Myprotein Woman’s Fitness Bundle Review

Last updated on September 25th, 2018
Myprotein Woman's Fitness Bundle Review

Woman’s Fitness Bundle Review

Woman’s Fitness Bundle sports supplement super kit was specifically designed for women leading active lifestyle or doing intense exercises. These supplements deliver to the body all the nutrients that increase the physical fitness level and preserve women’s health.

Benefits of Woman’s Fitness Bundle sports supplement:

  • Powerful combined effect
  • Improves health and wellbeing
  • Increases muscle mass.

Woman’s Fitness Bundle Includes


Moreover, Woman’s Fitness Bundle kit includes Myprotein shaker for a fast and quality blending of protein shakes. The shaker has a wire ball, helping you to make this nutritive blend effortlessly.


Daily use of Woman’s Fitness Bundle gives you the energy you need to perform intense exercises. At the same time, a unique combination of ingredients helps preserving a minimal level of fat in the body.

Woman’s Fitness Bundle kit by Myprotein contains of high-quality sports supplements and a shaker.


True Diet

True Diet is a protein powder by Myprotein, containing a great amount of proteins and providing the body with energy for long time. This sports supplement prevents breakdown of muscles due to a slow and medium release of proteins.

True Diet supplement fills the shortage of amino acids that the body do not produce. By using Woman’s Fitness Bundle every day, you will increase the synthesis of muscle protein and the muscle growth.


Thermopure (capsules) is a strong fat burner, capable of eliminating subcutaneous and visceral fat effectively. Thermopure can transform fat into energy needed during intense workouts.

Thermopure contains all-natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Each portion of Thermopure contains a unique thermogenic blend that can speed up the metabolism significantly.

Virtue Bar

Virtue Bar is a cereal bar drenched in delicious and healthy yogurt. Each bar contains proteins and slow carbs that support regeneration of muscle fibers, improving the brain function.


Woman’s Fitness Bundle also aids the energy you need to commit to a training routine, whilst helping to maintain low levels of body fat.

Woman’s Fitness Bundle Additional Information

You can buy Woman’s Fitness Bundle sports supplements kit by Myprotein online in any region of the world. Having ordered Woman’s Fitness Bundle, you spend less money than you would have spent when buying each element from the kit separately.


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