Cellucor Super HD Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
Cellucor Super HD

Super HD Review

Cellucor Company spent several months on studies to create a strong fat burner with thermogenic effect – Super HD. Natural substances, found in Super HD sport supplement give the body an energy boost, allowing to increase the intensity of workouts.

Super HD thermogenic stimulant has been produced since 2012. It won a prestigious award of “Best Product Innovation” and had numerous stories of success. Because of online orders and postal delivery, Super HD sport supplement grows in popularity each year.

Benefits of Super HD sports supplement:

  • Effective thermogenic stimulant
  • Burst of energy and extreme power
  • Improvement and control of appetite
  • Strong nootropic supplement.

Super HD Details


A regular use of Super HD sport supplement improves the metabolism of macroelements, including fat metabolism. Patented blends and tested extracts provide maximum thermogenic effect and reduce the body mass quickly.

When using Super HD weight loss supplement, it may seem that the weight did not changed much. It is due to one of the effects of Super HD innovative product, which is transformation of fat tissue into muscles.


Take one serving (1 capsule) of Super HD in the morning and another one 5-6 hours later. To avoid dehydration, make sure you drink enough water (over 5 full glasses) daily. After several days of using the supplement, you can take 3 capsules a day (maximum dosage).

In order to keep your previous and achieve new sports results, you can take Super HD along with other sport nutrition products. Cellucor recommend combined use of Super HD with L2 Extreme, Alpha Amino and CLK.


Super HD sport nutrition product contains fatty acids and inhibitors that stabilize the insulin levels and violate the body’s ability to store fats. Natural extracts increase this effect.

Super HD sport supplement not only burns fats but also reduces the body weight by removing excess water from the body. Dandelion extract is one of the best diuretics, which makes your muscles tighter and your body prettier.


Super HD contains vitamins of B group. Every athlete needs these microelements to improve his blood circulation, increase the performance, accelerate the digestion and stimulate the central nervous system.

The new fat burner Super HD meets the highest quality standards. Use your opportunity to correct your body shape fast. This advanced product ensures that your workout will intensify.

Super HD Additional Information

Super HD sport supplement is available in a handy package, containing 10, 60, 120 or 180 weight loss capsules. You can buy the smallest pack with Super HD (10 capsules) and see for yourself how effective this fat burner is. However, you must understand that the larger the pack you are ordering, the lower the cost per 1 capsule.

Free shipping is available for Super HD members. To get exclusive discounts and to take part in promo actions, follow Cellucor on Facebook and Twitter. The cost and speed of shipping depends on your region.


  1. I am on my 3rd week and this hasn’t helped me lose any weight. I eat
    rather healthy, count macros and such, but have not lost a single pound.
    I exercise 5x a week also. I take one in the morning and one in the
    afternoon. It gives me good energy and focus at work without the need
    for coffee; no jitters. During the weekends, I take it and hour or two
    before running a couple of miles and it helped with my stamina and
    endurance A LOT. So I like it for those two reasons, but would not
    purchase it again as a fat burner. P.S. This also made me to to the
    restroom quite often. Great for “cleansing,” but was very inconvenient.

  2. This is a great fat burner. I use it during contest prep and
    occasionally during my off season. Even though it is a stimulant it is
    not harsh, especially when taken following the directions on the label. I
    especially like the B vitamins found in this product because they have
    so many benefits!

  3. I am a 21 year old female. I have always been fairly thin but I gained
    about 50 lbs during 4 years of college. I was really unhappy with my
    weight and appearance so I wanted to drastically lose weight and
    transform my body. After reading a lot of reviews for a variety of fat
    burners, I decided to buy Cellucor Super HD. After 1 month of using the
    product 2x a day and doing Jim Stoppani’s shortcut to shred exercise
    program, I lost 15 lbs in 30 days. Right now I am on my second Cellucor
    Super HD bottle and I am continuing to lose weight. My current weight is
    168 lbs. I would recommend SuperHD, along with an intense exercise
    program, to anyone wanting to lose weight! I am more than happy with
    Super HD’s results!

  4. Super HD was a very useful product for me recently. If your trying to
    cut body fat this is a great way of “heating” up your body to increase
    the metabolic rate of burning fat. This however isn’t a stimulant free
    substance and can cause you to feel hot and sweaty because of the
    thermos it contains. Overall this product is a great arsenal to have in
    your system when working out.

