Workout for Weight Loss

Last updated on September 18th, 2018

Aerobic exercise for weight loss

Aerobic exercise is required for people, who want to reduce body fat and to get a relief shape. Aerobic exercise enhances the cardiovascular system, increases endurance and working capacity, improves mental state. Aerobic training accelerates recovery after mental stress and increases stress resistance.

How to improve results of aerobic exercise?

  • Pay close attention to the rules of training;
  • Follow the recommended diet;
  • Use appropriate sport nutrition;
  • Use pharmacological.

Rules of aerobic exercise for weight loss

  • Increase the load gradually, so that the body can adapt to the physical
  • Train at least 3 times a The more you exercise, the more results you will achieve.
  • Morning is the best time for aerobic In the morning hours metabolism is accelerated under the influence of activating hormones catecholamines and glucocorticoids. Scientists proved that in the morning you will burn 20% more fat than in the evening.
  • Minimum duration of aerobic exercise is 30 minutes, optimal duration – one The more you train, the more fat is burned.
  • Do not eat anything 2 hours before and within 2 hours after aerobic
  • Intensity plays an important role in efficiency of aerobic Intensity of aerobic exercise correlates with pulse rate, so one can clearly define the training intensity on pulse. It is proved that pulse rate should not be below 120 beats per minute to lose weight. Remember that the pulse rate above 140 beats per minute is allowed after 3 weeks of trainings that are required for cardiovascular system adaptation.
  • Follow special regime for maximum Start your workout slowly to prepare the body for the load. Continue the workout with wave intensity: lower and increase the intensity every 10 minutes. Finish the workout gradually, slowing down the pace.
  • Only aerobic exercise should be conducted for weight loss, since strength training burns 2 times less.

The best kinds of exercise for weight loss

  • Brisk walking is the best kind of aerobic load, which allows to maximally accelerate the metabolism and fat burning process. Brisk walking is recommended to people with joint diseases of the lower limbs and the spine, since it is less traumatic. Brisk walking does not affect cardiovascular system. Walking should be fast at least 120 steps per minute, in a slower pace slimming process is much slower. Walking with variable rate is the most effective one: fast-slow-fast.
  • Running is an alternative to walking. Running, like walking does not require special training equipment and even a gym. However, running increases the load on the joints and spine. Moreover, running requires special clothes, shoes and prepared terrain.
  • Swimming can be combined with other kinds of loads. Swimming strengthens the muscular back corset, fixes posture, creates a load not only on legs but also on shoulder girdle, as well as swimming is useful for the spine. Swimming is the most harmonious kind of physical load, however it is conditionally-aerobic load.
  • Active games are football, basketball, volleyball, and so on.

Aerobic exercise is necessary to alternate with physical activity. Since,  fatty acids ” are burned” in a single place – mitochondria of muscle cells, preservation of muscle mass is a priority task in the weight loss process.


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