MusclePharm Re-Con Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Re-Con Review

The leading producer of sport nutrition is MusclePharm and recently it has developed an innovative system allowing to build up and restore the muscle mass. This system is called Re-Con. Re-Con post-workout supplement optimizes the anabolic window when the body suffers from a great shortage of nutrients.

In fact, human body can digest a great amount of macro- and microelements within 20-30 minutes after heavy training. Usually this process does not provoke the formation of fat cells, yet maximally stimulates the growth of muscle mass.

Re-Con sport supplement provides gradual impact:

  • Stage 1: replenishment.
  • Stage 2: rebuild.
  • Stage 3: recovery.
  • Stage 4: recharge.
  • Stage 5: refuel.
  • Stage 6: reload.
  • Stage 7: regenerate.

Re-Con Details


Proteins provide the body with essential amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAA amino acids restore the damaged muscle fibers and speed up the synthesis of muscle protein.


For a rapid recovery and muscle growth, specialists recommend taking 1 serving of Re-Con right after the workout. Re-Con nourishing powder should be mixed with 200-350ml of water or a fruit juice.


The main ingredients of Re-Con pre-workout supplement are bioavailable carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates provide the body with a burst of energy and an extreme power. The replenishment of these energy reserves allows an athlete to recover quickly and reduce the time of rest.


Each serving of Re-Con gives you 9% of daily carbs. Apart from macroelements, Re-Con bodybuilding supplement contains over 50 essential microelements and substances, like: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, concentrates and detoxicants.

Re-Con has a great advantage over the other post-workout supplements that contain no extra ingredients. These ingredients accelerate the hormone synthesis, burning fat, optimizing the insulin levels, improving the overall health and providing many other functions.

Re-Con Additional Information

For moderate intensity training or for people who are physically active, the recommended serving is ½ scoop. For high-intensity exercises, you need to add 1 more scoop of the product.

You can order Re-Con choosing from several delicious flavors – fruit punch, orange-mango or watermelon. Re-Con post-workout supplement can be used with pre-workout supplement (for example Assault) or other MusclePharm products (BCAA, Amino 1 or Combat).

You can buy Re-Con sport supplement online in the USA, UK or any other country in the world. Before you buy this product, please read carefully the information on the website and check out the users’ reviews. If you order some bonus items, then you will get a 25%, 30% or 50% discount.


  1. I tried Re-Con the first time when i was in Australia. I was working 7
    days a week and workout 4 times a week. I had a very busy life and
    sometimes i had some crash energy and had to skip the gym. I started to
    take this after my workout and i feel reborn. It works really really
    well, restoring your energy and starting to repair muscles as well. I
    don’t know what of magic it contains, but is the only supplement that i
    would never stop to take. MP did a great job with this product.
    Helps you to recover faster for sure.
    The watermelon taste is something that you can easly throw up. It’s a
    shame. Chemical and embarassing. The Orange Mango is not bad, but still
    need to be covered with something better.
    I highly recommend this product to everybody who has a stressfull life
    and need to restore energy after workout and feel better.

  2. Favorite product on the whole mp line. Most effective I would say as
    well. It has every single key recovery ingredient you could ask for.
    Taste is a plus too. Not supplement’y tasting like a lot of recovery

  3. Re-Con is clutch during my track meets. Some meets last 8+ hours, so ill
    drink on this throughout and its too legit. Keeps my muscles from
    breaking down and pumps my energy levels up.

  4. My trainer recommended this stuff recently. He was very up on the
    product. Ive been drinking on it post workout for about a month now.
    Huge noticeable benefits. Ive put on some serious muscle and added great
    strength over the last few months. Very impressed.

  5. Ive tried a lot of post workouts, but the Re-Con seems to be pretty
    unique. Not only does it have all of the necessary recovery blends, but
    the carb complex is very unique. Carbs are a must post workout. Really
    gets recovery jump started.

  6. Ive always read that complex, fast acting carbs are the perfect post
    workout. Well, this product is loaded with them. Also has added
    glutamine, bcca’s and so on.

  7. If you have trouble with soreness and recovery time then this is your
    escape route. Ive never recovered faster than when Im on the Re-Con.
    Huge gains.

  8. First came across this product about a year back or so. Most complete
    recovery blend on the market. Loaded with everything necessary for post

  9. Ive noticed a HUGE difference since I started adding this in post
    workout. Way less sore, and I’ve really gained a lot of muscle and
    strength. The BCAAs’, glutamine, complex carbs etc.. do wonders!

  10. Hands down most complete recovery product on the market. Covers all of
    your basis. Drink it right after your last rep and your muscles will
    really thank you.

  11. In my opinion this might be the most amazing product out there on the
    market, DOMS is gone after ReCon, best recovery drink ever. I use it
    after hard intensity cardio or after Weightlifting and next day I cant
    tell I had a Intese workout day before.

  12. Re-Con really helps me keep my lady figure! I track my carbs very
    consciously , and this product allows me to add some healthy carbs into
    my daily routine without feeling the carb crash afterwards. I can’t live
    without it!

