Myprotein Recovery XS Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
RECOVERY XS Myprotein Review

Recovery XS Review

Recovery XS premium sports nutrition product is meant for those, who do sports intensely and who want to increase the protein consumption. Recovery XS supplement restores the muscle mass and relieves fatigue.

Recovery XS sports supplement contains a unique protein blend, providing a stable supply of amino acids. These amino acids are needed for fast and good growth of the muscle mass.

Benefits of Recovery XS sports supplement:

  • Contains creatine.
  • Over 20g of protein per portion.
  • Contains microelements and electrolyte mix.

Recovery XS Details


Recovery XS accelerates the synthesis of muscle protein, contributing to muscle growth. This supplement increases working capacity in long-term and temporal physical loads.


To make a portion of protein mix, you should blend in a shaker 450-500ml of water with 90g of nutritive powder. To get a delicious taste, you can mix the protein powder with milk or order flavored Recovery XS. Take your protein shake right away after the workout.


Each pack of Recovery XS contains 1.8kg or 5kg of high-quality protein mix. Using Myprotein scoop or shaker, you can accurately measure the protein mix and quickly make a protein shake.


Recovery XS formula includes bioavailable proteins, creatine, electrolytes, carbohydrates and vitamin C. An everyday use of Recovery XS sports supplement provides you a nutritive support to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass.

Recovery XS Video Review

Recovery XS Additional Information

Carbs and electrolyte mix charges the body with energy and increases stamina during prolonged physical activity. Using Recovery XS sports supplement you can avoid excessive tiredness.

You can buy a small or large package of Recovery XS by Myprotein containing 20 or 55 servings of protein shake. Having ordered a large pack of Recovery XS online, you can reduce the cost of one portion.


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