Cellucor Super HD Powder

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
Cellucor Super HD Powder

Super HD Powder Review

Super HD Powder is a new and refined formula from Cellucor. By means of Super HD Powder product, you can quickly make a fat burning shake. This product allows you to get an athletic body, because it burns fat around your internal organs and other parts of the body.

Super HD Powder is high-quality product, corresponding to strict quality and safety standards. Today, Super HD Powder is one of the leading fat burners, which becomes increasingly popular year by year. The product has been produced since 2012 and it even was awarded as “Best Product Innovation”.

Benefits of Super HD Powder sports supplement:

  • Burns fats
  • Accelerates thermogenesis
  • Removes excess water
  • Provides energy boost
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Improves the appetite.

Super HD Powder Details


The world’s leading sports experts recommend using Super HD Powder. The good thing is that this product suits for both beginners and professional athletes. Thanks to its properties, Super HD Powder fat burner is often used by bodybuilders before important competitions.


Repeatedly tested ingredients provide synergic effect that lasts maximally long. Super HD Powder thermogenic stimulator is recommended to be used during intense physical exercises and in minimal physical activity.

To get best results, you should take two servings of Super HD Powder fat burner with thermogenic effect per day. To make one serving, just mix 6g of Super HD Powder with 250-300 ml of cool water.


The advanced formula of Super HD Powder contains only tested combination of the purest ingredients in optimal doses. Super HD Powder contains over 20 essential substances, including fat burners, diuretics, the CNS stimulants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and others.


You can make a weight loss shake quickly and easily by using Cellucor scoop. To avoid lumps, pour water first and then add Super HD Powder to the shaker. Shaking the shaker a couple of times, you will get ready to drink weight loss shake.

It is recommended to drink one Super HD Powder shake in the morning and another one 5-6 hours after. Super HD Powder is a powerful fat burner; therefore, you should never use more than one serving a day. In the first days, it is not recommended to take 3 servings. To prevent dehydration, make sure you drink 5-6 glasses of water.

Super HD Powder Additional Information

You can buy Super HD Powder thermogenic stimulant online choosing from different delicious flavors anytime you want. Before ordering one (30 servings) or several packs with Super HD Powder, you may ask your questions over phone or by email. Prior to order a Cellucor product, you can learn some reviews on other web sources.


  1. I’ve taken 3+ bottles of this in capsule form over
    the past 4 years and I am now taking the powder form. This stuff is
    incredible! I promote exercise and healthy eating as always with any
    weight loss supplement, but I’ve literally done absolutely nothing as in
    minimal exercise, not really watching what I eat and I still saw
    results. I recommend this to everyone I come across that is having
    weight loss issues or just need extra energy with some added benefits.
    My buddy in the Air force even told me that new recruits were taking it
    like crazy to shred those extra pounds and to get more cut. The military
    should back this stuff up lol and it tastes like legit strawberry

  2. They must have changed the formula from last year to this. What I had at
    the end of last year compared to the bottle I recently bought is
    different. There is no appetite control with the latest stuff. I was off
    the ones I purchased last year for 2 months before ordering a new
    container this year with different packaging. Wished I had save the
    older container to compare but I know my body is not reacting the same,
    despite being on them for about 3 weeks already. I will not purchase
    these again.

  3. Let’s start with saying that this is a strong product. If you don’t
    enjoy drinking coffee (I don’t), the energy boost from this product is
    amazing (one pill contains 160 mg of caffeine which is equiv. to 2 cups
    of coffee roughly). It really helps suppress my appetite, and doesn’t
    give me a weird feeling in my stomach (except for maybe the first couple
    days if you take it on an empty stomach). I’d definitely recommend
    drinking plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Super
    HD makes me want to go to the gym even on my laziest days, giving me
    amazing energy and focus. I would highly recommend this product!

  4. HD is a great product. Gave me everything I needed
    plus the results I was looking for! I liked it out of Casale cause it
    made me drink even more water but I think I personally like the capsules

  5. NECTAR OF THE GODS> Seriously just buy it for its taste.. OH yea it
    does weight loss related things to but really this replaces your ecto

  6. I love this product. When supplementing with this product I notice
    increased energy and focus. It definitely helped me power through
    workouts when my motivation was low. Within the first week I noticed
    weight loss and within a month body fat loss. I will definitely buy this
    product again.

  7. I definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting an extra kick
    during their workouts or anytime during the day. I’ve noticed with I can
    get my heart rate higher, quicker, and sweat more with this product. It
    makes me feel like I’m giving my workouts 120%. I would not recommend
    this to anyone with sensitivities because it is a ststrong formula. Love
    it all together

  8. Lots of energy from this product. I only need 1 capsule, twice a day.
    It’s that strong and effective. Excited to see just how good it will
    assist me in my diet journey to the competition shape I want to be

  9. This is a great fat burner. I use it during contest prep and
    occasionally during my off season. Even though it is a stimulant it is
    not harsh, especially when taken following the directions on the label. I
    especially like the B vitamins found in this product because they have
    so many benefits!

  10. I am a 21 year old female. I have always been fairly
    thin but I gained about 50 lbs during 4 years of college. I was really
    unhappy with my weight and appearance so I wanted to drastically lose
    weight and transform my body. After reading a lot of reviews for a
    variety of fat burners, I decided to buy Cellucor Super HD. After 1
    month of using the product 2x a day and doing Jim Stoppani’s shortcut to
    shred exercise program, I lost 15 lbs in 30 days. Right now I am on my
    second Cellucor Super HD bottle and I am continuing to lose weight. My
    current weight is 168 lbs. I would recommend SuperHD, along with an
    intense exercise program, to anyone wanting to lose weight! I am more
    than happy with Super HD’s results!

  11. Super HD was a very useful product for me recently. If your trying to
    cut body fat this is a great way of “heating” up your body to increase
    the metabolic rate of burning fat. This however isn’t a stimulant free
    substance and can cause you to feel hot and sweaty because of the
    thermos it contains. Overall this product is a great arsenal to have in
    your system when working out.


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