MusclePharm Shred Matrix Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
MusclePharm Shred Matrix

Shred Matrix Review

MusclePharm is one of the sport nutrition producers, which developed several weight loss supplements. Shred Matrix is one of them. Unlike other products, Shred Matrix is not only a fat burner, but also a metabolism booster.

Due to the latest developments and compliance with world’s quality standards, Shred Matrix fat burner became very popular around the world. The product is of greatest demand among professional bodybuilders who use it before important competitions.

The main advantage of Shred Matrix weight loss supplement:

  • Multi-system approach to weight loss.
  • Acceleration of metabolism.
  • Increase in thermogenesis.
  • Normalization of mental state.

Shred Matrix Review Details


Active ingredients of Shred Matrix supplement can burn fat and increase the intensity of workouts. When fatty cells are burnt, they release energy that helps you to train longer and more effectively.


Shred Matrix potent fat burner with thermogenic effect is produced in form of capsules. The beginning athletes and sports stars are recommended to take 1 serving (3 capsules) of Shred Matrix twice daily. The first serving 25-40 minutes before breakfast, the second serving – 25-40 minutes before lunch. Do not take a fat burner less than 6 hours before sleep.


A unique Shred Matrix sports supplement contains over 35 purest ingredients. MusclePharm Shred Matrix contains fat burners, vitamins, minerals, extracts, diuretics and other substances.


Patented mixes and tested extracts give an incredible effect – any excess fluid leaves the body. This allows reducing the body weight, making muscles tougher and the body shape more attractive.

Shred Matrix uses maximum opportunities of your body for quick and effective weight loss. Moreover, Shred Matrix sport supplement makes you more focused during workouts, improving your mood and mental function.

Shred Matrix Additional Information

Shred Matrix weight loss capsules are designed for oral use with plenty of water. To avoid dehydration, drink at least 1 liter of water a day. Do not worry, all the excess fluid comes out due to diuretic effect of Shred Matrix.

Shred Matrix sport nutrition product is produced in a handy package, containing 7, 20 or 40 servings. If you have never used thermogenic stimulants before, then you can buy a small pack of Shred Matrix online.


  1. Shred Matrix really works! I noticed instant results including boosted
    energy and in a few days could even see a difference. Works a lot better
    than Universal Nutrition’s Animal Cuts because it doesn’t have the same
    side effects that put you in the bathroom all the time. I am excited to
    see the results once I have actually finished the whole bottle.

  2. I’ve tried 3 different fat burners and MP has impressed me the most.
    First off, with these kinds of pills no one should expect instant,
    amazing results without combining these with a good diet and exercise.
    That being said, shred made a visible boost in my fat shred and mood
    when I started training. Other fat burners have given me headaches, hot
    flashes, or no noticeable results. My only complaint with this product
    is the amount of pills required/recommended per day.

  3. I was 232lbs, and now I’m 215, like I’m glad to say this **** worked, i
    lost 17lbs after using this product for about 2 months, like i literally
    didn’t do any cardio at all, just lifting 4 days a week and started
    eating healthier, and it will defiantly help u have a calorie deficit
    for the fact that it suppresses ur appetite well. i def recommended it
    to anyone, because after using it for the first 3 weeks i was getting
    compliments on how i thinned out. 10/10

  4. Solid product. I gave it a run for about 2 months with good results.
    This replaced my morning coffee.I was wide awake within 15 minutes after
    taking right out of bed. It also is a good energy boost for the
    afternoon. While taking I felt more alert, I wouldn’t have cravings at
    all for at least 4-5 hours,& I saw great muscle definition within 2
    weeks (with a good gym routine and diet as well). The only side effects I
    noticed was the occasional odd tasting burp and oddly a more than
    normal accelerated sex drive.

  5. Good energy boost. Helped me shed a couple extra pounds. Mostly boosts
    energy. Didn’t feel like it boosted my core temp or metabolism all that
    much. Did help level off hunger though.

  6. I’ll be brief……this stuff works! I lost 8lbs in the first 2 weeks,
    no bull.

    I’m caffeine sensitive, I get palpitations, anxiety from high caffeine
    products. I got none of this from these. I actually felt a sense of well

    One negative, they make your *** stink!! My wind smells like diarrhoea
    all day! My toilet trips are normal though, weird huh?!

