Myprotein Total Breakfast Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018

Total Breakfast Review

Total Breakfast sports supplement is designed for those, who want to eat properly in the morning. Each serving of Total Breakfast contains bioavailable protein, carbs and 251 kcal.

Benefits of Total Breakfast sports supplement:

  • Perfectly fits for breakfast
  • Accelerates the synthesis of muscle protein
  • Comes in several delicious flavors.

Total Breakfast Details


A unique combination of protein and carbs has a high biological activity, keeping your body always in tone. Total Breakfast sports supplement charges the body with energy so you can get the most from sports training.


To make a portion of this supplement, mix 70g of Total Breakfast powder with 400-500 ml of milk or water. To measure your portions precisely and make this delicious shake quickly, you can use Myprotein scoop and shaker.


One portion of Total Breakfast contains 24.9 g of protein, 24.64 g of carbohydrates and 5 g of fat. Nutritional value of Total Breakfast different flavors may vary a little.


Total Breakfast consists of protein and carb mix, needed for a stable and sufficient muscle growth and high energy levels. Essential amino acids that can be found in Total Breakfast, help replenishing the deficit of amino acids that are not produced in your body in a natural way.

Total Breakfast Additional Information

Buying Total Breakfast sports supplement online, you get an ultimate and tasty nutrition. Before you order Total Breakfast from Myprotein, please check out all the variants of standard and free shipping.


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