Myprotein Protein Smoothie Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
Protein Smoothie Myprotein Review

Protein Smoothie Review

Protein Smoothie sports supplement is advised by the world’s leading sports experts for increase in protein supply. Protein Smoothie strawberry and banana flavor contains pieces of fruit and natural flavorings.

Each serving of Protein Smoothie contains over 18g of whey protein concentrate, small amount of saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. A daily consumption of Protein Smoothie provides rapid growth of muscle tissue.

Benefits of Protein Smoothie sports supplement:

  • Contains pieces of strawberries and banana.
  • A reach source of amino acids.
  • Provides a stable energy supply.

Protein Smoothie Details


Protein Smoothie sports supplement is a perfect product for replenishing of protein shortage at any time. Because one serving of Protein Smoothie contains less than 100 kcal, you shouldn’t worry about formation of new fatty cells.


Protein powder provides the body with a required level of amino acids and increases physical endurance. Using Protein Smoothie, you can do heavy exercises much longer and recover much faster than ever.


Protein Smoothie supplement is available in handy pack, containing 40 (1,000g) or 100 (2,500g) servings of high-quality whey protein. For one serving, you will need to mix 25g of Protein Smoothie powder with 150-200ml of cold milk or water.


It is easy to make a uniform protein shake by means of one of Myprotein shakers. Please keep in mind that to make the protein drink fast, you need to pour fluid into the shaker first, and then add a protein powder.

Protein Smoothie Video Review

Protein Smoothie Additional Information

Before drinking the protein shake, you should put it into the fridge for 15 minutes. Use Protein Smoothie sports supplement between the main meals and after an intense workout.
You can buy Protein Smoothie online cheaply by using a discount code. If you want to order Protein Smoothie, but have never bought sports supplements by Myprotein, please ask all of your questions by email.


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