    I paid £22 British pounds for these, which may seem like a lot to our US
    brother’s. It’s actually really cheap for the UK as supps are generally
    double the price here compared to the US!!

    I love em, and I will be using them again after my lean gain phase.

  7. Almost finished with my first bottle. I don’t feel much of an energy
    boost but so far it’s working. What it mainly does for me is kill my
    appetite and make me full faster. Which is what I need. When used with
    proper diet and exercise this product works.

  8. I got this because I thought I had to cut, But for hard gainers we dont
    need fat loss pills. It works great. the best part of this product is
    that it gives off awsome energy. So it makes you lose weight with the
    power of 3x monster drinks.

  9. Did absolutely nothing except eliminate the need for coffee.

    No fat burning, nothing. fancy words. Just like another fat burner. Don’t bother.

  10. This is my go to fat burner. I take this during my cut and my fat melts
    away. I’ve tried other fat burners and this is the one that gives me the
    best results. Highly recommend.

  11. O.M.G.! This stuff is amazing. There is no jitters or heart races. I was
    so worried about taking it but I swear, I think they put pieces of
    unicorn rainbow poops in this stuff because I always feel amazing and am
    in an awesome mood after I take it. There is also no crashes. It feels
    like you aren’t even taking anything and just naturally feel good about
    everything. I have also noticed that it does control appetite very well
    and I don’t even desire to eat bad stuff.

  12. I wouldn’t purchase the product again. For the first few weeks, the
    product worked. It mitigated hunger pangs and the caffeine provided
    some energy, but overtime, I quickly adapted to both the appetite
    suppressant and the caffeine. I followed the recommended dosage, and it
    just became something that gave me stomach bloating, causing
    indigestion and bad tasting burps. The benefits are short-lived and
    overtime, I felt worse taking them than while off them.

  13. Had to return this product. The warning label on the
    website doesn’t state that this product contains LEAD but it does on the
    description of the actual Shred Matrix product. Check your bottle.

  14. This is by far the best fat burner I’ve ever taken and was the best part
    of MusclePharm’s Lean Stack! It offers a clean energy that’s jitter
    free, that motivates me to get everything I possibly can do in my day
    done. The energy stays for 5-6 hours and while there’s a small come down
    off of it, it’s nothing that a small dose of carbs doesn’t pick up. I
    personally got hungrier on this supp but it’s supposed to suppress one’s
    appetite, in my opinion it just helps moderate the appetite to a
    healthy amount whether that is more or less than what the user was
    ingesting. My vitals were 110 over 60 and HR was 82. This was done 45
    minutes after taking 3 capsules of Shred Matrix. I was really surprised
    at how natural this supplement felt in my body vs the usual synthetic
    jitter inducing stimulants that are normally what we call fat burners.
    The smell is herbal and leafy and is takes a good hour to really kick in
    vs most other fat burners hitting in 15 minutes with an immediate heart
    pounding panic inducing upset. If you’re looking for a clean and
    effective shred without a bunch of ups and downs, this stuff is by far
    what I would recommend. 10 out of 10 hands down.

  15. Purchased the 20 serving bottle to peel off the last few layers before
    the 4th of July and I was very happy with the results. While I was
    dieting and doing cardio during the use, I felt like this certainly
    aided in fat loss and help shed excess water. Definitely my new go-to
    for a fat burner.

  16. I found it good. I took 3 pills in the morning 30 min before meal and 3
    pills before lunch. After taking the pills i felt so hungry…but when i
    start eating after those 30min i felt full after first slice of bread.
    And yes, i can skip my morning coffee for sure, because it has a lot of
    coffeine. I’m sweating a lot, but that’s good. Have more energy and
    going beast mode in the gym. Can’t wait to see the results.
    Only bad thing it’s I drink a LOT of water…and need to go to bathroom
    for every 45-60 min.

