Myprotein Vitamin B5 Powder Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2018
Myprotein Vitamin B5 Powder

Vitamin B5 Powder Review

Myprotein Vitamin B5 sports supplement was made for those, who love sports and who want to fill the shortage of vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 contains 100% of high-quality pantothenic acid.

Benefits of Vitamin B5 Powder sports supplements:

  • Regulates the metabolism
  • Reduces time of rest
  • Stimulates the mental function.

Vitamin B5 Powder Details


When performing high-intensity exercises, the body’s need for vitamin B5 increases by more than twice. Only a small part of pantothenic acid comes with food, therefore athletes should take Vitamin B5 regularly.


If you want to reach great results in sports, then you need to take 1g of Vitamin B5 powder per day. People with low or moderate physical activity can take 100mg and more of Vitamin B5 per day. Vitamin B5 powder should be mixed with water or a fruit juice.


Vitamin B5 speeds up the metabolism of microelements and positively affects the growth of skeletal muscles.


Vitamin B5 maintains energy levels and reduces tiredness and fatigability.

Vitamin B5 Powder Additional Information

You can buy a small or a large pack with Vitamin B5 online (250g or 500g). Ordering a large pack of Vitamin B5, you thereby reduce the cost per serving. The delivery cost may vary, depending on the place you live.


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