural and therefore, you can take it in lactose intolerance.

Pea Protein Isolate product contains no lactose, gluten and bad cholesterol. Each serving of Pea Protein Isolate contains over 24g of protein and small amount of bioavailable fat and carbohydrates.

Benefits of Pea Protein Isolate sports supplement:

  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Contains 119 kcal per serving.
  • Contains natural vegetable protein.

Pea Protein Isolate Details


Pea Protein Isolate sports supplement is advised in team and individual sports. Pea Protein Isolate is used for reduction of fat mass, acceleration of muscle protein synthesis and regulation of biological processes.


To make a protein shake, you need to mix 30g of Pea Protein Isolate powder with 200-250ml of water or milk. Myprotein shaker will help you to make a qualitative mix. Please note that first the liquid should be added into the shaker, and then the protein powder.


Contains 100% Pea Protein Isolate.


To get the maximum effect of physical exercises, it is recommended to drink Pea Protein Isolate shake 2-3 times a day. Thus, you can have Pea Protein Isolate shake during trainings and between the main meals.

Pea Protein Isolate Additional Information

You can buy Pea Protein Isolate supplement online in a handy pack, containing 33 (1,000g) or 83 (2,500g) servings. For large orders of Myprotein Pea Protein Isolate, a free delivery is available.


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