  17. Shred Matrix by MusclePharm is a great beginners diet supplement. It is
    not as strong as some of the other supplements out there so if you are
    sensitive to caffeine or just wanting to try out a fat burner, this is
    the supplement to go with. If you are already losing weight but seem to
    have hit a plateau like i did then Shred is also for you. The Shred
    Matrix worked great for me in such that it gave me the energy boost i
    needed to continue with my day being on the low carb diet i was on and
    it curved my appetite so i did not have any cravings and didnt feel the
    need to snack between meals. I have read some of the other reviews and
    saw that people were having various side effects and to avoid this you
    simply need to drink plenty of water. The bottle itself says to drink at
    least a gallon of water a day when taking the supplement. Start off
    taking less then the recommended amount, so instead of 3 pills in the
    morning & 3 before lunch start with 1 or 2, depending on how your
    body reacts, so that your body can get used to this new amount of energy
    and you ease into the process. Lastly just like any other supplement,
    cycle it. what i do is 3 weeks on and 1 week off. overall this is a good
    product and i would definitely recommend it. let me know if you have
    any other questions about the product or my process using it.

  18. In search of a fat burner to help me shed these last few body fat
    percentage points I purchased this product. I’ve been taking it for only
    one week and I’ve noticed that I shed a lot of excess water (sweating,
    urinating) so that’s good… However, I get awful headaches and stomach
    pain. I also experience some light headedness.

    I was really unhappy to find a warning label on the bottle that is not
    on the website stating that the product contains lead. As a woman in my
    early 20’s, I don’t want to put that in my body. I am discontinuing this
    product and will not recommend it.

    Disappointing, because I love combat powder and other MusclePharm

  19. I have been looking for an appetite suppressant for quite a while and I
    thought I found the one for me when I came across this product. I have
    been taking this product for over 2 weeks. All in all it does what it
    claims. I started taking 1 pill a day in the morning and 1 in the
    evening. It really suppresses my appetite to the point where I see food
    and I get nauseous. It completely takes away my hunger and I have to
    force myself to eat .The second week I increased the dose to 2 pills in
    the morning and 2 in the afternoon. I had terrible headaches, low
    energy, and really bad mood swings. I a��m going to stick to 1 pill a
    day in the morning and in the evening.

  20. I ate so much less when using this. My body fat percentage dropped from
    around 11% to 9.5% in just 3 weeks of using this product. It helps you
    stay full on less food. Its easier to eat healthy if you don’t have to
    eat 3000+ calories a day to stay full. This lets me eat healthy and stay
    full on roughly 2000 calories a day. I would recommend eating a meal
    before taking this before going to the gym. One time I took this 2 hours
    before I went to the gym and wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat a meal and I
    had no energyat the gym. That was my mistake though. High quality

  21. I took Shred Matrix for 10 consecutive days sticking to the 6 capsules
    per day s****estion. In the 10 days I lost close to 2.5 lbs or
    approximately 1 kg. Added to this, I stuck to a 1500 calorie diet and
    trained on almost all of those days. The loss in weight could have been
    due to something else, but its hard to tell. As far as the Shred
    Matrix goes, its pretty decent as an appetite suppressant. I often felt
    nauseated but that would go away. At times, I felt pangs of hunger 45
    minutes after taking the pills. Lastly, these make you light-headed and
    very calm and at times helped me focus on my studies.

  22. Took this product as directed and not after noon. It caused me not to
    sleep and to feel terrible. I had to stop taking it after 4 days. It
    might help with fat loss but unfortunately I was unable to continue
    using it to see if that was a reality.

  23. This product is one of the best fat burners i have tried to date. I
    believe though that the Diuretic complex is what makes this product
    awesome. The loss of excess water eliminates that bloated feeling to me.
    Some companies you have to buy the burner and a separate product for
    the diuretic effect.

  24. I’ve tried various products such as OEP or similar burners, and I have
    yet to find a product that got results like Shred Matrix. After the
    first few days my stomach barely got upset, and I was noticing the fat
    drop off like crazy. In my opinion Musclepharm has a winner here.

  25. I have MP ShredMatrix and I really like it. It does insist you drink a
    lot of water!!!! The first day I drank alot when I took it but then
    didnt later in the day and my throat started to hurt like it was closing
    up or something. I just drank more water and I felt fine.
    A few days into this and I feel good. No jittery feelings. No fast
    I do have some sweating, which the water COLD water really helps and I
    am going to the bathroom alot, but its normal poop not like diarrhea.
    Though that sounds gross, it is probably important to know so you dont
    get stuck in your car and you have to go to the bathroom.
    Fine product. Not taking anything else because my PT and Dr advise
    against it. This product though was actually was ok with my PT. I take a
    vitamin at night before bed because in the day vitamins hurt my
    stomach. Anyway, good product.
    My rating is a 8.