  5. I began using the powder version mixed with my preworkout. As I was
    given that advice by an employee at GNC. BAD IDEA! DO NOT MIX WITH PRE
    WORKOUT!! I found myself not being able to sleep at night and also
    getting very frustrated and angry for no reason during and after my
    workout. This made me not want to take the product anymore but then read
    up on it some more and started drinking it first thing in the morning
    on an empty stomach which has not been a problem at all. Results are
    showing. Great product!

  6. Let me start off by saying, I have taken BOTH the powdered form and the
    capsules, and I find the pilled form to work much better. I’ve been
    taking the capsules for around 3 months, 5 days/week, and they still
    work for me – but that goes without saying that in my opinion, you still
    NEED TO BE FAIRLY ACTIVE to get the best results. For example, I work
    two jobs at the moment, one in an office and the other in retail. Even
    days at the office and have taken Super HD, there are days where I find
    myself sitting around, bored, and still feeling hungry. However, at the
    retail job, I will take my usual 2 capsules, go into work, and as long
    as I keep busy, food is one of the last things on my mind, and when I do
    eat hours later at lunch, I’m amazed at how quickly I feel full.

    My personal recommendation for the best results is to take 1-2 capsules
    first thing in the morning, followed by a small breakfast around 20-30
    minutes later. Keep in mind, a fat burner is no substitute for a poor
    diet and lack of exercise.

    If you are a 1st shifter and take these pills in the early hours, you
    still should be okay taking your usual pre-workout hours later.

    This is a great product, quite strong, and while will help you cut some
    extra body fat.

  7. Trying the capsules out for the first time today. Will revise my review after a couple of weeks to see how things are going.

  8. Let’s start with saying that this is a strong product. If you don’t
    enjoy drinking coffee (I don’t), the energy boost from this product is
    amazing (one pill contains 160 mg of caffeine which is equiv. to 2 cups
    of coffee roughly). It really helps suppress my appetite, and doesn’t
    give me a weird feeling in my stomach (except for maybe the first couple
    days if you take it on an empty stomach). I’d definitely recommend
    drinking plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Super
    HD makes me want to go to the gym even on my laziest days, giving me
    amazing energy and focus. I would highly recommend this product!

  9. I’ve taken 3+ bottles of this in capsule form over the past 4 years and I
    am now taking the powder form. This stuff is incredible! I promote
    exercise and healthy eating as always with any weight loss supplement,
    but I’ve literally done absolutely nothing as in minimal exercise, not
    really watching what I eat and I still saw results. I recommend this to
    everyone I come across that is having weight loss issues or just need
    extra energy with some added benefits. My buddy in the Air force even
    told me that new recruits were taking it like crazy to shred those extra
    pounds and to get more cut. The military should back this stuff up lol
    and it tastes like legit strawberry lemonade!

  10. I am not a big fan of fat burners because my experience with most of
    them is that they give me stomach problems and suppresses my appetite to
    the point I can barely eat. This stuff works really well for me. It’s
    very easy on my stomach compared to others, it is reasonably priced,
    gives great energy throughout the day and can be a good substitute for a
    pre workout. I saw noticeable improvements in my body fat % going down
    while using super HD. I’d day probably 2-3 % in a month (1 bottle) so
    the effects were good. Overall I would recommend this to anyone looking
    to shed some body fat or just gain clean energy throughout the day.

  11. HD is a great product. Gave me everything I needed plus the results I
    was looking for! I liked it out of Casale cause it made me drink even
    more water but I think I personally like the capsules better.

  12. NECTAR OF THE GODS> Seriously just buy it for its taste.. OH yea it
    does weight loss related things to but really this replaces your ecto

  13. I used it mainly as a preworkout, not as a fat burner. It improved focus
    and energy during my workouts, even if I did not feel like exercising
    that day. It gives the right amount of kick to go through even the most
    grueling workout. Tastes amazing, mixes well and gives a nice and clean
    amount of energy. My only complaint is the price.

  14. They must have changed the formula from last year to this. What I had at
    the end of last year compared to the bottle I recently bought is
    different. There is no appetite control with the latest stuff. I was off
    the ones I purchased last year for 2 months before ordering a new
    container this year with different packaging. Wished I had save the
    older container to compare but I know my body is not reacting the same,
    despite being on them for about 3 weeks already. I will not purchase
    these again.

