Myprotein Total Grains Blend Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018

Total Grains Blend Review

Total Grains sport nutrition products have been made for a quick muscle growth. Daily use of Total Grains provides an athlete’s body with an essential amount of protein and fiber.

Benefits of Total Grains sport supplement:

  • A unique combination of grains
  • Low contents of fat and simple carbs
  • 2500mg of fiber in every portion.

Total Grains Blend Details


Total Grains Blend sport supplement contains flour of amaranth, freekeh, teff, kamut and buckwheat. Each portion of Total Grains Blend enriches the body with high-quality carbs and proteins.


If you do physical exercises of high intensity regularly, you should take Total Grains 2-3 times a day. To make one portion of Total Grains shake, you need to mix 50g of Total Grains powder and 200-250ml of water or milk.


Total Grains sport supplement is available in pouch containing 2.5 kg of unique blend.


Total Grains sport nutrition contains no colorants and flavor enhancers.

Total Grains Blend Additional Information

Today, you can buy one or several pouches of Total Grains by Myprotein. Ordering a few pouches of Total Grains, you can reduce your costs for sport nutrition. You can also reduce the cost of Total Grains by using a discount code.


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