  13. This product does what it says it will do.. Really optimizes the post
    workout anabolic window! The complex carbs are great for recovery.

  14. This is probably my favorite product on the MP line. Sustains energy
    levels, and really captures the gains you work so hard for after working
    out. Lots of complex carbs and recovery blends.

  15. I tend to lean towards this product as my favorite because of the focus
    and energy I receive from it. I drink it twice a day, and love the

  16. I use this product to recover post workout and to balance out my energy
    levels after a tough workout. The carbs really seem to get me back up
    and feeling energized again.

  17. Not only is this a perfect supplement following my workout, but prior to
    my Combat protein shake, but the anti stress blend really seems to work
    for me. Im usually not into things like that, but i feel way more
    relaxed after drinking Re-con it seems.

  18. I was just recommended this product by a friend, and thus far I’ve
    really liked it. Prior to this product, I would usually eat a pizza or
    some sort of high carb food post workout because I’ve always heard that
    its good to spike your insulin and carbs after working out.. With this
    product I don’t crash an hour after consuming the carbs. I think it is
    really going to help me lean out while gaining muscle.

  19. If you’re weary of consuming carbs, then this product is perfect for
    you. Filled with complex carbs that are perfect if you watch your carbs.
    I like to drink a scoop post workout to add in the complex carbs
    without eating some sort of junk food.

  20. I have implemented this product into my training regime, and have seen
    pretty awesome results thus far. I feel like I’ve gained solid size and
    strength since starting it. The bcaas, glutamine and all of the other
    great recovery ingredients really make a difference.

  21. Im very carb conscious, so when I discovered this clean carb product I
    was hooked.. I will substitute this product for a carb source post
    workout, and it really seems to get my body back on track. The added
    glutamine and bcaas are a great addition as well.

  22. I use this product right after I finish my last rep of my workouts, and
    wow does it increase recovery.. Its filled with tons of great
    ingredients for recovery! Plus I’ve found that it really increases my
    energy levels after a tough workout as well.

  23. This product is a perfect post workout supp to take prior to a protein
    shake.. The complex carbs are exactly what your body needs to begin
    recovery after a tough workout.

  24. This is a great recovery supplement. It goes well beyond your basic
    BCAAs. It helped me train harder and cut down recovery.

    The only downside is that it gave me an upset stomach sometimes. Just be
    sure to drink it alone and you’re good.

    I really like the Orange Mango, but I kind of grew to like it. It’s a
    bit sweet at first, but it grows on you. It’s different than any other
    flavor out there which is cool. I found it to be better than the

    Overall, If you’re looking to try a new recovery supplement….give it a

  25. I really enjoyed this product— the matrix contains a ton of good stuff
    above just an ammino compound. I did expereince upset stomach when
    using it though. I will likely try it again.

  26. I am 59 and I have used this product for several years. It is fast
    acting, gets me motivated to lift, cyle, or run. It has no side effects
    for me. I like the taste and it does what it says it will do for me.
    It is close as you come to getting the fountain of youth because it is a
    great way to start your lifting routine which keeps you toned up.

  27. Another great product by Muscle Pharm! I have to admit that I was
    skeptical on this product, but after trying other products with similar
    claims, I can now tell the difference in how this product helps me
    recover. Orange Mango was a good flavor – probably a 9.1 on flavor.

  28. Taste(8/10)- Ii took some getting used to the taste, but it slowly grew
    on me as time went by.! I tried using the recommended ratio of liquid to
    powder, but it ended up really weakening its flavor. So I used almost
    half of the recommended ratio and it tasted a lot better for me. I
    wanted to try something different from the normal flavors, so I went
    with this one. Not the best recon flavor that I have tasted, but
    definitely had hints of mango in there with orange being the strength.

    Mix ability(9/10)- No clumps, no floating particles, bad left overs, or
    extra foam! It has always mixed very well with a normal shaker cup and a
    blender bottle.

    Recovery(9/10)- It would cut down my recovery time by a day or so
    depending on the previous workout. I love the profile and added carbs
    and calories which made for a great post-workout shake. In my book, that
    is still amazing that it does its job like it said it does.

    Another great product by MP. I recommend anyone to try this out and see
    if it works for them.

  29. I have had a hard time staying committed to working out for years. I
    have tried post-workout supplements before and they never really lived
    up to the expectations. I would always be too sore to work out more
    than a few days here and there. This product however is a must have for
    anyone who goes to the gym consistently or someone who wants to get
    into working out. I took it within 30 minutes of working out every time
    to fantastic results. Stronger muscles, more endurance, and nuber one
    for me – minimal to no soreness! The flavor (watermelon) is fairly good
    – it is a little bit too rich, could be slightly better. I just
    ordered the orange mango to try that one out. Overall this will be a
    must have in my supplementation and I give the product a 10/10 for

  30. not here to talk about taste. it seemed to do the job that it claimed it
    would do. my only real problem is the red # 40, really wish they’d drop
    those crap dyes from their products. i don’t think those of use that
    buy from them need appealing colors to drink this stuff, we just need
    results and results don’t need red # 40.