  15. I found this supplement at my local store when looking for an appetite
    suppressant. I am looking to lose weight, so having something that burns
    fat too was a bonus. As far as appetite suppression goes, I would say
    these work fairly well. I mean obviously there is no easy fix, but these
    definitely make you less hungry. For me at least, I get kinda a weird
    feeling in my stomach. I suppose some could mistake it for hunger (or it
    may cause hunger in some) but for me it makes me not want to eat. Other
    than that, I’m not a huge fan of the stimulant part. Im not sensitive
    to caffeine at all, but these make me feel a little off. Nothing
    terrible, just off. I will probably look for a non-stimulant next
    go-round, but if you don’t mind that then I definitely recommend this

  16. Lots of energy from this product. I only need 1 capsule, twice a day.
    It’s that strong and effective. Excited to see just how good it will
    assist me in my diet journey to the competition shape I want to be

  17. As a newbie to supplementation, I decided to take advantage of the
    beginning of the year sale with Bodybuilding.com….this product has
    phenomenal reviews from EVERY resource I could find (I did massive
    “google” searches,etc). I don’t enjoy drinking coffee (so I don’t), I
    cut out my horrible soda habit, and honestly this product has given me
    more than a sufficient boost in energy to tackle my morning (which I’m
    always sleepy, I have a toddler who wakes up early!). *One scoop is
    equiv. to 2 cups of coffee. The Super HD helps with weight loss, to
    suppress your appetite, and a phenomenal, non-jittery, just natural
    boost of energy. I take it on an empty stomach with about 6oz of water
    when I wake. Since taking this, I have been energized and excited to go
    to the gym! It recommends you take it for 8 weeks and then a break for a
    minimum of 4 weeks. I can honestly say I will miss my Strawberry
    Lemonade in the mornings! (Also: I do take before my shift before work
    each day to get that awesome boost in energy!) I have not been
    disappointed. I would highly recommend this product!

  18. Okay, first off lets get this straight. I do not BELIEVE in fat burners
    like others do. I do believe they help the SLIGHTEST bit with diet if
    you follow a diet with calorie counting/cardio, they can’t hurt at all. I
    received about 30 caps from my homie and i took 1 a day.. I receive
    kind of a different mind state sometimes (in a good way) its been about
    20 days taking 1 a day.. Its crunch time for school end of semesters.
    I’ve been taking 2-3 a day now. I love the super HD product. The
    caffeine keeps me on my toes for studying and i stay focused better as I
    have ADHD and get distracted by just about everything. So I searched
    around.. I found super hd caps on eBay -> 120 caps for $36 so
    basically half off? great deal. Otherwise the 70$ isn’t worth it in my
    opinion. BUT if you find a good deal… WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!
    I recommend this product to students who need caffeine. I advise you to
    eat right after you take it though.

    Also.. be prepared to sit on the toilet and clear your system 10-20 mins
    after you pop it 🙂

  19. As i mentioning it in all of my reviews about fat burners, these
    products are supplements and not magic pills, if you use them with
    strict diet and adequate training, you will see the better result,
    otherwise don’t expect that much! However, in comparison with other fat
    burners that I used, Super HD is completely an average fat burner in my
    personal opinion and experience!

  20. I love this product. When supplementing with this product I notice
    increased energy and focus. It definitely helped me power through
    workouts when my motivation was low. Within the first week I noticed
    weight loss and within a month body fat loss. I will definitely buy this
    product again.

  21. I definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting an extra kick
    during their workouts or anytime during the day. I’ve noticed with I can
    get my heart rate higher, quicker, and sweat more with this product. It
    makes me feel like I’m giving my workouts 120%. I would not recommend
    this to anyone with sensitivities because it is a ststrong formula. Love
    it all together

  22. It’s done everything it says it would do. It’s helped me lose weight,
    give me lasting energy throughout the day and improve my physical and
    mental performance. Good product and I would recommend it to anyone
    trying to lose weight and boost their energy level.