  26. Didn’t really burn alot of fat but i still like it. It really keeps its
    word on curbing my wanting to eat or cheat. And the caffine is a great
    pick me up. But if your expecting a real fat burner its not, ever since
    DMAA is banned no fat burner is the same.

  27. So today, I did not take my Shred Matrix because I didn’t have the
    breakfast items I usually prepare for the day. Boy, can you tell when
    you don’t take it. Felt very sluggish and felt like I wanted to eat
    everything in my fridge.
    It’s amazing how when you’re taking it, you don’t notice how much you
    DON’T eat but then when you don’t take it for a day, all you do is eat,
    Still recommending this product highly.
    Works well and gives you that push through out the day from the caffeine
    but no crash at the end!

  28. Last year I gained weight ( was at 209) and decided that wasn’t gonna
    fly, so I got Shred Matrix. Took the recommended servings (Sometimes I
    took one less serving per day depending on what my meal schedule was)
    with a semi-Mediterranean diet /
    whatever-the-hell-the-chow-hall-was-serving-that-day diet (2 to 3 meals a
    day with a healthy snack after working out, Also took ON Casein and
    their Amino Acid drink mix after workouts). Did at least one hour of
    cardio every day (Alternating Running and Biking) and Lifted a
    couple/few times a week (Mid/low weight, High reps per set) and in
    roughly one month (Hadn’t even finished the whole bottle yet) I weighed
    myself and I was down to 176 – 179 (depending on when I weighed myself)
    Say what you want but I think that’s pretty good for roughly 3 and a
    half / 4 weeks.

  29. Not really sure what everyone is talking about with the stomach problems
    and such, I am sensitive to caffeine pills. Hydroxicut kills my
    stomach, this doesn’t. The amount of pills you have to take it out of
    control but that’s typical of MusclePharm products. I have found myself
    not as hungry. When I take the pills 3, and 3 I don’t feel anything. No
    gitters, no stomach pains. But has so far busted my platues. So.

  30. Overall – the energy boost and mental focus were great for both
    inside/outside the gym. This supplement helped you to not only focus on
    eating well, but to train harder and longer. However… I didn’t
    notice a huge change in fat loss even though I was eating well and
    running 3 miles minimum (3x/week) + lifting. The results weren’t the
    same as some of the other thermos I’ve taken over the last few years…
    maybe that’s a result of less fat to attack, who knows. If you’re
    looking for a supplement to help motivate you though, this is a great
    option to try out.

  31. This product is awesome. I literally take it and think about nothing but
    working out. I’m really sensitive to stimulants so I have been sweating
    a lot and it’s making me hyper. Also, most people say it puts them in a
    good mood but I’ve noticed it’s making me a lot angrier.

  32. Took it today for the first time and it did give me all kinds of energy
    and I was in a great mood. You can really feel it kick in. But I am
    curious about The 6 pills a day. I’m not really fat. I just need an
    extra boost to help trim my stomach a little more so I thought 4 pills a
    day. Is that a bad idea?

  33. I started my weight loss journey at about 262. I am 6’2″. I did it at a
    drastic calorie deficit where I was only eating 1500 cals a day, high
    intensity interval training for 30-40 mins run 7.5 walk 3.7, and lift
    weights for a good hour. I did this mainly on my own and got down to
    217.6 in a little under three months. I was stuck there for two weeks. I
    added in shred matrix because I heard good things. This completely
    busted my plateau. I am now 207 on the dot after my first 10 day bottle.
    I started intermittent fasting yesterday to give a one two punch on
    weight loss and it is going well so far. Combine this with intermittent
    fasting and you will literally drop weight like it is nothing. Very
    happy with this, definitely would recommend.

  34. I don’t know if is works, but it gives me Real headaches, Jitters and
    Non-sleeping nights( but I took only 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills
    before training before 5PM).

    What if I take 6 pills a day?

    Will never buy it again, and don’t recommend Whole MusclePharm products

  35. I have been using shred matrix for about 12 weeks now. I was weighing in
    at 255 at the beginning. At the end of the 12 weeks today, I have lost
    between 20-25 lbs while putting on muscle using the Arnold Blueprint To
    Mass. Since I’ve used Shred Matrix, I’ve noticed that while my muscles
    were gaining mass, the fat has been coming off as well. Going from 255
    to almost 230 is a huge difference, and I believe this product helped me
    get there along with a strict workout regimen and diet. I would
    definitely recommend over a product like Hyrdoxycut. The jitters are not
    worth it for that product. No jitters for this one, and suppresses
    appetite while doing so. Note that I only take 4 pills a day, so I’m
    sure 6 would have done even more.