  31. Really good love the watermelon but the candy apple is the best by far
    tastes like apple juice. This post workout helps get rid if the soreness
    after and has proven to me to be Better than anything else on here. I’m
    new to this body building thing and I have bought a lot of stuff to try
    and this is the
    Best by far! Worth the money and you aren’t getting something that
    dosent work

  32. Good mix of aminos and it’s nice to have cocanut powder in here. The
    watermelon tasted pretty good. I would drink it immediately after my
    workout. Basically another solid from MP and what you would expect. I
    would like a more detailed breakdown though of exactly how much of each
    amino and ingredient is in it though. Tastewise, amino drinks like
    amino x from bsn tastes better and ON’s pro complex amino drink tastes
    amazing. Now I use post JYM and I like the mix and the taste is
    outstanding. Recon is good but there are other drinks I like more.

  33. It helped a lot with workout recovery, but the taste is really strong. I
    cut it the suggested amount in half and then drink 2 just so it isn’t
    that over powering. The only problem with drinking twice as much is
    between my pre workout, intra workout, water, recon, and protein it’s a
    lot of fluid to drink in a 2 hour span. If you like really sweet things
    though you might enjoy the full dosage.

  34. This is an amazing product! Highly recommend to take as soon as possible
    after you lift, really eliminates soreness. Orange Mango is delicious,
    if your a serious lifter, get this product.

  35. Recently bought this product to aid in recovery after workouts. Flavor
    was decent and mixed very well and completely. Fruit Punch was good but
    it had too strong of a taste for me. I took this product twice and
    suffered from awful stomach pains. Like bad. Like couldn’t leave the
    toilet for an hour bad. I cannot say whether or not it aided in recovery
    because my body obviously did not like it. I will not be buying this
    product again.

  36. My favourite post-workout suplement, better regeneration, quality carbs,
    better waking up after a hard training, I recommend it, all flavours
    are great 😉

  37. Good product, it helped with soreness when I first started using it.
    There are better products, and wish I knew the amount of glutamine youre
    getting in it. Orange Mango tastes great though!

  38. Since taking Recon I feel great every day even after a hard workout. I
    was a little sore each day before taking it but was able to get through
    the workout but I think Recon is doing exactly what it is made to do.
    Great recovery drink. It does have a slight medicine taste to it but i
    mix it with a scoop of creatine, i use the blue raspberry creacore by
    muscletech. I like it and the mixed flavors work well together. I am
    happy with Recon and will continue to use it

  39. Great product! Love the flavor, no bad after taste. I can definitely
    feel the recovery process comes much sooner.
    I usually drink it right after work out, stack it with [MP] Armor-V and
    [MP] BCAA 3-1-2 and follow it with Combat Powder after a few hours.

  40. very good helps with the soreness and all.but kinda dont like
    that they hide the ingredients with the prop blend(as always).but in
    general it tastes really awesome and i cant understand why it is so
    underestimated and hasnt won any award since other products contain
    lesser recovery ingredients(especially xtend which won 4-5 times).im
    gonna try amino 1 ,the 2013 winner, and see if the product is inferior
    or superior than recon.anyway,gooood job mp.thank you!!but one last
    question: are those herbs really necessary?ooo and it mixes not so
    well,leaves always residue in the surface,like bcaa’s or something.

  41. I don’t mind the flavor and it definitely prevents me from being sore. I
    can go to the gym and give it my all 5 times a week with this product.
    However, what it does to my stomach almost makes the cons outweigh the
    pros. I get the runs (I know TMI) like crazy. I don’t know why but my
    stomach just can’t take it.

  42. I’ve always had an issue with my sugar/insulin levels post workout and
    thoroughout the day. After 12 years i finally found a product that
    keeps me not crashing by the time i get home. This product has kept me
    motivated and pushing to greater gains. By the way, the product
    tastes fantastic which is a bonus.

  43. Does what it should. It’s helped me recover faster after working out
    hard without feeling as sore. Make sure you have a good shaker or mix
    well. If the powder doesn’t completely mix up with it it’ll leave that
    powderiness on top when you drink, froth up, and literally taste like
    medicine. But mixed well, best drink you can ever have

  44. THIS PRDDUCT CONATAINS LEAD! This information is on the label.

    I have been unable to find this information on or the
    manufactures website. I will be returning it, with a request that any
    products that are sold that contain lead please disclose this

    If there is a reason and a health benefit then please give us that
    information as well.

  45. This product does what it was made to do. Reduce DOMS and help you
    recover. The only problem I have, is that this gives me the major Runs.
    I’m serious. Either if it’s half a scoop or a full one, when I get
    everything comes out of me. It’s irritating and i feel like if it is
    making me reduce my muscle gain. i do stack this with the whole Get
    Swole plan so the 3 scoops of Creatine is encorperated, but with or
    without it, I’m constantly rushing to the restroom. until I can fix this
    or if someone can help, then this is a 5. Seriously the runs suck so
    much and my stomach is always rumbling like an Xbox or PS3 controller.


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