Myprotein Recovery Evo Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
RECOVERY EVO Myprotein Review

Recovery Evo Review

Recovery Evo sports supplement is a unique combination of ingredients, needed to increase the results in individual and team sports. Recovery Evo improves your performance during long-term endurance workouts, protecting the muscles from oxidative stress.

A unique Recovery Evo mix helps you to improve your athletic results. Recovery Evo contains proteins our body needs, essential amino acids, electrolytes and other macro and microelements.

Benefits of Recovery Evo sports supplement:

  • Contains BCAA.
  • Reduces fatigability.
  • Accelerates the muscle protein synthesis.

Recovery Evo Details


Because of high amount of protein, Recovery Evo supplement builds and protects the tissues of skeletal muscles. Recovery Evo provides the nutritive support to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass.


Before consumption, Recovery Evo powder should be mixed with water. To make a serving, you need to mix 80g of Recovery Evo powder with 350-450 ml of water or skim milk.


Recovery Evo sports supplement is produced with several nice tastes – black currant, apple and strawberry. Each Recovery Evo package contains 1280g of nourishing powder.


Every serving of Recovery Evo energizes the body, delivering 295 kcal. Recovery Evo contains over 60% of carbohydrates, necessary for an increase in energy levels.

Essential amino acids prevent the formation of fatty cells and accelerate the process of anabolism. Vitamin C improves the function of the nervous system and reduces tiredness.

Recovery Evo Additional Information

You can make yourself the Recovery Evo protein shake by using a blender or one of Myprotein shakers. Make sure you drink this shake soon after the workout.

If you want to buy Recovery Evo online, but you have never ordered Myprotein sports supplement, please ask all of your questions by email.


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