  36. I love this as a weight loss supplement. I take it when I first wake up
    in the morning about 30 min before my workout. It gives me a sufficient
    boost that I don’t need stimulants in my preworkout or intra workout
    supplements. Has shown excellent results. Definitely drink 1 gallon of
    water as recommended to avoid headaches, possibly due to dehydration. I
    also recommend watching adding additional supplements with stimulants.
    If you have problems sleeping you could try a glass made with RAW brand
    Alkalizing & Detox superfood mix with dinner. That helped me. I
    haven’t found another product that works this well.

  37. I really really REALLY like this product a lot. I bought thinking “it
    wouldn’t hurt to try it.” I honestly wasn’t expecting any results or any
    real changes. I have been battling a plateau where know matter what I
    did at the end of the week I would still be at the same weight and
    percent. So far I am 2 weeks into using the product and I am so focused
    to get my workouts in, I have tons of energy, and I am losing lbs and
    body fat. Of course its a slow process.. but I am down 3 lbs and 1 %
    already yeehoo. However I can’t say the 1% is entirely to shred matrix
    since I’ve been consistently lifting, and realistically that takes 1
    month to get down.. but hey results are results. I will definitely buy
    again to continue on for the entire 8 weeks.

    AND. Right now I only take 2 pills in the AM and 2 pills in the PM. I
    wanted to get my body use to it. The next bottle I buy I will do the
    recommended amount. ya its a lot of pills at once but the price is
    pretty fair, so I don’t really mind.

    Everyone complaining about nausea, tummy aches, dizziness this and that.
    DRINK WATER! -_- Caffeine makes you dehydrated. It says drink at least a
    gallon of water a day! Not that hard.

    Take it for what it is. Do your research and don’t knock it til’ you try

  38. The shred matrix its doing the job for me it gives me the energy
    throughout the day and i am able to go to the gym after work with the
    intensity that i would have if it was earlier in the day. It also always
    has me in a great mood since i have started taking it but it could be
    because i am not feeling as tired.

  39. in a word – WEAK. maybe its cos i take a split dose of 3 before
    breakfast and 3 before lunch. but thats 6 pills total and i’ve taken
    1-2 pills of other stuff and felt like i was sweating off the lbs. the
    first day i took it i felt like it worked, but now that i’m 3 weeks in,
    i’ve changed my tune

  40. Great product. Chose it because the ingredients list was more natural
    than other fat burners out there and claimed to address many different
    aspects of weight loss including energy, mental focus, appetite, mood
    etc. Took for several months and with the help of diet and exercise of
    course, dropped almost 40 lbs. At first 1 pill before lunch kept me up
    at night. I don’t take in the morning because I drink coffee and seems
    like a bad idea to mix the two. Once my body adapted 2 before lunch
    worked just fine and no longer up at night. Currently cycling off for a
    few weeks to give my body a break and wow, I notice the difference in
    appetite suppression the most. 9/10 only because these do make me
    nauseous if I don’t eat pretty soon after taking them.

  41. It works. You do the work and it helps. Just a little bit extra energy
    and a lot of help with your diet. Worked great for me. Started around
    260, I am now 185!! Thanks MP Love this product.

  42. Pretty solid supplement dropped about 7 pounds from this product and
    noticed a lot of muscle hardness I would deffintely recommend this

  43. Ive been taking Shredd Matrix for over a month and I love it! Awesome
    energy without the jitters and focus. Ive taking alot of different
    appetite suppressant, and this one really works. All of the products I
    use are Muscle Pharm. Great quality, Great price. Cant go wrong!!