  23. So, I take this in conjunction for my cutting regimens and this
    definitely helps you when you are in a ketotic state (ketogenesis). It
    helps you with the energy and strength you need w/low caloric reserves. I
    honestly haven’t tried other cutting products and this is my first and
    always have had a good experience w/cellucor products over all. Highly
    recommended for dieters =) or clean bulkers

  24. I just bought this product and I love it! If you’re caffine sensitive I
    do not s****est you take it on an empty stomach.. I did and I was
    jittery and a little anxious but had amazing energy and focus. I took it
    again with food and did not experience the jitters or anxiety just pure
    energy. I’ll be using this again in the future 🙂

  25. I used the powder version of SUPER HD and loved it. Though I had nothing
    to compare it to because I was not into fat burners before this
    purchase, I did feel it work. After 10 minutes I would feel the product
    kick in such as heart-beating, intense focus, and increase in sweat. I
    don’t know about other people but I LOVED the effects of Super HD it
    made my workouts that much more intense and successful.

  26. I have used both the pills and the powder. The pills take me a bit to
    get used to because I don’t regularly use caffeine. I feel like it is a
    shock to my system. I am very alert and ready to seize the day.
    Occasionally, I feel jittery and anxious. It happens if I don’t eat soon

    The peach mango powder on the other hand is fabulous! The flavor is
    great and it mixes well. No gritty feeling or chemical taste. It allows
    me to drink it over a 15 minute span and control how fast it hits me. I
    feel the same alertness and energy, but it doesn’t make me jittery.

    They both work well! I would recommend the powder to someone who wants
    to acclimate to caffeine and fat burners in general. The pills are great
    and convenient once you are used to the stimulation.

  27. Anytime I need to lose weight this is my go to fat burner. It doesn’t
    give me the jitters, but I can definitely feel the energy boost. I’ll
    sometimes take it before a workout and I’ll sweat like crazy so I know
    its working. I’ve lost 30lbs so far and its been about 2 months.
    Definitely will buy again and I recommend to anyone who is trying to
    lose weight

  28. I bought the pill version of the super HD, and the taste wasn’t a
    problem, because it had no taste. As far as the product goes, it is
    super effective when it comes down to it. While i was taking a cycle of
    it, i would never get cravings, or hunger while i was cutting, so the
    appetite suppressant worked. For energy, it gave me lots of it, i would
    be able to got to school, work, and then spend 2 hours at the gym no
    problem when i was on this stuff.

  29. Worked great for about 2 1/2 weeks it did a great job ’till I got a
    seizure Im not completely sure if it was the cellucor or not but now I’m
    afraid to use them.

  30. I suggest not taking this product if your planning on doing something
    mentally stressful cause it does give you a feel like your gonna have an
    anxiety attack. Best to take it before going to the gym rather then for
    work. I’ve been taking this for a month; and days when I’m not being
    overwhelmed and stressed out I feel like a have a lot of energy and a
    low appetite. I also get less jittery when I’m constantly drinking
    plenty of water throughout the day. I use the bathroom more often when I
    take it but its expected since there are diuretics. Test it out with a
    cardio session first before doing other activities with this product.

  31. I literally felt like I was going to die when I took this…. I felt
    like I took molly and 20 redbulls together. My heart literally hurt… I
    felt like I was having an anxiety attack. Worst part is that this all
    happened at WORK. I was trying so hard to pull myself together, it was
    AWFUL. What’s weird is that I took it plenty of other times and
    sometimes I will feel great and other times I will react terribly. It’s
    like a game of roulette lol. ALSO, when my sister’s boyfriend took it,
    he ended up puking and ******** on the side of Target! Ahhhh!

  32. I tried the recommended dosage at first. Never got the jitters, or
    shakiness, so I upped the dose. I honestly didnt feel any extra energy,
    and to be completely honest, all it did was make my stomach cramp up and
    make me go to the toilet more often….a lot more often. After reading a
    few other reviews, maybe I will try it after a small meal, or with a
    snack, but right now, it’s no beuno. Have I lost weight, yes, but thats
    from visiting the toilet so often. Flavor was fine, it seems to work
    with for other people, so maybe I will revisit again, in a smaller

  33. This product is amazing in the gym; however, when you first start it,
    it’s rough prior to working out. The suggested use is twice a day when
    starting. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. It also suggest
    taking it on an empty stomach.. I cannot do that. If i take it on an
    empty stomach, yes it works faster, BUT I feel as if I’m either going to
    puke my brains out or poop out my intestines.. But now I’m good to go
    haha. Just eat prior is my suggestion. My body type is a mesomorph. I
    weigh 175, taking this to cut. Good stuff as always

  34. Really helped cut off water weight to show definition, great energy
    boosted without crash, really good to help surpass appetite.

