Myprotein Protein Muffin Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
Myprotein Protein Muffin Review

Protein Muffin Review

Protein muffins are intended for those, who want to increase the consumption of protein between the main meals and during workouts. Each package contains 6 delicious muffins.

You can eat Myprotein protein muffins any time of the day. High amount of proteins provides with nutritive support in order to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass.

Benefits of Protein Muffin sports supplement:

  • Contains high amount of protein.
  • Increases the synthesis muscle protein.
  • Comes in several delicious tastes.

Protein Muffin Details


Protein Muffins contains a blend of protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and egg protein which provide a comprehensive amino acid profile.


Consuming Protein muffins before each workout, you are getting all the energy you need for training at an optimal level. Taking this product after the workout, you can replenish the nutrients you have lost.


Protein muffins contain bioavailable proteins (19g), fat (16g) and carbohydrates (36g). This mixture of macroelements allows people to improve their sports results and increase the intensity of exercises.


Per 100g:

Energy: 345kcal. Energy: 1461KJ. Protein: 38.2g. Carbohydrates: 37.1g. Sugars: 21.4g. Fats: 4.2g. Saturates: 1.6g. Fibre: 3.0g. Sodium: 1.2g.

Protein Muffin Video Review

Protein Muffin Additional Information

You can buy cheap Protein muffins by Myprotein, if you order this sports nutrition product online. Using a discount code, you can get an extra discount.


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