Do You Have to Run an Anavar PCT

Last updated on September 25th, 2018

Many first timers ask questions on steroids forums on whether they should run a Post-cycle therapy after an Anavar cycle or not. Some are not even sure what is the use of PCT and why would they consider doing it at all. Most Anavar (Oxandrolone) users feel great after finishing the course and rarely realize that they need to help their body get back to normal.

What is pct

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what a PCT is and why steroid users hear these three letters so often. Besides, there are situations, where you are not required to run the post cycle therapy, and it’s important to understand whether you do need it or can go well without it.

As a rule, post-cycle therapy implies the use of drugs that are intended for:

  • Shortening the time that your body needs for a full recovery
  • Bringing the testosterone level back to normal
  • Helping your body manage your testosterone level
  • Any anabolic steroid, even such knowingly mild as liquid Anavar or Anavar pills, suppresses the production of testosterone in the body.

Low testosterone in men leads to such unpleasant symptoms, as:

  • Low libido,
  • Difficulty achieving and maintaining a firm erection,
  • Lower volumes of semen ejaculated,
  • Loss of body and facial hair,
  • Tiredness,
  • Loss of muscle mass,
  • Increase in body fat amount,
  • Thinning of bone mass,
  • Mood swings.

The best thing that Anavar PCT does to your body is bringing your test production level closer to the way it was before Oxandrolone. Of course, you will not pop a pill and immediately restore your testosterone to the initial level, but the PCT helps improve a lot faster (natural test recovery might take over a year).

Does anavar cycle always imply a pct

General recommendations for any anabolic steroid cycle that you run sometimes imply no PCT. In some situations, the best thing that you can do to your body and results is to skip post-cycle therapy. If you are still going to use steroids within the nearest future and your testosterone production will be suppressed again, don’t rush your body into restoring it back. Such sharp changes may bring even more harm, than running no PCT at all.

Thus, typical advice is as follows:

If the break between the cycles is less than 12 weeks

If the break between the cycles is more than 12 weeks



Even though Anavar is considered a very mild anabolic steroid, and many athletes think that it requires no PCT, any steroid cycle that includes Anavar and lasts over 21 day requires measures to be taken for restoring testosterone (unless the next steroid cycle begins in less than 3 months). The “gentleness” of Oxandrolone does not mean that your test levels will remain untouched.

Insufficient testosterone production will not allow you maintain the results that you achieved and turn your amazing progress into a chain of regressive fails, including:

  • Feeling “shut off”, when nothing helps you feel energized or rested.
  • Getting the symptoms of low test levels, mentioned earlier.
  • Being hit with estrogen rush, which, at worst case, ends up with gyno (enlarged breasts).
  • Getting abnormally small testicles with a possibility of losing their function completely and irreversibly.

Now that you know what can happen, if you don’t run an Anavar PCT, are you sure that you are willing to have any of possible consequences? What’s the use of dieting, training and using Anavar, if you lose the results and end up with poor health when you’re done? In fact, PCT’s are not that difficult to implement, so better give it a second thought.

What is the correct anavar pct

If you ran an Anavar-cycle only, you will not need any complicated PCT options. In fact, you may find it sufficient to take either Nolvadex (Nolva in athletes’ slang), or Clomid in doses, shown in the table below.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


40 mg/day

20 mg/day

10 mg/day

10 mg/day


150 mg/day

75 mg/day

40 mg/day

20-40 mg/day

Of course, steroid cycles, when Anavar (Oxandrolone) is used in stacks with one or more other steroids will require more complicated PCT.

Does anavar pct for women differ from that for men.

Due to the fact that Anavar (Oxandrolone) goes very mild on women, it does not require a post cycle therapy in most times. However, a female body is very sensitive to any swings in the hormones. Since Oxandrolone is a hormone, it may alter the hormone balance inside a female body.

Of course, we are not talking about testosterone, since it’s levels in a woman’s body are too low to consider their fluctuations. Still, an abrupt discontinuation of Anavar in women is fraught with symptoms that women experience during the menopausal period. These can be avoided through a gradual Anavar discontinuation.

All you need to do is to decrease the dose by 5 mg every week, starting from week 6 of your Anavar cycle. This can help your body slowly get adjusted to coming off Oxandrolone hormone and avoid unwanted effects.

In conclusion, what you need to keep in mind is that you need to plan your PCT even before you begin an Anavar cycle if you are a man athlete, since time frames play an important role in deciding on whether you need Anavar PCT or not. Women athletes can relax and enjoy their Anavar cycle, though should consider the possibility of lowering their dose as the cycle approaches the finish line.


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