Optimum Nutrition PRO Gainer Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

PRO Gainer Review

PRO Gainer is a new product by Optimum Nutrition, designed to increase the muscle mass and improve the athletic performance. Unlike products similar to this one, PRO Gainer delivers much more calories from proteins to the body. Proteins and carbohydrates ratio per portion is 60 g / 85 g.

The main source of proteins in PRO Gainer is whey isolate – the most expensive and rapidly absorbed type of protein. A unique combination of three types of proteins with the highest biological activity, namely Casein, milk and egg proteins give a slow, medium and fast absorption, which allows to achieve better results.

Benefits of PRO Gainer sports supplement:

  • Improved muscle function
  • Growth of muscle mass
  • Prevention of catabolism
  • Maximum performance
  • Rapid recovery.

PRO Gainer Details


Unlike other protein-carb mixes, PRO Gainer does not leave a heavy feeling in the stomach. The sensations from its use are more similar to those caused by protein shake (like for example, Gold Standard 100% Whey, Natural 100% Oats and Whey or Gold Standard 100% Casein).


From now on, you don’t have to drink liters of gainer. For one serving, you just have to mix 1 scoop of PRO Gainer powder mix and 450 ml of water or skim milk. After the shake is ready, you may add ice and fresh fruit to it.

Daily use of PRO Gainer can grow up your muscle mass quickly. To speed up the synthesis of proteins maximally, you should take 2-3 portions per day, or as needed. You should take one whole portion (or a half) before and after each training.


PRO Gainer contains over 20 vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. In 650 calories per serving, less than 4% is sugar, which is not typical for a gainer as well. One more benefit of PRO Gainer: you only need a glass and a scoop to make a shake.


Having taken PRO Gainer before the training, you provide your body with energy, increasing the performance and preventing micro damages of the muscle fibers. After training, PRO Gainer helps to restore your strength, regenerate the muscle tissue, suppress catabolic processes and fill the depleted energy stores.

PRO Gainer Video Review

PRO Gainer Additional Information

You can buy PRO Gainer bodybuilding supplement online with a banana, strawberry, vanilla and other flavors. In different flavors of the product, the nutritional value of Optimum Nutrition product can slightly change.

PRO Gainer sports supplement comes in a small or a large package. To estimate the gainer’s efficiency, a beginning sportsman can buy a small pack. Experienced sportsmen usually order several large packs. This not only provides them a large supply of the product, but also reduces the cost per 1 portion significantly.


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