  35. I liked this product, small energy boost, definitely warms you up. No
    negative side effects like jitters or crazy heart rate or pressure. I
    ordered the ten pill blister pack and there were only nine in it.

  36. I got this originally to cut weight and body fat. First thing, I can do 3
    hour weightlifting while taking this and not feel fatigued. Second, I
    did lose some weight about 7 pounds in a month. However I changed my
    diet as well so its hard to tell if the weight loss is from diet or this
    product. I haven’t really changed in body fat, however I do notice my
    body becoming more toned, but perhaps could be because of high reps and
    sets workout. I do feel more control over my appetite to resist bad
    foods. My heart rate seemed to only change on intensity, if I was doing
    something intense it changed but resting it went normal range, so my
    heart rate was able to adapt to the intensity of the workout and slow
    down during rest, so I was able to recover from intense workout and move
    onto the next workout faster. Lastly, I had the drink because I’m not a
    fan of swallowing pills, the drink tasted good and you can tell its a
    fat burner by that fat burner aftertaste. So I have seen improvements
    from using this product, although hard to tell if results came to be
    because of this, but since I have improvements I give it 10/10, because
    something worked out and during that process this product was in use…
    Side note, I’ve tried C4 previous before and I think this product is
    better because its done everything C4 did for me PLUS it burns fat.

  37. Great product. No crashes. You can feel the heart pumping 15-20 mins
    after taking it. Excellent fat loss 10/10 but diuretic 8/10 that’s y
    gave it 9/10 overall. Took two servings one in morning n one in
    afternoon but that left me sleepless for the whole day so switched to
    only one serving of 2 caps in morning and it’s doing the same job as
    before. Would definitely recommend this product.

  38. Great product. I use this to shed fat when I get a good time to focus on
    cutting fat on my body. Has worked well every time I used it. Great
    product. I don’t recommend for those sensitive to caffeine.

  39. Keeps me active and awake for about 4hours per pill. I noticed I am
    much more alert and motivated. This product has definitely helped me
    burn fat as well as improve my studies. I feel more clear minded and a
    faster thinker when I take it. As a college student this is very
    helpful, a good alternative to controlled-substance products that some
    other college students take to stay alert and concentrated. The pills
    go down easy with 4-10 oz of water. I take one pill when I wake up
    around 5-6am and one pill around 11 am. I noticed people saying they
    are more hungry or have a more aggressive appetite when on Super HD. I
    also feel this way but that is because Super HD is appetite control, not
    appetite depletion. I don’t get as hungry as often until I realize how
    long it’s been since I last ate. Overall great product. Next purchase
    will be Super HD with the CLK.

  40. Thumbs up! i’ve been using this product for 2months now i really like
    the fact gives me a lot of energy. i take 2 scoop of super HD (powder)
    before breakfast i can feel the energy kicking right away, since then i
    don’t have to take my pre-workout!

  41. I took this stacked with the CLK. I was in a rut, and received a sample
    pack in a purchase at GNC. I decided to try it. I fell this product
    stacked with the CLK is the S”T. I cut about 20 lbs in 4 months and put
    on some lean mass. I was disappointed to see that i would need to cycle
    off of this and actually am now but cant wait to get back on it.

  42. I got the HD fat burner pills in a sample pack with one of my protein
    powder orders. I decided to give it a try. There were only 10 pills
    inside the pack. I took one per day every morning on an empty stomach. I
    felt increased energy, focus, and definitely a decreased appetite for
    about 4 hours. I never got any jitters, but if I took it right before a
    work out I was extra sweaty (but that is a good thing for some people).

    When I am ready to try a fat burner for a longer period of time, I will
    definitely be giving this one another try. I absolutely recommend this

  43. This is a great product if your goals are to trim down your body fat.
    Compared to c4 extreme preworkout, this product gave smoother, and
    longer lasting energy.

  44. I absolutely love super hd! I wish I could take it everyday of my life.
    Lol I work 7-2 at panera Bread and usually I HAVE to have my coffee and
    if I don’t I have headaches. Sometimes even coffee can’t do the trick. I
    always feel tired and sluggish. This stuff gives me so much energy and
    in a good way! I’m so focused and positive! Everyone around me noticed a
    difference like seriously!


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