Myprotein Total Milk and Whey Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018

Total Milk and Whey Review

Total Milk and Whey sport supplement contains a perfect combination of milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate for a rapid and slow release of proteins. The product delivers to the body all the essential and nonessential amino acids that only help you achieve high results in sports.

Amino acids, found in Total Milk and Whey, are the best building material for muscle mass formation. Daily use of Total Milk and Whey product gives your body the energy and maximizes the synthesis of muscle protein.

Benefits of Total Milk and Whey sport supplement:

  • Increases muscle density
  • Contains over 85% of protein
  • Comes in several delicious flavors.

Total Milk and Whey Details


As you know, high-intensity physical exercises contribute to tiny damage of muscle fibers. Therefore, it is very important to feed your muscles with proteins before, during and after each workout.


If you need to increase your sports results, you should take 1 serving of Total Milk and Whey protein powder 2-3 times a day. Take 1 serving between your main meals, before sleep or when needed.

For 1 serving, you should mix 30g of Total Milk and Whey high-protein product with 250-300ml of water. You can make the taste of protein shake better by using milk and/or ordering a bodybuilding supplement with one of flavors – chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.


An innovative technology helped purify the product from fats and carbs maximally. Each serving of Total Milk and Whey sport nutrition contains just 1g of carbohydrates and 0.6g of fats.


Sport nutrition manufacturer Myprotein created a perfect high-protein supplement. You can use synergically Total Milk and Whey with Omega 3, ZMA, Protein Cookie and other products by Myprotein.

Total Milk and Whey Additional Information

High amount of protein in Total Milk and Whey contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. You need just a couple of minutes to buy Total Milk and Whey sport supplement online in any country of the world (for instance, the USA or UK).

If you want to reduce your costs on sports nutrition, then you can order a large pack of Total Milk and Whey (5 000 g) with no flavor. Sometimes manufacturers offer a free shipping, as for a large order.


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