Myprotein True Diet Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
Myprotein True Diet

True Diet Review

True Diet sport supplement is a super-premium mix of slowly and moderately released proteins. A unique combination of proteins provides the body with high-quality amino acids.

Sport nutrition True Diet product is specially developed to maintain and increase the muscle mass. Using this supplement every day, you can prevent the breakdown of muscle mass not only when exercising but also when sleeping.

Benefits of True Diet sport supplement:

  • Over 35g of protein and 8g of carbs
  • Contains green tea extract
  • Contains vitamins and minerals.

True Diet Details


True Diet protein shake combines purest ingredients, allowing you to increase the muscle mass and burn fat deposits effectively. True Diet sport supplement affects the body’s potential ability to accumulate fat.


In order to achieve great results in sports and to improve your figure, it is recommended to take one serving of True Diet twice daily. To make a protein shake, you need to mix about 60g of True Diet protein powder with 200-300ml of water or milk.

To make your protein shake quickly and efficiently, you should use Myprotein shaker. First, you need to add fluid and then the protein powder in the shaker. Shake 5-6 times, and you will get a uniform mixture without lumps.


True Diet sport supplement ensures the body with indispensable amino acids, without which you can never increase your muscle mass quickly and effectively. True Diet speeds up the synthesis of muscle protein and improves the metabolism.


No taste enhancers have to be added to True Diet protein shake. Because you can buy True Diet sport supplement with strawberry, vanilla or chocolate flavors.

True Diet Additional Information

Each package of True Diet by Myprotein contains 1800g of high-quality protein powder. Having bought several packs with True Diet online, you provide your body with amino acids for long time, as well as reduce the expenses for sport supplement.


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