Myprotein Tri Carb Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Tri Carb Review

By means of Tri Carb sport supplement, you can make a high-quality energy drink by yourself. A new formula of Tri Carb ensures you maximum absorption of all microelements this supplement contains.

Tri Carb sport product is an innovative blend of 3 different carbohydrates. Thanks to a unique purification technology, producers managed to purify Tri Carb powder from fats and proteins.

Benefits of Tri Carb sport supplement:

  • Contents of proteins and fats – 0%
  • Fantastic energy source
  • Maximally fast muscle recovery.

Tri Carb Details


To get the best results in sports, take one serving of your homemade energy drink Tri Carb 1-1.5 hours before the workout. The second and third portion of Tri Carb you should drink during and after physical exercises respectively.


To get a uniform consistency, shake the blend 5-6 times. If you do intense sports, then you should use one portion of Tri Carb sport supplement 2-3 times a day.


Tri Carb is a perfect energy drink, which you can drink before, during or after workouts. Tri Carb sport supplement improves your physical performance and reduces fatigue.


To make your own Tri Carb energy drink, you are going to need a shaker. Using Myprotein scoop, pour 50g of Tri Carb powder in a shaker with 600-700ml of water. To change the taste, you can use juice instead of water.

Tri Carb Additional Information

You can buy cheap Tri Carb online, if you order flavor free sport supplement. In addition, you can buy Tri Carb sport nutrition by Myprotein with tropical or summer fruit flavors.


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