Myprotein Thermo-Extreme Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018

Thermo-Extreme Review

Thermo-Extreme sports supplement contains a unique active elements mix that is able to split the accumulated fat and turn it to energy. Combination of substances in Thermo-Extreme stimulates the central nervous system and increases physical performance.

Benefits of Thermo-Extreme sports supplement:

  • Contains thermogenic mix
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Strengthens the immune system.

Thermo-Extreme Details


Thermo-Extreme sports nutrition product consists of common beans and green tea extracts, caffeine, Bladderwrack and Siberian ginseng. In addition, every serving contains B-group vitamins and minerals.


It is better to take Thermo-Extreme capsules on an empty stomach with water. Those days, when you have no workouts, you should take 1 Thermo-Extreme capsule in the morning, afternoon and at night.


In order to reach high athletic results, it is recommended to take 3-4 capsules of Thermo-Extreme right before each workout


Thermo-Extreme is available in handy package with 120 capsules.

Thermo-Extreme Additional Information

If Thermo-Extreme are not available in your town, then you can order this sports supplement online in any country of the world. Order now Thermo-Extreme by Myprotein and you will get a professional consultation anytime you want.


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