Myprotein shakers Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
Myprotein Blender Bottle Review

Shakers Review

Myprotein offers a large range of shakers for easy blending of all the components of sports supplements and creating your favorite sports shakes. Myprotein shakers are a perfect replacement for electrical blender.

Blender Bottle Review

Myprotein Blender Bottle shaker allows you to make uniform consistency drinks. Just shake well 5-6 times to get a sports drink without lumps.

Blender Bottle shaker can mix powders with fluids rapidly thanks to an innovative wire ball for better mixing.
Myprotein Blender Bottle capacity is 600ml, so you can mix the exact amount of nutrients you need.

MixMaster Shaker

MixMaster shakers are made by Buchsteiner in Germany. MixMaster shakers accommodates 700ml of liquid product, allowing you to make the exact amount of sports drink you need.

Thanks to a screw lid of MixMaster, you will never spill up your favorite drink while shaking it. Special mesh splits the lumps, so you can make a sports shake much faster now.

Myprotein Blender Bottle Mini

Blender Bottle Mini shaker is created for people, who don’t need to make a large portion of sports shake.
Because Blender Bottle Mini accommodates just 400ml of liquid, it fits in your sports bag easily.

A wire ball for product blending acts like a real blender. It mixes any sports supplements with water, fruit juice, milk or other fluids.

Myprotein SmartShake

A unique shape of SmartShake shaker combines 400ml capacity and several containers for sports supplements storage. Using a SmartShake, you will be able to make nutritious shakes of several components.

An integrated spout on the shaker’s lid allows you to drink the shake without using a cup or a glass.
Special cap sits tight on the spout, providing a perfect sealing of the shaker.

Myprotein SmartShake Lite

SmartShake Lite shaker was specifically created for those, who are trying hard to increase the body mass. Because SmartShake Lite capacity is 1000ml, it is very popular among young and professional bodybuilders these days.

SmartShake Lite shaker is made of safe, long-lasting and high-quality plastic.
SmartShake Lite can be used in dishwashing machine and microwave ovens.

You can buy one or several shakers by Mypotein online. If you have never ordered shakers online before, send us your questions by email.


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