  44. I’ve taken Shred Matrix twice. Once a few months ago and now I’m taking
    what I have left. I was at 133 when I started, and 127 when I finished
    the cycle. I have been able to keep that weight off since then, so that
    was a plus. It also gives a lot of energy, and suppresses my appetite if
    I actually wait the entire 30-45 minutes before a meal. The
    downsides… It makes me feel disoriented and somewhat high at first.
    I’ve had to start on one pill for a couple of days both times. Also,
    since you can’t really take a preworkout with Shred Matrix, the energy
    wears off by night time when I am ready to workout. When I am able to
    workout right after I take it, it gives great energy just not that of a
    pre-workout. Good but probably wouldn’t buy again

  45. Started a cut about 6 weeks ago and decided to try this product out. It
    got me energy (sometimes jittery energy) for the first week then my body
    adapted to it. Did very little for me as an appetite suppressant so
    just have to rely on good old fashioned will power to keep calories low.
    Overall, a decent aid to fat loss if you are consistent w/ diet and
    training. Started at 20% bodyfat now down to 16.5 a month later.

  46. Really solid product. I didn’t get the jitters or shakes with this, my
    appetite wasn’t curbed with this so I could still get the calories I did
    need yet I certainly didn’t have cravings. Plus there is a little mood
    enhancer in this product and I have to say it really worked. I was in a
    great mood when I was taking this. Great product for what it did and
    how it made me feel. Another example of how you really can’t go wrong
    with MP.

  47. Shred matrix was the first product I bought for my weight loss goal.
    With this and going to the gym and eating a lot better I had dropped 25
    pounds within about 3 months.

  48. I like this product it has really helped cut the weight. But my diet is
    also very strict so the 2 together have been exceptional

  49. I have been taking Shred for about 4 weeks now, the first 2 weeks I saw a
    dramatic decrease in how I looked. After checking my weight I had lost 6
    pounds. After taking the product for 4 weeks I have not dropped any
    more weight. My work out routine is pretty rough, I get a lot of cardio
    in before a workout and end up pushing iron for 1-2 hours. The last 2
    weeks I upped my work out to make up for my body adjusting to the
    product, at the end I saw no loss in weight. This product is not a fat
    burning in my opinion it’s simply a water burner. I had drank every day
    between 1 – 2 gallons of water, I did not eat until 30-45 minutes after I
    ingested the 3 pills. This product works for some people, it did not
    work for me. If you’re looking to urinate every hour on the hour, then
    this is the product for you.

  50. I started taking Shred after my bulking phase to help lose the extra
    body fat I gained. I have seen great results and can see my muscle
    definition coming back.

  51. Before this product i ate decently healthy then a week before i went on
    it i decided eating a really good diet with this product and after this
    product was finished i saw good results with a loss in body fat

  52. This is a great supplement for me as I was searching for something to
    help suppress my appetite. Only thing I had to learn was I can’t take it
    until a few hours after I’ve had my pre workout because it made me feel
    extra wired. I did notice I lost extra “bloat” while taking it. No
    complaints here.

  53. I used this for one cycle and the results were amazing. I spent months
    trying to cut fat from my obliques with little to no results. After
    just the one cycle with Shred Matrix though I was able to get rid of
    most of the stubborn fat on my obliques and midsection. This works
    great as long as you follow the directions for it and drink the required
    amount of water. Highly recommend this product for anyone having
    trouble losing that last stubborn bit of fat.

  54. I cycle one month of Shred with one month of the Arnold series Iron
    Cuts. I have seen good results, while eating right and exercising (not
    standing in front of the mirror expecting some miracle).
    No jitters, and shrinks those love handles I have never been able to do
    anything about.
    Works for me.

  55. I have been taking this product for 3 weeks, I eat very clean and I
    workout at least 4 days per week, I have not seen any weight loss
    results with this product. It does give you a little energy but by
    afternoon you will crash. I would recommend just sticking with green tea
    which is a whole lot cheaper and produces the same results. I was very
    unpleased with this product. I’m a very big fan of muscle pharm but this
    was a big let down.

  56. I tried MP Shred Matrix and was using it for 5 weeks. I had dizzy
    spells, hot-cold sweats, muscle pains, painful twitching, and issues for
    recovery from DOMS. I tried cutting back the dosage and nothing
    worked. In fact, it has taken me 3 weeks to get back to some
    resemblance of the the overall health i was in BEFORE taking this
    product. I took this product to “dry out” my body of water weight. I
    saw no physical changes over the period of taking this product and felt
    like crap during the use of this product.

    I would recommend to anyone looking into using this product to NOT use
    it unless a nutritionist or medical professional says you need the
    product ingredients and they think this can help you.


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