Myprotein Vegan Blend Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
Myprotein Vegan Blend

Vegan Blend Review

Vegan Blend sports supplement is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to increase the intake of high-quality protein. Vegan Blend contains a unique combination of natural vegetable proteins, extracted from peas, brown rice and cannabis.

Vegan Blend consists of essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine without which you cannot increase the effect of sports exercises. These amino acids are the main building material for muscles and play an important role in anabolism.

Benefits of Vegan Blend sports supplement:

  • Contains over 75% of protein
  • Each serving contains 113 kcal
  • Is suitable for vegetarians.

Vegan Blend Details


Vegan Blend contains DigeZyme that greatly improves the digestion. In addition, Vegan Blend is a source of vitamins, minerals, various fatty acids and fiber.


Those who go in for intense sports, should drink Vegan Blend protein shake 2-3 times a day. Using Vegan Blend before, during or after the workout, you can prevent the breakdown of muscle fibers and accelerate the synthesis of muscle protein.

Therefore, you will get maximum return on intense exercises by means of Vegan Blend sports supplement. Essential amino acids give your body energy and allow to train longer and harder.


Vegan Blend sports supplement contains only vegetable protein, so it can be used in lactic intolerance. Each 30g serving contains over 22g of purest protein.

Vegan Blend comes in a handy packaging that contains 1,000g or 2,500g of protein mix. To make one portion of it, you should mix 30g of Vegan Blend protein powder and 200-250ml of water.


To make the taste better, you may use a fruit juice or order Vegan Blend with chocolate flavor. Moreover, you can blend you protein shake in one of the special Myprotein shakers.

Vegan Blend Additional Information

If you buy a large pack or several packs with Vegan Blend online, you can cut your costs for sports nutrition. When ordering Vegan Blend from Myprotein, you can get free advice from professional experts.


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