Myprotein Total Peptide Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Total Peptide Review

Total Peptide is a premium supplement for aspiring and professional athletes, wanting to enhance their consumption of the finest protein to keep and improve the athletic performance.

Total Peptide contains 70% of bioavailable proteins – milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate and egg albumin. Total Peptide product has supplementary flaxseed, glutamine and pro-biotic enhancer Lactospore and Digezyme.

Benefits of Total Peptide sports supplement:

  • Is the richest protein source
  • Improves your sorts results
  • Contains Lactospore and Digezyme.

Total Peptide Details


Total Peptide gives your body all the essential and nonessential amino acids that serve as the main building blocks for your muscles. Years of experience have shown that you can increase the muscle mass quickly and harmlessly for health by using protein supplements.

Three different sources of protein increase the return on intense exercises. Total Peptide product charges the body with energy, suppresses catabolism, increases endurance, increases the synthesis of muscle protein and contributes to fat burning.


To make a portion of Total Peptide, it is necessary to mix 250-350 ml of water or milk and 50g of Total Peptide powder in a shaker. Innovative design of Myprotein shakers helps you make the protein shake both at home and at the place where you usually train.


Every Total Peptide 50g portion contains 34.1g of protein and small amount of fat and carbs (5g and 3.7g respectively). Sports experts recommend taking 1 portion of Total Peptide 2-3 times a day.

Total Peptide sports supplement comes in a several delicious flavors (milk chocolate, velvet vanilla and banana-strawberry). The nutritional value of these flavors may slightly vary.


A regular intake of Total Peptide strengthens the connective tissue and tissues of skeletal muscles. You can take Total Peptide during the day and / or before sleep, thereby to fully meet your body’s needs in protein within 24 hours.

Total Peptide Additional Information

You can buy cheap Total Peptide sports supplement online in any region of the world. If you order a few packs with Myprotein Total Peptide or use reward points, you will be able to reduce the cost per potion.


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